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  Is it good for students to do some housework

  Secondly, to do some housework can keep you healthy and strong ,some hard housework can be regarded as a kind of physical exercise。

  Finally, to do some housework can share your parents’ work 。They must be happy if you say” Have a rest ,and I will do the housework”

  So I think it is good for students to do some housework。





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  my room is a single room towards south and it is one the 10th floor. the room is bright and clean. looking through the window, i can see the city park not far away, me and my family aways walk there after dinner. although my room is not too big, but it is well decorated, the bookshelf and a the pc desk is put at the corner. there is also a set of stereo on the desk. i put up some posters on the wall, which is my favoriate music player.

英语作文 篇3

  Every parent wants their daughters to learn ballet and piano. My mother finds me having no talent in ballet, so she chooses to send me to learn piano. At first, I am not very interested in it, but soon I find practising it every day makes me feel bored. I want to give up, but the girls around me keep coming to the class, so I decide to hold on.


英语作文 篇4

  My name is Zhangchao,I'm 13 years old.I come from China. I can speak Chinese and English a little.

  I eat lots of healthy food,every day.For brekfast. I like orange and pear.For lunch. I like chicken and lots of rice.For dinner. I like beef.

  My favorite subjects are PE and English.But. I don't like math.Because.It's very boring; My favorite sport is run . I like go to the movie best,Because.It's very interesting.

英语作文 篇5

  Now, the new term begins. I live the life normal as before. very morning, I get up at 6:30. After washing, I eat breakfast at home. My mother always cooks delicious and nutritious breakfast for me. I usually go to school at 7:20 by bike. It only takes me ten minutes to get to the school. We have the morning reading at 7:40 and the classes begin from 8:00. I usually have Chinese, math, nglish and other subjects. I go home at noon and have a short rest at home. Classes are over at 5:30. I usually play at school for a while and then go home. At night, I usually finish my homework and then watch TV. About 10:00, I go to bed. This is my all day.

英语作文 篇6


  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Choices after Graduation. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the table and the outline (given in Chinese) below:




  毕业去向 就业 考研 出国留学 其它

  所占比例 50% 30% 17% 3%





  Choices after Graduation

  From the above table, we can see that the students of this university have three main choices after graduation. Of these choices, the students who have found a job only take up 50%. In contrast, students who pursue further study by taking the postgraduate entrance exam or going abroad have increased greatly than before, with the total percentage of 47%. Indeed, this phenomenon is also quite common in other universities.

  The following factors can account for the choices of graduates. Above all, with the enrollment extension of universities, college graduates are facing the severe employment situation, which forces them to find another way out. Moreover, in information age, knowledge is updated very rapidly. Many college students find their knowledge is not enough for their future career. Besides, some college students would not like to enter into the complicated society and want to escape from the reality temporarily by going to further study.

  From my point of view, one’s choice after graduation should be based on his individual condition. Though taking the postgraduate entrance exam or going abroad for further study is a good choice, it is not necessarily true of everyone, because it might involve many factors, such as your future career direction, your economic condition. Therefore, we should take a full account before we make our decisions.

英语作文 篇7


  A. Topic: Study the following cartoon carefully and write an essay on the topic of loving our parents

  B. Word limit: about 200 words

  C. Your essay should meet the requirements below:

  1) Describe the cartoon and the message conveyed

  2) Draw a conclusion and give your comment on the cartoon. Your essay must be written clearly.

  As is vividly depicts in the cartoon, old parents are sitting on the coach with disappointment and sadness, because no one comes back to celebrate with them. Although they received a lot of presents from their children, they feel very miserable and have no appetite, since what they want most is not such material stuffs but the care and love from their children and grandchildren.

  Nowadays, young men look so busy and independent in modern society that they will never feel free to live with their parents. They move out and mind their own business every day. On usual days, they would not like to take their time to visit their parents with the excuses of busyness. On some festival days, they probably share a little time to drop in their parents or even just send some presents but don’t show up personally like what the cartoon above illustrates. They think that presents can represent their love, however, to the parents, who overcame a lot of difficulties to bring them up, those stuff are far away from what they really hope for.

  With the rapid pace of economic development, our old parents feel more and more lonely and unhappy. However busy we may be, we should spend more time talking with them and accompanying them, because they once gave us so much selfless love that we should return them the same from the bottom of our heart.


  在现代社会中,年轻人看起来如此忙碌,以至于无法抽空来陪伴父母。他们大多搬出去独自居住,每天忙于自己的事务。在平常的日子里,他们以忙为借口,不愿 意花时间去探望父母。在一些节日,他们可能只留一点时间去看望父母或是如漫画中所示的仅仅送些礼物表示心意而无法与父母团聚。他们认为礼物可以代表他们的' 爱意,但是,对于含辛茹苦把他们养育大的父母来说,这些礼物远远不是他们所期望的。


英语作文 篇8

  Sleeping Problem

  With the development of the modern society .more and more people have difficulty in sleeping.someone may take some sleeping pills.But almost it doesn't work.

  A famous doctor ever said that sleeping problem would be an important thing.As the doctor said.If you can't sleep well,you'll not concentrate on everything.Also you will lost the intrest in everything.It is sleeping pills that could help you with sleping.But it could cause many other changes in your body.

  On average.60 per cent people has the problem.To solve the problem in a healthy way is usefull such as take exercise、have good deals and so on.If you follow this advice,you will have a good body.Believe yourself you can do it.











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