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成长英语作文 篇1

  Time flies, like a meteor across the night sky, imperceptibly I have is one of the fourth grade primary school students.Previously, I help my mother do the housework is a disservice. One afternoon, my mother, my father went to work, I am a person at home. I think this is a good opportunity to do housework, I have good performance, to my father, her mother a surprise. I'm good first sweep, ran to the bathroom to take out the mop, then pour half a bucket of water, began to mop the floor. In a little time, the whole family was dragging me clean, tired of my backache. My mother came home from work to see, said happily: "who did this?" I said: "Mom, I do." Mother see light suddenly said: "our baby is really grown up!" To see my mother happy, I was happy, very happy.

  I'm very naughty child, often eat also mother feeds. Now I grew up, my father and mother came home from work, I will drink tea for them, give them a slipper, back. Finish the homework, often help to do some housework, every mother would say: "our baby is more sensible, really grown up." That makes me feel like I was growing up.

  I wish the children is always the father, mother's child.




成长英语作文 篇2

  Time keeps going and we are growing up. Every growth is different, but the same is that everyone's growth is happy, happy, also bumpy, full of worry.

  In my memory, before I went to school, I was carefree, and I spent this time in the country. Besides eating, I was playing without any worries. Every day, I play hide-and-seek with my little friends, go to the fields to catch little bugs, play tired, and eat at home. In the evening, my grandmother would hold me and sit in the yard and enjoy the beautiful night scene, telling me the story, and I would always go to the sweet dreamland with my grandma's story.

  In memory, the time in kindergarten is joyful and afraid. after the kindergarten, I will leave my dear mom and dad, grandparents, and every day I can't and family together, I am very afraid, but you can think of every day and many children play games together, painting, and tower blocks, I will feel happy, happy. In the evening, I always talk to my family about the funny things that happened in kindergarten.

  In memory, the time of primary school is joyful and vexed. Just step into the elementary school, I have some curious, gradually, I got familiar with here, had many good friends, and every day the teacher can teach us a lot of knowledge, also taught us to write and read pinyin, I had a very happy every day. However, with the growth of grade, learning is no longer an easy task. I am overwhelmed by the mountains of homework every day, and I have to struggle to write a composition. How many times I want to give up learning, the anticipation of the teacher and the parents gave me the motivation to move forward. So, I a good spirit, a lot of reading, also discuss with students the class does not understand the topic, gradually, my grades by leaps and bounds, from the downstream has been rising to the top three classes, I was so happy! The time in primary school taught me the truth of "no pain, no gain".

  Growth is happy, growth is good, and growth is also bumpy, but everyone will grow up, let us no longer complain, no longer whine, in the optimism of the growth!

成长英语作文 篇3

  According to the new oxford dictionary of english, frustration, by definition, means the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. since frustration seems to be a negative feeling, some people may be tempted to think that frustration is bad for people. they believe that constant frustration may cause serious mental problems. people suffering from such psychological problems often resort to violence or suicide, which poses a big threat to the people around them and thus causes instability to the whole society.

  others, however, hold a different view. they maintain that it is beneficial to people. it goes side by side with success. it inspires people to overcome hardships and difficulties and achieve the final success. people with this view even go so far as to say that no frustration, no success. indeed, we cannot always hope to embrace success and never accept failure. and most importantly, only if we learn from many a failure can we do things better and finally overcome such a bad feeling as frustration.

  frustration thus is part of our life experience. in our process of growing up, we may inevitably experience it when confronted with situations that don’t come up to our expectations. it is a test of our courage when it befalls us. if we let it control us, we may fall into the abyss of being inflicted by serious psychological problems. but if we harness it and take it as our source of inspiration, we may ultimately enjoy the glory of success.

成长英语作文 篇4

  Lu xun once said, "there is no road in the world, and there are many people who have gone. And my road of growth is not only used in labor and sweat, is a need to be optimistic, need wisdom and moral character, courage is needed to build and become the real belong to your growth path.

  I have been through 14 years of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I miss the little bit of the past. Miss snuggle in the bosom of parents warm, happy feeling, miss listening to the lullaby to enter dreamland of the quiet. Then I was so uninhibited, unconcerned, happy, living in my colorful childhood dream.

