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我的暑假英语作文 篇1

  During this summer vacation, traveling made me grow up and learn, and I was greatly inspired by my studies.

  In life, we travel by the breeze, and let me see the boundless sea, the tree-lined forest... It was like walking into a fairyland. One day, we came to the ten li lotus pond, when it was the lotus flowers in full bloom, and we saw the lotus flower in the water, beautiful and beautiful, like a proud princess. We went to the bustling city of Shanghai, where the city of Shanghai, the city of Shanghai, the bustling Shanghai beach became the ocean of light, and the neon Oriental pearl tower was the landmark of Shanghai.

  Study, I learned a lot, especially in writing, reading, mathematical olympiad can get the teacher's praise, so in the summer, my study is also full of harvest, I have more confidence to learn reading and writing.

  Team activities, I went to the sewage treatment plant, binhai sunflower base, miles of state grid corporation, lotus pond, I learned a lot of extra-curricular knowledge in practice, the benefit, but also promote the friendship between classmates.

  This summer, I have gained a lot, I feel a meaningful vacation.






我的暑假英语作文 篇2

  My summer vacation

  This year's summer vacation, I so happy.

  The summer vacation, I at home carefree get boring, until one day, my dance teacher told me that we are still in perfect order, dance dance of the class is rhythm feeling worse, if good rhythm, can go to the match in a couple of months.

  Once I listen to, the game soon, then looking for right away. Ah! Where there is a plate to exercise good rhythm?

  "Ah," I sighed. Suddenly remind of a computer. Yi? The computer can play MP3, isn't it? Ha ha! Some I le. I immediately opened up the computer, listening to music. I have heard for three weeks, finally recognized the lasting appeal. Turned out to be "dong man dong man" "dong man dong man" every first "dong" is "a" first "man" is "2" the second "dong" is "three" the second "man" is the "four". Rhythm is "1234, 1234" repeatedly, but want to use English.

  I believe that as long as we work hard and have good grades.

  Happy summer vacation, happy summer vacation, summer vacation without anxiety.








我的暑假英语作文 篇3






  A holiday! On this day we came to the beautiful sand lake。 The sand lake, the mysterious is the sand has the lake, this is also the paradise of birds。

  When you come to the ticket office, you find the door of the sand lake is different。 There are many birds in this place, so the shape of the gate is modeled after the white swan。 But a look at carefully, three white swan feather is very similar to "sand" the word of the three drops of water, and two eyes and a long gooseneck as "less" in the word "sand", and is the overall shape of the ticket window to imitate "lake"。 This is the gate that is simple and endowed with many elements of the sand lake。 To commemorate this unique entrance, our family has taken a picture here。

  The lake in the sand lake is the most crowded place。 The reeds in the lake are green, and many birds nest in the reeds。 Ah! There was a black swan。 Its feathers were bright and black, but its bright red mouth was very striking。 It is so graceful and leisurely。 I pulled off the leaf that I had recently taken from the reed。 The scholar swan song, let it notice me, then throw fresh reed leaves into the water to feed it。 It ate with relish。 Then look up and look at me。 It was lovely。 I use my hands and feet, like a monkey, to climb to the shore, and I want to reach out and touch its smooth feathers, but it soon swam away。 It turns out that black swans are alert! But I did not have the trouble to come to the shore, only a little regret did not touch its smooth feather。

  The sand in the sand lake is not as delicate and smooth as the sand in the bay。 But it has its own uniqueness。 Because the sand in the lake is surrounded by water, like a golden cream bread。 I also bought a beautiful sand painting here to commemorate。

  It's time to go back, the sparrows in the trees chirp and sing their own songs, and the flowers on the side of the road are so red and red。 I smiled at them as if they were responding to me。 The sand lake trip is over!

我的暑假英语作文 篇4






  The final exam is over and the summer vacation is coming. In order to make the summer holiday meaningful, I have the following plans.

