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  the united states covers a large part of the north american continent。 its neighbours are canada to the north, and mexico to the south。

  when this land first became a nation, after winning its independence from engand, it had thirteen states。 each of the states was represented of the american flag by a star。 all these states were in the eastern part of the continent。 as the nation grew toward the west, new states were added and new states appeared on the flag。 for a long time, there were 48 states。 in 1959, however, two more stars were added to the flag, representing the new states of alaska and hawaii。

  indians were the first inhabitants of the land which is now the united states。 there are still many thousands of the descendants of these original inhabitants living in all parts of the country。 sometimes it is said that the indians are "the only real americans。"

  most americans, however, are descendants of people who came from all over the world to find a new life in a new land。 those who came first and in greatest numbers to make their homes on the eastern coast of north america were mostly from england。 it is for that reason that the language of the united states is english and that its culture and customs are more like those of england than of any other country in the world。





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  American flag for a rectangular shape, length and width ratio of 19:10 for the Stars and Stripes (the Star-Spangled Banner), the upper-left corner flag for the blue stars surface area of the stars a few provisions in the respective departments, the United States is the state flag on the number of a few of the stars. Star 13 is outside the red and white stripes, 13 stripes on behalf of the original 13 colonies in North America. According to Washington, said: symbol of the United Kingdom with red stripes, white stripes and a symbol of freedom from it.

  More general argument that the red symbol of strength and courage, a symbol of purity and innocence of white, blue is a symbol of vigilance, perseverance and justice. In 1818 the U.S. Congress pass the bill, red and white flag on the fixed width for the 13, the number of five-pointed star should be in line with several states of America.

  Each additional state, the national flag on a star to increase, the general in the new states to join the second year after the implementation of July 4. So far has been the national flag to 50 stars, representing the 50 U.S. states. June 14 each year as "the development of the anniversary of the American flag." On this day, commemorative activities held throughout the United States to show respect for the flag and love of America.

  美国国旗为长方形,长宽之比为19:10,为星条旗(the Star-Spangled Banner),旗面左上角为蓝色星区,区内的星数于有关部门规定,美国的州数就是国旗上的星数。星区以外是13道红白相间的条纹,13道条纹代表最初北美13块殖民地。据华盛顿说:红色条纹象征英国,白色条纹象征脱离它而获得自由。更普遍的说法认为,红色象征强大和勇气,白色象征纯洁和清白,蓝色则象征警惕,坚韧不拔和正义。


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  High school is a very important stage for students around the world. Chinese students spend a lot of time studying and they think it is the hardest stage for them. But when we look at the high school in America, students feel much easier. People believe that study in America is an easy thing.


  When we look at the screen, the school atmosphere is so lively. High school students always hang out with friends and take part in all kinds of parties, which seems that they don’t need to worry about their study. When we see this, we feel envious. How nice it would be if our school life is like this?


  Actually, what we know about the American teenagers’ life is not true for all. Some high school students know they will not go to college and choose to enjoy the school life. While for some students who want to fight for the top college, they need to study very hard. At the same time, they also need to take part in some activities to cater for the college’s permission. So don’t be misled by the superficial phenomenon.


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  A history of long and effortless success can be a dreadful handicap,but,if properly handled,it may become a driving force.When the United States entered just such a glowing period after the end of the Second World War,it had a market eight times larger than any competitor ,giving its industries unparalleled economies of scale.Its scientists were the world's best,its workers the most skilled.American and Americans were prosperous beyongd the dreams of the Europeans and Asians whose economeics the war had destroyed.

  It was inevitable that this primacy should have narrowed as other countries grew richer.Just as inevitably,the retreat from predominace proved painful.By the mid 1980s Americans had found themselves at a losss over their fading industrial competitiveness.Some huge American industries,such as consumer electronics,hand shrunk or vanished in the face of foreign competitiong.By 1987 there was only one American television maker left,Zenith.(Now there is none :Zenith was bought by SouthKorea'sLGElectronics in July.)Foreign made cars and textiles were sweeeping into the domestic market.America's machine-tool industry was on the ropes.For a while it looked as though the makeing of semiconductors,whidh America had invented and which sat at the heart of the new computer age,was going to be the next caualty.

  All of this caused a crisis of confidenc.Americans stopped taking prosperity ofr granted .They began to believe that their way of doing business was failing,and that their incomes would therefore shourtly begin to fall as well .The mind -1980s brought one inquiry after another into the causes ofAmerica's in dustrial decline.Thir sometimes sensational findings were filled with warnings about the growing competitiong from overseas.

