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  TV is very important in our life. We can get to know all kinds of events around the world. We can know the weather,information, laws, knowledge and so on. After busy work, we can watch some funny programs to relax

  TV benifits us, but sometimes it has bad influence. Some students watch TV day and night. It influences their lessons.Some programs are not good for children.

  So we should choose proper programs at proper time for people in different ages.




  Now TV has become necessary in our life. We can get all kinds of information through TV. The world is in front of us. The distance between countries is shortened with the help of TV.Every day we can watch some interesting programs to make us happy.

  Although TV has some benifits, sometimes it has bad influence. Some students have no time to study because they watch TV in all the free time. And some programs are not proper for children.

  So we should choose some good programs to watch, especially for children.




英语作文 篇2

  Should We Only Reward the Best Students?

  Rewarding top students is normally considered as an effective approach to recognize their achievements and inspire other students. But some people argue that although the best students deserve to be rewarded, it is more important to encourage those who show remarkable improvement since they have paid unremitting effort in their study.

  My stand is that prizes should also be awarded to students who make conspicuous progress in their academic study. Firstly, education is based on the belief that it will make people more excellent, and encouraging those most improved students will be one of the best ways to fulfill that goal. Moreover, students differ greatly in their talents and living environment. Students from poverty-stricken families may not prevail over the best ones in study, but that doesn’t mean they can’t succeed in their future career. Therefore, spiritual or economic encouragement is likely to stimulate them to tackle seemingly impossible tasks. In addition, to reward the most improved students can not only boost their confidence but also enhance students’ competitive spirit.

  In sum, only rendering outstanding students rewards may dampen the others’ enthusiasm, so to encourage both types of students will be a feasible way to establish aspiring learning atmosphere.

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  With the popularity of Internet, cyber crimes are a serious problem, people’s computer will be easily attacked, because cyber criminals are everywhere on the Internet. The personal computer is no longer safe completely, we must take the measures to deal with cyber criminals. The government should reinforce the law to give heavy punishment to the cyber criminals. The people who are talented in computer technology should be trained to improve the computer defense system and more effective firewalls should be built up. What’s more, people should pay attention to not click the illegal websites. All these measures are working to protect the security of the Internet, there is still a long way to go.

  随着网络的广泛受欢迎,网络犯罪是一个严重的问题,人们的电脑会很容易受到攻击,因为网络罪犯无处不在。私人电脑不再是完全安全的,我们必须采取一些措施 来应对网络犯罪。政府应该加强法律,给予网络罪犯以沉重的惩罚。擅长电脑技术的人应该通过受训来改善电脑防御系统和建立更多有效的防火墙。而且,人们应该 注意不要点击不合法的网站。所有的这些措施实施是为了保护电脑的安全,但是这仍然有很长的路要走。

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  First,we make a big ball of snow.Tenn we make another snowball,this one is smaller than the first.we put this snowball on that snowball.Now we make another small snowball.we put it on top.Lets make on the snowman.we have a carrot for his nose.we have some little rocks for his mouth and eyes.we have two sticks for his arms.

  Today snows,I go to the drifting snow person,I first roll a threesizes not snowball,biggest putting on under,small putting on above,smallest putting in most above,then s the carrot on the face,makes the nose,makes the eye and the mouth with the gravel,with thebranch executor,completed.

  Is above under,helps me to translate!!

英语作文 篇5

  Recently I’ve had a discussion with my parents about whether or not I should be allowed to join the school basketball team. They thought I needed more time to study .But I thougt I could get good grades and play basketball at the same time. And I thought playing basketball can help me to study well.They said I wasn’t strong enough .I really agreed with them,so I should be allowed to play basketball to improve it.And they also thought I would get injured easily .I knew they loved me and didn’t want me to get injured easily ,but I should learn how to protect myself .I should learn how to decide and choose .So I thought I must do it and I would try my best to tell my parents I can do it.

英语作文 篇6

  Now, the degree of urbanization has been deepening and we enjoy the convenience brought by urbanization. How does everybody know how the cities began? Long time ago, the world had only a few thousand people. These people moved from place to place, hunting animals for food. No one knows how or when these people learned about growing food. But when they did, their lives changed greatly.One thing is certain that they gathered in the rich place or near water. In that age, water and climate are the most important to lives. It is the rich water and comfortable climate that gathered people from different places. They began to live near one another, so that the first village grew. Many people came to work in the villages. Then the villages became bigger and bigger.When machines were invented, life in the villages changed again. Factories were built. There were a growing number of people living near factories. Because of the increasing people, more and more buildings were built. And then cities were built.


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  Dear president:

  I am one of the student who critical of restaurant of our seminary. We have been informed frequently that with the declining quality of the restaurant of our school it is intolerable to meal at school. It becomes the source of great complaint by student. Therefore please give me an access to put forward some disadvantage of the restaurant in order to be placed more stress on

  First the expression of the students ‘face Witness that how unsavory the food is .Secondly insect is conceal in the vegetable there are times when we are prepare to have . Thirdly the price of the restaurant is too high. Finally tableware not be sanitized is used in the restaurant.

  Please take it into account or it will give rise to a series of problem. In addition, let me apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused. I hold a belief that students will enjoy themselves when have a meal in the restaurant of our seminary.

  I am looking forward to seeing the changes of the restaurant

  Yours sincerely
















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