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英语作文 篇1

  Today is Thursday, and the school has a spring sports meet. I woke up early in the morning, because it was my first time after school, and I had to play. I'm excited and nervous.

  The students came to school early in their uniforms. After a while, the opening ceremony of the games began. With the high national anthem, we lined up to the playground.

  The game officially began. The first event was our first year relay race. Bang gunshot, athletes like the arrow as rushed out. At the other end of the runway, taking over the students to lean forward to stick immediately after flying in general run. It was my turn, and although I was nervous, I managed to catch it and ran across. The cheers and cheers of the field were higher and higher, and the runners ran one after another. Finally, we had the relay third. Then, the two hundred meter race, softball, and other events.

  Time flies, after a day of game, finally we had the first grade, the students jumped with joy. What a happy sports meeting!

  Today is the annual sports meet. Now, grade six in primary school. Also represents the games, is the primary school in the last games. This makes me sad, but today's games, first let me sorrow away.

英语作文 篇2

  I went to the Wst Mountian with my good friends last Sunday.When we got near the West Mountain by buswe were very exicited.

  We planned to walk to the top of the West Mountain.So we got to the mountian on foot.There were many green trees and the air is very fresh on the mountian.At last we reached the top.We had a picnic therewe took lots of pictures theretoo.Then we went home.

  Though we were very tiredwe were very happy.




英语作文 篇3

  世界末日 End of The World

  In 1999, I was about ten year old, at that time, there was the rumor that this was the last year of human being, because the end of the world would come and people would not live anymore. I was so afraid, I was so young and I wanted to see more. The lucky thing was that the year of 1999 was not the end of the world. Then in the following years, there were always the rumors that the end of the world would come and none of them was real. I don’t care when the end of the world comes, I enjoy every moment and that’s enough for me.


  特奥会的开幕 The Opening of Special Olympic Games

  The Special Olympic Games opened last night, as I am a fan of the sports, so I am very interested in the opening. What’s more, I couldn’t wait to hear Avril to sing in the opening. Avril is my favorite singer, I liked her since I was very small. Avril sung the song Fly, the words were so touching, then I realized she got very sick last year, which almost killed her. But Avril struggled and comes back, the song is the reflection of her spirit. There is no doubt that Avril is the most suitable person to sing this inspiring song. The Special Olympic Games inspires so many people, the spirit of never giving up touches us all.


  追星的日子 The Time of Chasing Star

  Everybody will have their idols in their heart. For me, I am a teenager, of course I will chase the star. Someday, when I was walking on the street, I heard a wonderful song from the store, so I remembered the singer. I searched the information and listened to all his songs. I was crazy about the singer, I even imagined meeting him someday. The most unbelievable thing was that I wrote a letter to him though I did not send out. But as the time went by, my attention on him was less and less, at last, I chased another star. I realized paying much attention on the star was wasting the time, I needed to do my own thing.


  看牙医 Go to See the Dentist

  Since I was very small, I like to eat all kinds of candy. My parents always tell me that eating too much candy will do harm to my health, but I never listen to them, because nothing happens to me. But last week, I felt something wrong with my teeth. At first, I did not feel like eating anything, my teeth ached. Then my parents told me to see the dentist, I was so afraid, I knew what the doctor would do to me. Going to see the dentist was a disaster, my tooth was broken and needed to take out, it really hurt me. Since then, I learn that eating too much candy need to pay the price.


  适当的时机 The Right Time

  One day, when I went home after school, I found there was no one at home, so I felt bored. I suddenly thought about the toy I wanted to buy last time, but my mother stopped me, she said I had bought so many toys, I still wanted to buy. I saw my mother put her money in the desk, as I wanted the toy so much, so I took the money and then went to the shop. When my mother came home, she did not realize, but I felt so guilty, I decided to tell her the truth. I finally told my mother, she smiled and told me she waited for me to confess, if I miss the right time to confess, she would be angry, because it would improve me to be a bad child. I was so happy that I confess my mistake at the right time and correct it.


  灰姑娘的故事 The Story of Cinderella

  For most girls, I believe they must have read the story about Cinderella. The story tells about a beautiful and kind girl named Cinderella, her mother dies when she is very small, so his father marries another lady who has two daughters. When the father dies, Cinderella is bulled by his step-mother and step-sisters, but she keeps nice to them. One day, Cinderella meets a prince and when she joins the party, she has to run away before midnight. The prince finally finds her by his missing glass shoe. Finally, Cinderella lives a happy life and her step-mother and step-sisters are punished. The story tells people that if we are kind to others, we will have the good return.


英语作文 篇4

  Zeal without knowledge is fire without light 有热情而物质时犹如有火焰而无光芒。

  We should spare no effort to beautify our environment。 我们应该不遗余力地美化我们的环境。

  To live is to learn,to learn is to better live。 活着为了学习,学习为了更好的活着。

  This issue has caused wide public concern。 这个问题已经引起了广泛关注。

  The sum of behaviour is to retain a man’s own dignity, without intruding upon the liberty of others。 人的行为准则是,维护自己的尊严,不妨碍他人的自由。

  The older, the wiser。 姜是老的辣。

  The day is short but the work is much。工作多,光阴迫。

  Quality matters more than quantity 质量比数量重要。

  People believe that computer skills will enhance their job opportunities or promotion opportunities。 人们相信拥有计算机技术可以获得更多工作或提升的机会。

  Never deter till tomorrow that which you can do today。今日事须今日毕,切勿拖延到明天。

英语作文 篇5

  on the side 作为兼职或副业;暗地里

  on sale 出售;廉价出售

  in step 同步,合拍,协调

  out of step 不合拍,不协调

  for the time being 眼下,暂时

  from time to time有时,不时

  in no time 立即,马上

  in time 及时

  on ascale规模地,在规模上

  at least 至少

  at length 终于,最终;详细地

  in light of 鉴于,由于

  in line 成一直线,成一排;与一致,与符合

  in place 在合适的位置

  in place of 代替,交换,取代

  in the first place 第一,首先

  at first sight 乍一看,初看起来

  out of sight 看不见,在视野之外

  in spite of 不管,不顾

  on the spot 在场,到场;立即,马上,当场

  on time 准时

  on top of 除之外

  out of touch 不联系,不接触

  in truth 事实上,的确

  by turns 轮流地,交替地

  in a way 在某一点上看,在某种程度上

  in no way 决不

  in turn 依次地,轮流地;转而,反过来










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