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英语作文 篇1

  Every year has four seasons.

  In spring the weather is warm. It rains a lot, because it is a rainy season. After the rain, you can see a beautiful rainbow in the sky. The trees are green and the flowers are beautiful everywhere.

  In summer it is very hot. I wear T-shirts and skirts, sometimes I wear dresses. We have a long summer holiday. I play with my friends and go swimming with my father and mother. We can go to other places, too.

  In autumn the weather is fine. It is usually cool. Sometimes it is windy. Some trees are yellow and grass is yellow, too. I like autumn very much, because in autumn there are many fruits. We have Teachers’ Day and National Day in autumn.

  In winter it is cold. I wear coats, trousers and hats. In some places, it snows .I hope it often snows in my town. Then I can play the snowball and make the snowman with my friends. It will be fun.

  I like winter best. Which season do you like best?

英语作文 篇2

  After a short but happy winter holiday, we come back to school today.

  It's the beginning of the new term. I am happy to see all of my classmates come back.

  Because of the Spring Festival, everyone seems happy and some of them become a little bit fatter. During the break, we talk happily to each other.

  We share the happy and interesting things during the winter holiday.

  Most of us stayed at home to celebrate the New Year. And some of us went to travel with their families. In short, all of us had a happy winter holiday.

英语作文 篇3

  the 20xx olympic game has been the most cheerful and anticipated event throughout beijing ever since beijing was rewarded the right to host the 20xx summer olympic games, yet the focus should be shifted from making a promise to fulfilling the promise made.

  in my point of view, to bridge the gap between the promise and reality, beijing still has a long way to go. to begin with, infrastructure construction should be the primary concern. such infrastructures as communications and transportation system and facilities ought to draw our constant attention. first, traffic jam has been an age瞣ld headache in beijing. the scene of long queues of vehicles worming their way inch by inch will surely cause great incontinence, and blemish the image of the city meanwhile. next, to add enchantment to convenience, overall city瞤lanning is indispensable. time permitting, a redesign of city layout and adjustment of architectural style would provide a better environment for fostering the characteristic, blending, oriental elegance with international grandeur, will tower aloft among surrounding architectures. to achieve such effect, beijing shall solicit opinions from first瞨ate architects and make an overall plan. thirdly, quality of the population should be improved. to make an international metropolis, both “hardware” and “software” are important.

  however, rome was not built in a day. to carry out the promise of “new beijing, great olympics”, deeds speak louder than words.bidding for and hosting the olympics successfully is, perhaps, the ultimate glory for a city. however, before transforming the dream into reality, the benefits and drawbacks of bidding for the olympics should be weighed carefully.

  hosting the olympics surely would bring about much gain to a city. boom of the local economy, more jobs, and the possibility of generating income all sound extremely attractive to the municipal government. at the same time, better infrastructure, cleaner environment, enjoying the spectacular game with hundreds of sports elites and entertainment stars, and the opportunity of contacting people from all over the world also seem exciting to the citizens. besides, the bidding will definitely promote the patriotic emotion and pride, as well as the moral behavior in local people. in most cases, bidding for the olympics is well supported by both the public and the central government. unfortunately, this is not the entire view of the pretty picture. if looking from another angle, the olympic bid might bring about some side-effects to a city.

  first of all, the environmental impacts, including the increasing exhaust fumes of cars, more pressure on water resources, huge amount of wasted leaflets and other materials used for public activities, are most probably neglected. in order to broaden the streets, some trees may have to be cut. near the construction site, the tiny dust may linger in the air for a long time. reduction of farmland may be caused by the need of setting up new sports centre or accommodation facilities. these environmental consequences can be especially serious in a resource-limited and densely-populated city in a third-world country.

  besides, if talking about the economic benefit, it should not be forgotten that a quick boosting may lead to bubble growth, which may easily crash. if not well managed and organized, the big event may not be so profitable, and the new facilities may be forever empty after the games. yes, there have been cases that host cities ended up with enormous debts.

  finally, let’s think about the low-income groups in the city. what will they get from the olympics bidding? more tax, more fees, more expensive property prices, and higher cost of living. these definitely are not good news for them.

  to bid or not to, this is a question. it is up to the choice of the municipal government, and the local public. after the decision, what they can do is to make the most of the benefit, and reduce the drawbacks to the least.

英语作文 篇4

  My birthday is on Sunday. My parents are going to have a birthday party at home. I invite my friends to come to the party. At the party. They give me many small presents. Such as cards, picture books, pens. They sing Happy Birthday to me. My mother makes a big cake for me. I cut the cake into small pieces and give them out. we sing and dance. We have a good time at the party.

  我的生日是在周日,爸爸妈妈在家为我准备了一个生日派对,我邀请我的朋友来参加聚会。 聚会上,他们送我很多小礼物,比如卡片,绘画书,笔。他们给我唱了生日歌,妈妈给我做了一个大蛋糕,我把蛋糕切成小块,并分给了他们。我们又唱又跳,派对上玩得非常开心。

英语作文 篇5

  When I was seven,I started learning English.I played games and sang English songs with other children.Sometimes,I watched English cartoons.It's funny.Then I discovered the beauty of the language,and began my colorful dream in the English world.