  How things have changed!I1995 the United States can look back on five years of solid growth while Japan has been struggling.Few Americans attribute this Self doubt has yielded to blind pride.American industry has changed its structure ,has gone on a diet ,has learnt to be more quik witted,according to Richard Cavanagh,executive dean of Harvards Kennedy School of Government.'It makes me proud to be an American just to see how our businesses are improving theirproductivity,says Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute ,a think tank in Washington,DC,And William Sahlman of the Harvard Business School believes that people will look back on this perido as a golden age of business management in the United States.

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  Let’s work together to find a balance point

  Dear mom and dad:

  A warm family , a fantastic surroundings are the best gift which you have given me since I was born. I don’t know how to express my appreciati The topic like (转载于:www.cSSyq.co m 书 业 网)“what’s a university?” or “what a university should do?” has been discussed many times in every age. Not only educationalists but also students take into it. Is it necessary to give priority to skills and knowledge in university education as they are essential to employers? Or students in universities should have access to all of knowledge just as they have their own sake? Chose A or B, this is a problem.

  The value of knowledge itself need to be considered first in university education even though the course is not as practical as skills and technology. In Chinese culture, morality education is always took at first. It said that the way of real learning is to develop and expand virtue, to innovate peoples’ opinions, to get the best goodness. In addition, there are four stages in the success of a gentleman: first, to cultivate his moral characters; second, regulate his own family; third, rule the state successfully; forth, let the world get peace. In Chinese traditional value, students in

  university need to develop his morality firstly, though these knowledge is not as useful as other skills after they get a job.

  On the other hand, the practicability of a university course is also worth considering, especially in the age when our government call for the attention to skills and technology in university education and when the employees prefer to capacity and practical knowledge of employers. The time in university is limited and conditions and aims of students are different. When students chose which course to learn, it is inevitable for some of them prefer to those which are more needed in workplace.

  Universities give equal access to all of knowledge, including the practical courses and others. What’s more, they need give more chance to students to choose what to learn. Congratulate on diversity!

美国英语作文 篇6

  the average family income of the u.s.a. has increased from 20,000 dollars per year in 1992 to 25,000 in 20xx. along with this considerable increase in people’s income, the way in which the average family spends its income has also varied to some extent. the average expenditure of family income is divided into several sectors, namely, housing, clothing, food and drink, transport, medical care, entertainment, savings and other items.

  from the table, it is quite interesting to find that the money spent on some sectors such as food and drink (2%) and entertainment (6%) in 1992 and 20xx remains the same. for transport, the percentage of 20xx is only 1% larger than that of 1992. it is also worth mentioning that in 20xx, people tend to save less money than in 1992 because people deposit only half the money they used to in 1990. there is a greater increase in the expenses on housing and medical care, increasing by 8% and 6% respectively. on the other hand, people tend to spend less money on clothes, for there is a 5% decrease in 20xx compared with that in 1992. as far as other items are concerned, there is a sharp decrease in the percentage of family income spent on them, accounting for only 7% of the total.

  it can be seen from the statistics that in american people’s life food and drink, entertainment and transport had always been important. with family income increasing, american people began to give first priority to housing and medical care, thereby improving their living conditions and invigorating health. by saving less, they presented to us the implication that they expected a fairly secure prospect.

美国英语作文 篇7

  I am going to Hawaii for vacation .I am going in December ,and I am staying for three weeks.Hawaii is comprised of a chain of 132 islands.We usually think of the eight main islands when we think of Hawaii.This is not surprising as the other 124 islands only total about 3 square miles in land area.

  Hawaii is home of the world's most active volcano,the crater of Kilauea on Mauna Loa.Sandy beaches,towering volcanoes,and lush valleys lure thousands of tourists each year to this tropical paradise.

  Hawaii is the most ethnically and racially diverse state of any state in the union,a mix that includes Caucasians,Americans of Japanese descent,and Polynesians,among others.Native Hawaiians have held on to many of their customs and traditions despite the influx of non-natives over the years.Hawaii is the only state that has an official native language.Statehood had been proposed many times throughout Hawaii's history,but it was not until 1959 that Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States.

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  the american revolution was not a sudden and violent overturning of the political and social framework, such as later occurred in france and russia, when both were already independent nations. significant changes were ushered in, but they were not breathtaking. what happened was accelerated evolution rather than outright revolution. during the conflict itself people went on working and praying, marrying and playing. most of them were not seriously disturbed by the actual fighting, and many of the more isolated communities scarcely knew that a war was on.

  america's war of independence heralded the birth of three modern nations. one was canada, which received its first large influ of english-speaking population from the thousands of loyalists who fled there from the united states. another was australia, which became a penal colony now that america was no longer available for prisoners and debtors. the third newcomer-the united states-based itself squarely on republican principles.

  yet even the political overturn was not so revolutionary as one might suppose. in some states, notably connecticut and rhode island, the war largely ratified a colonial self-rule already eisting. british officials, everywhere ousted, were replaced by a home-grown governing class, which promptly sought a local substitute for king and parliament.











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