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成长英语作文 篇1

  When we go to school, we are taught that life is not always going well, we will meet all kinds of difficulties. Everyone hears the words, but when they meet difficulties, it is hard for them to be OK with it, they feel the life is hopeless, just as hearing is easy, while taking action is another thing.

  Once a famous business person said that the one who faced the failure and stood up, he or she will be successful. I absolutely believe it, we are in front of so many accidents, we need to face the setback and learn from it, every setback is a test for us, only the one who passes the test can succeed. Such as when we feel it hard to study, then give up, how can we make progress.

  Life teaches us lesson every minute, the adverse situation is a good chance to upgrade ourselves.

成长英语作文 篇2

  Time flies, like a meteor across the night sky, imperceptibly I have is one of the fourth grade primary school students.Previously, I help my mother do the housework is a disservice. One afternoon, my mother, my father went to work, I am a person at home. I think this is a good opportunity to do housework, I have good performance, to my father, her mother a surprise. I'm good first sweep, ran to the bathroom to take out the mop, then pour half a bucket of water, began to mop the floor. In a little time, the whole family was dragging me clean, tired of my backache. My mother came home from work to see, said happily: "who did this?" I said: "Mom, I do." Mother see light suddenly said: "our baby is really grown up!" To see my mother happy, I was happy, very happy.

  I'm very naughty child, often eat also mother feeds. Now I grew up, my father and mother came home from work, I will drink tea for them, give them a slipper, back. Finish the homework, often help to do some housework, every mother would say: "our baby is more sensible, really grown up." That makes me feel like I was growing up.

  I wish the children is always the father, mother's child.




成长英语作文 篇3

  Boys and girls, what is the most precious thing in the world? Some say it is time, and some say it is money...... I think the most precious thing in the world is life, because each person has only one life.

  I remember a hot summer afternoon, big winds, thunderstorm. I sat at the window, inadvertently saw a small grass, suffered the wind and rain, but stubbornly stood upright. The spread of bright green is like a flag in the wind and rain in the. The second day, the grass has raised his head in the sun, the spread of dazzling green in the sun to flourish, the rain yesterday as pearl Shuo crystal, I was deeply shocked by the spirit of the firm and inflexible, moved. In fact, each of us should be like grass, in the face of difficulties and setbacks, dare to struggle, dare to win, to be a strong life.

  Love life, you should know how to enrich yourself, laugh to life. (Beethoven) deaf, the creation of "Symphony of destiny"; Xing Linzi aches and pains, write a lot of excellent works; Zhang Haidi Shencanzhijian; Paul KeChaJin is a Book of tough steel...... The tenacity of life is often proportional to the hardships it experiences. Do not expect the smooth journey of life, forget the pain of the past, face up to the front, and let life meet the challenge!

  Love life, we must know how to cherish time, treat others kindly. Some people think they are young, before pleasure, nothing, final tomorrow, tomorrow as wasted. As the saying goes: yesterday is an invalid check; tomorrow is an outstanding bond; only today is cash, and only when you value time can you decorate your life so beautifully. Some people are self-centered, preoccupied, demanding, responsibility to others. A joke not Majiajue classmates, cruel deprived of the lives of four people, eventually lost his life. Only if you treat others as yourself and be tolerant and respectful will you win the respect and respect of others.

  Love life, in behavior bound yourself, flying in their minds. Only in accordance with the law and moral standards to restrain individual behavior, can we share peace, harmony, calm and comfortable life. Flying in their own minds, filled with enthusiasm to broaden their horizons, and tap the potential of wisdom, good taste, sublimation of ordinary, not kuaizai!

  The classmates, the value of life, growth is not easy, in the beautiful sunshine, we should cherish time, cherish life, love life and learning, let the life tree decorated with sweet fruit, let the growth path full of beautiful flowers!

成长英语作文 篇4

  How times flies! Now I am a student in Grade Nine and facing the first turning point in my school life. This title “Growing pains and gains” reminds me of the meaningful school life. The colourful life is full of my happiness and sorrows.

  In school, I have to take a lot of lessons. Some are interesting while some are boring. But it’s the responsibility of the students to learn them all well. I have to try my best. During my growing time, a lot of trouble worried me. That’s awful and makes me blue.

  Although I met with a lot of failure, I still have a lot of gains. I can make a priceless friendship. I can learn a large number of useful things---to be kind, friendly to others, to be confident and independent and so on.

  I think growing pains and gains are countless. But they play an important role in my life and make my life colourful.

成长英语作文 篇5

  how times flies!Now I am a student in Grade Nine and facing the first turning point in my school life.This title “Growing pains and gains”reminds me of the meaningful school life.The colourful life is full of my happiness and sorrows.

  In school,I have to take a lot of lessons.Some are in teresting while some are boring.But it's the responsibility of the students to leam them all well. I have to try my best.During my growing time,a lot of trouble worried me.That's awful and makes me blue.

  Although I met with a lot of failure, I still have a lot of gains.I can make a priceless freiendship. I can leam a large number of usful things----to be kind,friendly to others, to be confident and independent and so on.

  I think growing pains and gains are coutless.But they play an important role in my life and make my life colourful.

成长英语作文 篇6

  Growing up is like running water,unconsciously from summer to autumn.Years,whether happy or worry,is my growing experience,all is my stepping stone on the road to success.

  Happiness and worry is always two abandoned partner,they take care of each other,everyone don't want trouble stay.Some people feel that there is no happiness but feel that fate in torment them,in the world of light and dark,good and evil.they are all separated lived,but only happiness and troubles is "neighbors",because only with the happiness and worry,our childhood will be rich and colorful.

  Childhood,not only have like candy generally sweet and happy,like medicine bitter troubles,and obstinate stubborn,I naughty smile.I alight to chase the pace of growth,hold on to me that a good age.

  The pace of growth continues,it does not return,can't go back.














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