  1, exercise. At the school summer football team, I insisted on playing badminton, tennis, basketball, volleyball and cycling with my father every day to make my body better and stronger.

  I will finish the homework assigned by the teacher and review the knowledge of the textbook.

  3, if I was the exam, as a bonus, mom and dad took me to Beijing to play, see the beauty of the Great Wall, the imperial palace, tianan front teeth, the China millennium monument, water cube and other attractions, for students to share a lot of photos.

  This is my summer vacation plan.

我的暑假英语作文 篇5

  The summer vacation this year, our family person went a lot of a lot of amused interesting place plays, we went 101 buildings, lunar eyebrow explores Eden, gao Tie explores a house... etc amused interesting place plays, what I feel happy days always passes is very fast, I spend the summer vacation this year very happily, so I just can feel happy to light always passes very quickly. I am written down so that our family has the summer vacation this year the 101 buildings that go to Taipei city, when elevator still does not have attic, can see Taipei city, I feel I am like is big giant, the house resembles is toy house, the car resembles is toy house, the person resembles is small ant euqally small, I feel absorbing. Besides, our family still has go lunar eyebrow explores Eden, over there very big! We play skyscraping annulus first, skyscraping annulus can reach very tall place, we play corsair later, corsair left and right sides shakes special stimulation, we still have go playing very resemble rotating the You Le establishment of coffee cup, establishment of this You Le is very amused, if did not help good armrest up to be able to slip all the time,will slip, this I feel very interesting, we still have go playing imperial crown swing, establishment of this one You Le won't be very exciting, when rotating, have slightly wind is blown, this feeling seems to blowing fanner, nevertheless, the fanner of its nature, besides this a few swim interestingly again amusedly outside happy establishment, still have a lot of amused You Le establishment! The summer vacation this year, our family besides go 101 buildings and Eden of lunar eyebrow exploration play, still have go Gao Tie explores a canal to look around, gao Tie has the thing of a lot of a lot of Guan Wugao iron inside exploration house, have: Film appreciation, the game that fish, drive Gao Tie's game, for very the appearance of 麼 Gao Tie is 3 pediform principle... wait a few amused interesting establishment, I acquired a lot of knowledge inside house of tall iron exploration. I feel although this one summer vacation passes exceedingly quickly, nevertheless, I went to the place of a lot of playing in this one summer vacation, also increased the knowledge of a lot of in a lot of place, I saw Taipei city in the 101 buildings of Taipei city, also explored a house to understand Gao Tie in Gao Tie, had termed begins now, my hope is fine nevertheless summer vacation comes quickly, can look around to each district and amuse oneself.

我的暑假英语作文 篇6

  Before the holiday, my mood is mixed, I always have to meet the mood of the plan is the end of the holiday in a twinkling of an eye, I always looked at it like a flash in the pan with the mood of excitement unbearable holiday.

  Holidays, although have piles of homework, but for me, that is the sweetest, most beautiful trap. Time, however, is that I have a miserable life. Originally present a wonderful holiday, is actually the most painful to enjoy! At this moment, I heard a child not far from the noise, is suddenly enlighted, I originally is far from the door to freedom, with the speed of light also can't catch up with. At this time, I like eighteen layers of hell from heaven fell to the bottom, can not help but sigh deeply.

  Vacation, I went to the Forbidden City is the most unforgettable, when I was in the museum attracted to exquisite porcelain, I like a cageling general freedom is let out, forget yesterday. The painful memories, like chains, I still cannot forget right now.

  See vacation to the end, I would like a horse fierce eat grass back, although I kept in combat and mathematics, but, I still very like to finish this period of painful memories.

  In the imperial palace, I saw many, jade and precious cultural relics of Buddha, I also learned the use and practice of bronze ware, enough a lot of knowledge. Knowledge and fully enjoy the trip!






我的暑假英语作文 篇7

  I remember that when I was in the second grade, there was such a thing.

