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2022-01-26 英语作文

  第1篇:My Hobbies-我的爱好

  I have many hobbies, such as playing computer games, reading comics, going shopping. I also like playing pingpong very much. I have a friend. His name is Nick. He is crazy about playing pingpong, too. If we have free time, we often play pingpong together. One summer holiday, he took me to a sports centre. Then we played pingpong together, but he always lost. He was very angry. He said to me, "I will beat you in a month.""OK. We will have a match at that time."After a month, when I talked to him about it, he answered,"I forgot the thing! I don't want to have a match with you." I was very surprised and angry and said,"Oh, you're a forgetful boy!”


  My favourite hobbies are reading and writing. When I was young, I was not fond of them . For a little child , reading and writing were boring But my teacher encouraged me to try to write down my feelings after reading something. So I had a try.At the beginning, there were only a few sentences on my notebook ,But I used to read them to my parents or classmates.

  It gave me enormous satisfaction and pleasure to be able to touch the lives of others with words because their respoonse gave me hope .good-selfesteen and pride inmy abilities. Reading and writing have helped me to give my life meaning. Now I am a high school student, I donot have much time to read and write. But words are at the very heart of my hobbies, and I am very happy that I can write in English. In the future, reading and writing will be a funny way of my life.


  Today many college students have their own hobbies. For example, some of them like singing; some of them enjoy playing the guitar; some of them are keen on painting; some of them are crazy about taking photos, and so on.


  I think it’s meaning for college students to have hobbies, because hobbies can benefit them a lot. On one hand, after a long-time study, hobbies can make them feel relaxed. On the other hand, when they feel depressed, hobbies can bring them happiness. Furthermore, hobbies can mould their temperament as well as show their characteristics.


  However, some students are so addicted to their hobbies that they spend less time on study. How foolish of them to do so! In my view, if we focus too much on one thing, either our studies or hobbies will be badly affected. Thus, we are supposed to balance them in a proper way.


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