  The time passed slowly from my side, I also carried the bag, put on the red scarf to become a young pioneers, from now on, I went into the magic palace. Under the guidance of the teacher, I swim in the sea of knowledge, is very interested in make straight a's, smart studious, I record in the class has been the top spear, have served as a monitor in the class, especially in English for two years in the national Olympic competition, won the first prize, and the certificate, I never proud, is my motivation for learning.

  In the blink of an eye, I bid farewell to the study life of primary school and ushered in the colorful life of junior high school, which also provided me with a broad space for development. Youth road, I never make way for the vacant, ethereal to cover the eyes of the road, I'm going to wave the hand of crayons, one of the struggling to shake, and the flowery youth, and youth fight storm of tenacity, sends the perfection of the world, and "JiaGuang Japanese Jin Lin" optimism. The composition

  Every step of man is writing his own history. Growing up, a growing joy accompany me to spend every minute, every second. But the worry also can let me feel the hardships of life, the pressure of learning, at the same time, it will let me become more strong, have enough confidence and courage, let me to face the test of life, constantly improve themselves, beyond myself.

  Everyone has their own growth path, let me have a common heart, learn to live in the ordinary life, enjoy the growth of all the feelings that brought me. I cannot determine the length of life, but I can extend the width of life. Let my growth path leave a string of wonderful memories!

成长英语作文 篇5

  High school years, we spent six years before the flowering, 17 in the rainy season. Once in the confusion, and in quiet sighed for yourself in confusion and calm, we grow up. Hence, began to use my own brain to think about everything around, perhaps this is shallow, but we should not blindly follow a group of pride, to the child with reason and mature farewell once young ignorant.

成长英语作文 篇6

  The caterpillars spin themselves into cocoons, and eventually emerge from the cocoon, become butterflies, and achieve the perfect metamorphosis of life in the struggle. Eagle extricate the feather, fight the long sky, get the life extension, in the strong middle of the transformation of youth. And I, in the process of growing up, will experience countless pain and failure. I believe in failure and pain. I will continue to grow and welcome new life and show my life.

  When I first entered the first grade, I felt so lost and helpless, as if I had lost my way of life. I was the little princess of my family, and my father, my mother and my grandmother were all "on my knees". At school, I was the main character in the class, the good student in the eyes of the teacher. The halo of "excellent student" and "class cadre" makes me shine. Now, my parents' nagging seems to make me a punching bag. Compared with the excellent classmates in the class, I also became an unassuming grass, and seemed to be the extra person in the world. I was lost, helpless and even secretly weeping. I often ask myself, why am I not the center of the world, the object of attention? Where do I go?

  One day, I looked up and saw a little bird jumping up and down in a tree. There was no applause, no flowers, no peer's attention, it still cried so hard, so happy. I was so enlightened that I couldn't help feeling thankful that the "I" of the past was so childish that other people's attention was only secondary, and my own attention was the most important. We can't impose on others, but we can make our lives better. To get something in return, you have to give a smile.

  Although xiang yu is a powerful man, zhuge liang has three points of wisdom, but the power of people is sometimes small, and there is nothing they can do about it. On the road of life, we have to choose to face reality at any time. In P.E. class, the students were eager to show their presence on the runway, and I was involved. Whistle sounded, everyone rushed out, gritted my teeth, my arm harder try desperately, KeJiao how also don't listen to your boss, I saw the students one by one in front of me, I have to face the reality of himself on the sports indeed at a disadvantage. "Flowers have all kinds of red, people have different", everyone has their own different strengths, everyone can't succeed every time, failure is not to be taken, it is important to face.

  The ant is a famous hercules of the animal kingdom. The stream is shallow, but it can make a big ocean. As long as you are steadfast in your ideals, always try hard, stupid birds will fly first. When I was in junior high school, I felt that I had grown up three times and lost the position of the main character. When I fail, I choose to face it bravely. I let my ideals grow when life is at a low ebb. Life is a long way, and I will realize the perfect metamorphosis of life with my self-confidence and persistence.

