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英语作文 篇1


  My FatherThere is always a brilliant image living in my heart. That is my dear father. Seen through the eyes of many other people, father seems to be a very ordinary person. But he is quite extraordinary in my eyes, I have never lost my wonder at his good-personalities such as diligence, devotion, care, optimism ever since my childhood.

  Being a farmer, father works very hard in the fields all the year round. He works from dawn till dusk every day and even till midnight when it is the harvest season. He seldom enjoys leisure with other farmers even if the farm work is not much. He chooses to live a busy life with reluctance to stop for a while.Father devotes all himself to our family.

  As we are poor, he always tries his best to support our family and afford the tuitions for my brother and me. For the whole family, for brother and me, he never stops working laboriously in the fields throughout the year. Now he has got a wrinkled face and white hair because of excessive hard work, looking much older and weaker than any other person of his age. In spite of all this, father never complains to us. It is his full devotion that we're living a better life now. It is his full devotion that both my brother and I are able to study at college.Father shows much care to us children and my mother as well. Whenever there is any delicious food on the table, he just leaves it to us while he takes the simple one himself. If my brother and I fall ill, he will not hesitate a moment to get some medicine for us or take us to see the doctor.

  My mother suffers a bad disease. Father looks after her very carefully. He never lets mother do any heavy work both at home and in the field. Mother appreciates him m much that she often praises him as a model husband before others.Father is a person full of optimism. He never complains about our poor life. He is never frustrated by trouble. He often tells us that everything will be all right if we have enough confidence in life. Due to his optimism, we are all confident to face our life and work.We all think that father is not in the least an ordinary man. He plays an extraordinary role in my family. We can't have anything without him. Now I'm pursuing further studies at college far away from father. I miss him very much. And I often see him in my dreams. His great image is deeply carved in my mind.

  评语:本文作者以朴实的语言充满感情地刻画了父亲的不平凡的形象,分别从四个不同的角度描述了父亲的勤劳、奉献、关爱和乐观。内容真实感人,行文简洁流畅,结构清晰,组织有条有理,首尾呼应,给读者以强烈的感染力。作者用词简洁精确,并能很好地尝试一些新学的词汇及表达,使简洁的行。文更为生动。作者没有运用太多复杂的句式,但能适当运用介词短语、分词结构、强调及重复的手法,恰到好处 地突出了行文句式的变化,使文章更耐读。

英语作文 篇2

  Let’s work together to find a balance point

  Dear mom and dad:

  A warm family , a fantastic surroundings are the best gift which you have given me since I was born。 I don’t know how to express my appreciation for what you have done to me。 But I exactly need to talk with you。

  There is no denying that every parents have a high expectation to their children’s future and it’s true of you 。But the regulation you made is too strict so that I spend all my time on it even can’t do anything I’m interested in。 Could we find a balance to make both of us happy?

  I’m not allowed to make grades lover than A。 I can’t have a play crate and choose my own extracurricular activities 。There is no puter or TV 。Notwithstanding it enable me to get good grades but at the same time it’s impossible for to enjoy the happiness when spend time with friend and play sports。 Furthermore , now our society need the person who is all-round development and success in school work can’t decide everything 。The skill of how to get along with people , the creativity and the international visual field are also significant for now students 。 So when the family education are put into much pressure and rules , it will bee a burden to us and even get in the way of our growth。 You don’t want to see that ,don’t you?

  As a matter of fact 。 I admit that we need to be pushed sometime 。 The expectation and pressure e from parents can be a dynamics that contribute us to do better 。 our all success no matter in studying or other aspects is based on family education 。 Therefore , finding a balance between your expectation and my own life is necessary 。 If so , not only can you still be proud of my great grades but also I can enjoy the things I am interested in and study more effectively 。

  Finally , I want to say I’m always very appreciative of being your daughter








英语作文 篇3

  A fox's tail was caught in a trap. When he was trying to release himself, he lost his whole tail except the stump.

  At first he was ashamed to see the other foxes because he had no tail, but he was determined to face his misfortune. He called all the foxes to a meeting.

  When they had gotten together, the fox said that they should all do away with their tails.

  He said that their tails were very inconvenient when they met with their enemies. He did not talk about any advantages of the tail. "You are right," said one of the older foxes, "but I don’t think you would advise us to do away with our tails if you hadn't lost it yourself first."