  I hope I can travel around the world someday.I want to go to America to visit Washington,because my cousin is over there.Of course,I want to go to London too,because England is where English language developed.If I can ride my bike in Cambridge University,I will be very happy.

  I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world.Also I'll introduce China to them,such as the Great Wall,and the gardens in Suzhou.I will teaching people of the world about the beautiful language of our country.

  I like the English language.To learn English is wonderful.I once wanted to be an English teacher.I also like Chinese literature.When I was really young, I was able to remember lots of poems.I also wanted to be a teacher of Chinese.Now I think that both of my dreams can come true:I will be able to use English to teach foreign friends Chinese and share Chinese culture with them.So that more and more people will be able to get to know the 5000 years' history culture,and the prosperity of our great China.

  My future is not a dream.I am confident that it will come true.






英语作文 篇6

  she had nearly dozed away the whole lazy afternoon, with her eyelash loose down and some naughty hairs playing and rejoicing on her forehead.

  occasionally, she would knit her brows out of a surge of pain. but when relief came she would smile again and relish once more the enchanting curve of her abdomen, feeling the fresh pulse of the child inside.the afternoon went by quietly, of which the highlight might be butterfly that kept pestering her. now it had alighted on her chair, wings shining in the setting sun, triggering her childlike fantasy. her finger could not help but snail its way toward the little creature. nearer and nearer, until the butterfly was finally between her delicate fingers. after a while, she decided to release it. no sooner had she slightly opened her fingers than the little creature sprang right up into the air, as vigorous, she thought, as her future child would be.

  so, always, true vitality resides in tranquility, as real beauty in love.

英语作文 篇7


  1. 乒乓球是中国的国球。乒乓球运动在中国开展得非常广泛,不管是老人还是孩子,几乎人人会打乒乓球。

  2. 在中国,乒乓球台案非常普及。不管是在公园、广场,还是在工作单位,随处都摆放着乒乓球台案。

  3. 中国乒乓球运动员的技术非常高。自1959年容国团在第25届世界乒乓球锦标赛上取得世界冠军后,中国产生过无数的乒乓球世界冠军。

  Dear Peter,

  I’m very glad to know that you are a table tennis fan. So am I. Table tennis is the national ball of China. Almost everyone in China, whether old or young, can play it. The tables for playing it can be seen here and there, in parks, squares and in many working places, even at some people’s homes.The Chinese table tennis players have very excellent skills. Since 1959 when a man named Rong Guotuan won the first world champion at the 25th World Table Tennis

  Championship, China has had many table tennis world champions, and the Chinese people are very proud of them.Hope one day you will come to China, and we can play a game together.Best regards.

  Yours, Li Hua

英语作文 篇8

  Wonderful Class

  Hello, everyone. I’m Liang Xinying. I’m from 0406. I think our class is the best class in our school. I don’t know what you think about 0406. Never mind, let me tell you about 0406. I’m sure you will love it!

  Look, what a nice classroom it is! You can see some beautiful pictures on the wall. Can you see the tidy floor? If you go into the classroom of 0406, you will feel very comfortable. The students in 0406 are very friendly. The boys are clever and helpful. They like sports very much, because they know more exercise is good for them. They are all very healthy. The girls in 0406 are very hard-working and careful. They like reading very much. Sometimes, they like chatting with each other and talking about stars. They have lots of things to do all day, so they are very busy. They also like exercising. They think that it’s also important for girls to exercise. Look! Who are they? Oh, they are the teachers of 0406. I think they know everything. They love their students and work hard all day. We all love them too. Oh, what a great class it is!

  What nice students! What funny teachers! What a nice classroom!

  Dear friend, now Do you know 0406? Do you love 0406, too? What do you think of 0406?

  I think, you must love it very much, right?

英语作文 篇9

  Family planning is the most effective way to solve the population problem, the seriousness of which we often underestimate. Quite obviously family planning has so far macle little progress. At a time when half of the world is suffering from starvation, poor health and a badly Iow standard of living, we simply cannot take lightly the population problem. If we don't control the birth rate right now we'll surely lead a miserable life in the near future.

  llliteracy is perhaps the main enemy of family planning.Countries, which share the highest birth rate such as Brazil and India, are also those which share the highest illiteracy rate. People there don't even know what "birth control" is.

  To me, the ignorance of family planning is a social problem. So we had better begin with social reforms through,say, legislation, etc. Of course, we cannot deny the necessity of the medical approach and we should use it in conjunction with other methods. The answer to the question whether man can survive one of the crises of the 21st century, namely population, is in our hands.

英语作文 篇10

  中考英语作文范文 机遇和成功-Opportunity and Success机遇和成功-Opportunity and Success


  Opportunity and Success

  Opportunity is one of the elements of success. But opportunities don't come often. And not all the opportunities can certainly lead to success. Moreover, opportunities are usually disguised as hard work; therefore most people don't recognize them. So if you want to achieve something, you must make efforts and get prepared. Otherwise, you will take no advantage of opportunities when they come to you. In my opinion, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone in our society, but only those who have made enough preparations and are highly talented can make use of them to achieve their purpose.










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