成长英语作文 篇7

  as is pointed out by some socialists, children nowadays show a growing tendency to become mature at an earlier age compared with children who were born twenty years ago. the younger generation has a strong self-conscious. and they are eager to make their own decisions. hence, an adjustment of current laws is suggested by some eperts to fit in the newly developed situation.

  that sounds like a good idea. but does it reveal the truth?frankly speaking, the side effects of adjustments in laws, as far as i am concerned, are much greater than their possible merits.first of all, the assumption that "children are more mature than before" is yet to ascertain. up to now, none of the revolution proponents can give a satisfying definition to tell what maturity eactly means, let alone measuring maturity quantitatively.thus it is less likely for them to deduce their conclusion. at the same time, with the spreading of so-called maturity, more children are involved in crimes, including some violent ones like murders and hijacks. the conspicuous increase in adolescent crimes calls for an enforcement of law, not irresponsible liberation. second, suppose the hypothesis held by the revolution proponents is not only objective but also convincing, ignoring the parado mentioned above, it is still inadequate to conduct a law amendment since "most children are mature" implies the fact that there are still a portion of children, who no matter older or younger are mature. as is known to all, laws are concerned with all the objects of the society. the pre mature ones rights should also be protected equally. hence, a common demand for custodians of children aged under eighteen is necessary, if not imperative. last but not least, a "mature" child who intends on independence lacks a necessary income as the financial support.due to this situation, if an adjustment of law were carried out,there would be a peculiar phenomenon that children are decision independent while financially reliant.

  due to the three reasons listed above, it is unwise to conduct a complete law adjustment at the moment. children of the twenty first century are still in need of love and care, as children were twenty years ago.

成长英语作文 篇8

  How times flies! Now I am a student in Grade Nine and facing the first turning point in my school life. This title “Growing pains and gains” reminds me of the meaningful school life. The colourful life is full of my happiness and sorrows.

  In school, I have to take a lot of lessons. Some are interesting while some are boring. But it’s the responsibility of the students to learn them all well. I have to try my best. During my growing time, a lot of trouble worried me. That’s awful and makes me blue.

  Although I met with a lot of failure, I still have a lot of gains. I can make a priceless friendship. I can learn a large number of useful things---to be kind, friendly to others, to be confident and independent and so on.

  I think growing pains and gains are countless. But they play an important role in my life and make my life colourful.

成长英语作文 篇9

  Once I read the story that the little eagles needed to practice flying in the cliff before they could fly. The successful ones could fly and became the strong birds while the failed ones would crash and then died.

  The mother eagles are brutal to the babies, but this is the price of growing up. The little eagles who fail to fly would not live long in the natural competition.

  It makes me think of the children, some parents spoil the kids and they don’t realize it will destroy their children. The children need to learn the lessons, so that they can be the tough person. The road of being mature needs the price.


成长英语作文 篇10

  Looking back, we have already grew up, 18 has often hung in the mouth. Once upon a time, that is so sacred 18 years old, only know when we grow up, can fly. But now, when I really must face it, when suddenly feel a vague unprepared. I worry about whether oneself can fully understand 18 this ordinary digital contain rich connotations, but I understand, 18 means responsibility. Maybe growth itself is a kind of responsibility!

  High school years, we spent six years before the flowering, 17 in the rainy season. Once in the confusion, and in quiet sighed for yourself in confusion and calm, we grow up. Hence, began to use my own brain to think about everything around, perhaps this is shallow, but we should not blindly follow a group of pride, to the child with reason and mature farewell once young ignorant.

  18 is an end, is a start. At this moment, and lost, in pursuit of the conversion between, we feel happy, also experiencing pain. Almost all of the pain comes from the dream. When we tasted suffering to realize your dream, finally, it joy appreciate that: pain, often breeds happy seeds. This is not an easy growth, pain and sufferings, is not bad, we know that, when reality cannot change, we shall timely change, but we have always loved with real bargain, because we love the world, the happineand warmth and love and pain of the world. In the proceof growing up, we learned that you, for we cannot untie those small knot, we learned to smile, to appreciate beauty of it. Because we know that just graciously turned, can find new and beautiful scenery.

  Growth is a pain, but I don't want to let it leave scar. Growth is a metamorphosis, experienced hardships to break coon.

  In the growth of the road is often lonely, to learn in no one's time to give ourselves. Don't worry, fear brave, frankly, facing the growth of everything for yourself in the faith, encouragement, give yourself to yourself. In the growth of the journey, we need is calm, quiet, bravely facing.










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