  That day at noon, I was holding my father in the room to buy my new "one hundred thousand why", over and over again to see non-stop. Mother is in the kitchen in order to cook busy in full swing.

  Suddenly, I heard my mother shouting: "Son, ah, no MSG! You help me to the park entrance to a small supermarket to buy a pack of MSG back good?" I read the book, is looking at the effort, did not want to blurt out: Well, my mother stuffed her 20 dollars into my hand, and I was immersed in the book, holding the book in one hand and holding the money on the other hand, and wearing the shoes and reading the book and went to the canteen.

  I am in my mother 's words, with a very high sound of children in the canteen inside the aunt said: "Auntie, to a scarf.

  Inside the aunt is very strange: "What is the big hot days to buy scarves ah?"

  I said, "I do not know that my mother wants me to buy."

  The aunt took a cheap 17 yuan scarf to me, find my 3 yuan, I read the book back home.

  Just entered the house, my mother was happy to cheer: "Oh, MSG came, monosodium glutamate came.

  I said, "Mom, what are your hot days to buy a scarf?"

  Mom said: "cooking to use ah! Do not taste to taste a lot of taste!"

  My heart secretly meditation: if I will cook, and must always give a scarf ... ... put the scarf handed the mother.

  Mom got a scarf, suddenly stupid: "I want you to buy monosodium glutamate, you buy scarves come back to do?

  I am puzzled: "You want me to buy a scarf back ah!"

  At this time I suddenly remembered my mother told me when my head is all books, of course, will be wrong. He said: I am sorry I read too seriouslyheard the wrong" face flushed red.

  Mother smiled happily, hugged me into my arms

  This thing and then recall, but also make me laugh

我的暑假英语作文 篇8

  I plan to go to travel alone this summervacation. I have traveled several times, but gone with my family or friends,never did it alone. I want to do it once, so I can train myself to be strongerand more confident. I told my parents about my plan, they supported me verymuch, and they thought it is a good opportunity to help me grow up. They alsotold me many tips of traveling and prepared the package for me. I am gratefulthat my parents understand me and respect my decision. I won’t let them down.


我的暑假英语作文 篇9






  Summer vacation arrived, I really is very happy。 Not only because summer vacation can play at will, but also because my summer vacation is full and meaningful。

  I have no homework this summer, because I'm going to junior high school! But you can't relax! Because even when going to school a placement test in August, so, every day to review the knowledge of the primary school, which ensures that will write knowledge may, of course, in addition to the review, and preview! The content of junior high school also must understand first。 My friend borrowed some of the original textbooks。 I came to see them every day。 However, English is not understood, also can not read! So, I bought VCD, every morning for half an hour。 Then go over again, in this way, the English study in junior high school will be easier。

  Of course, the summer vacation will also be a work—study。 I ah! Just wearing holiday lights。 My sister and I took some of our neighbors' holiday lights every summer。 We've already made a hundred and a hundred dollars this summer! ? Badly!!!!

  In addition, I also watch TV, occasionally play computer, go out and play with friends。

  Although I didn't go to see the beautiful scenery during the summer vacation, I found my summer holiday very interesting。

我的暑假英语作文 篇10

  times flys. my summer holiday is coming to the end. my holiday is just so so. it is not too much difference as before.

  at the biginning of the vacation, i was doing my homework. after all, study comes first.

  after i finished my homework, it was almost the end of july. it is the time for me to help my family for harvest. it is so tired to to the farm work. howevr, being a member of our family, i have to give a hand.

  watching the achievement, i felt proud though i just help a little.

  after finished the farm work, i found myself become much more tan. who cares! it was my happy time, when i finished all the things.

  i went out with my friends almost everyday. sometimes we played games or sport or went hiking. sometimes we went shopping in the evening for the sun is too heavy in the daytime. we felt uncomfortable.

  but now there are two days left before the school opening time. so i have to stay at home for a good rest to store energy for my study.

  everything is so perfect. it is 11 o’clock. i think i have to say good ninght now.










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