英语作文 篇4

  1. 用作形容词和副词 late 的比较级。如:

  It’s rather later than I thought. 这比我想的还要晚。

  He left home later than usual. 他比平常还晚离家。

  2. 用于一段具体时间之后,表示从过去或将来算起的多长时间以后,但通常不指从现在算起的多久以后。如:

  误:I’ll call again a week later.(可改为…in a week)

  正:I called again a week later. 一周后我又打了电话。

  正:I’ll call her on March 5 and will call again a week later. 我将在3月5日给她打个电话,过一周后我将再打个电话。


  Let’s stop now and finish it later. 现在停下来,以后再完成它。

  He may be busy, in which case I’ll call later. 他可能忙,如若如此,我以后再来拜访。

  3. 用于 later on,表示“以后”“后来”,可用于过去或将来。如:

  We’ll discuss the matter later on. 我们以后将讨论这件事。

  Later on he realized his mistake. 后来他认识到了自己的错误。

  4. sooner or later为习语,意为“迟早”,注意其词序不能倒过来。如:

  You’ll know the truth sooner or later. 你迟早会知道真相的。

  Sooner or later you’ll have to make a decision. 你早晚得拿个主意。



  关于听力基本功的认识问题我建议大家去买一本钟道隆编的《逆向法巧学英语》一书仔细看看,里面很多道理也说的很清楚了.我这里只想以我的亲身体验 "斩钉截铁"的告诉大家:开始 "真正"练习听力的时候(我这里所提到的 "真正" 不是指那些考试技巧,而是发自内心的想要掌握,运用,享受英语的源动力),千万不可操之过急,一开始就去听那些原版的标准速度的听力资料,一方面这样的方法极不科学;另一方面也会给自己刚刚培养起来的自信心带来巨大的重创.十有八九(也可以说是所有的人)都会很快放弃的.我自己当初也是这样,感觉简直是在听天书,十几分钟的录音下来能够把Topic听准确已经是很不错了,当中的细节部分根本没有时间反应就一闪而过了.这种过程简直就是一种 "煎熬". 当然也有少数意志力惊人的朋友坚持了下来,但是由于方法的失策,造成自己把大量的时间精力(有时可以说是青春)投入其中,可是回报却难以和付出平衡,收效甚微.说到这儿叫我想起以前我们有一位上外的听力老师讲的真人真事:一位研究生深知自己听力不过关,决心发奋苦读.于是他每天早上都坚持听广播电台里的标准英语,这样一听就是五年的时间.这种苦行僧似的磨炼并没有使他的听力水平真正得以提高.后来我们这位老师在了解了他的情况以后,告诉他之所以到现在他的听力还未真正突破最主要的原因就是他的基础没有打好,总是泛泛而听,而且总是听些已经有中文背景知识的广播,就会造成一种错觉,好象什么都听懂了,又好象什么也没听懂.大意能够抓住(其实是有背景知识的原故),真正精确到每一句话,每一个单词却总是丢三落四的,不能准确的传情达意.这种沙上建塔的 "辛劳"永远也不会建成坚固的大厦,而总是在进行建了倒下,倒下了再建的重复劳动.


  从慢速英语入手是真正科学的听力突破方法.而且在我自己的实践过程中摸索出一些听力带动口语,锻炼口译的好方法 一.高考听力资料的现状

  复习资料的不良, 会导致复习的束手无策和低效。 针对高考听力,市面上鲜有针对性强,受到大家广泛认可的复习资料, 多是模仿真题而成的模拟题.。学校内用的听力资料,也多是如此。此类模拟题的特点是多为套题。以广东省为例,一套题中包含六段材料,主题各不相同。此种设置,可供复习阶段的后期使用,维持水平,查缺补漏。 而对复习阶段的初期中期这种设置就不甚理想。





  1. 整理工作。将听过的场景分门别类,合并同类项。比方,你听过了10套题,60段材料,其中一定有场景会重复出现。可将相同的场景放到一起,进行同类听。

  2. 词汇工作。在同类听的过程中,将每个场景中的常见词汇整理出来,建立一个听力的场景词汇表。并且要查找出自己的生词,生词是因人而异的,一定要自己去查找,并且是从音的角度,有些同学,能用眼睛认出一个词,但用耳朵就不行。


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英语作文 篇5

  It's snowing! It's snowing! It's finally snowing! This is the first snow this winter!


  At the beginning, it was light snow. By the time we finished school, it was heavy snow. There were big snowflakes flying all over the sky! Grass, trees are wearing white hats, snowflakes fly into my neck cool swish. If the snow can be bigger, we can make snowmen and have snowfights.


  It's really fun to snow!











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