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美国英语作文 篇1

  In China, the college entrance exam is believed to be the most cruel exam, which will decide a student’s future. Many young people complain about this educational system, they yearn for the western education, which is reported to be much eaiser. But the fact is that not all foreign students like that.


  In America, high school students also need to take the very important exam so as to enter the college. Part of students choose to study in community college or just go to work, so they don’t have much pressure. They enjoy the high school life with joining many activities and taking all kinds of parties. But for the students who want to enter the top university, high school is not easy for them. They need to spend extra hours to study after class, which is much like Chinese students.


  Actually, no matter in which country, every student needs to spend a lot of time studying in order to be competitive. If you yearn for an ease environment in high school, then you’d better prepare for the unexpected future.


美国英语作文 篇2

  Nowadays more and more young people are going to study abroad. Like everything else, studying abroad has both favorable and unfavorable aspects. Generally, the favorable aspects can be listed as follows.

  Firstly, they think by attending a college in a foreign country they can learn not only useful knowledge, but also the culture and customs of other nations. Secondly, they can take advantage of this opportunity to gain a good command of the foreign language they are learning very quickly. Moreover, they can meet different people and experience different cultures, which may help to broaden their views.

  Every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. The costs are much higher than those in their native country. Most overseas students have to work for a living, which can’t allow them to pay all their attention to study. What’s more, they may feel very lonely.

  Through above analysis, we can see that the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones. Therefore, I am in favor of going abroad to study.

美国英语作文 篇3

  For the student who wants to improve his English quickly and learn about American customs firsthand, there is often an opportunity to live with an American family. There may be some disadvantages in this arrangement; however, I believe there are far more advantages.

  First of all, the disadvantages may include lack of privacy and little opportunity to be independent. They will lose the chance of living on their own. Another drawback to living in an American home involves the possibility that the family may treat the student like a child. For example, the parents may want to decide who his friends should be and where he should go during his leisure time.

  Even though there may be some disadvantages in living with an American family, the advantage far overweighs them. By taking part in a home-stay program, the student has an excellent opportunity to learn about American customs. Also, he will learn about many other aspects about American way of life, such as the way schools are run in the U nited States. And the family will no doubt make cerlain that he becomes acquainted with this new way of life, and soon he will feel at home.

美国英语作文 篇4

  the united states has many different kinds of climate . on the west coast the temperature changes very little between summer and winter. but the north central states have a very different kind of climate. in those states, people wear light clothing during the summer, and they need heavy wool or fur clothing in the winter.

  in the southwest, the climate is pleasantly warm during the winter, but the summer is unpleasantly hot.

  in the eastern part of the united states,summer temperatures are very different from winter temperatures.summers are usually hot,and winters are usually cold.spring temperatures are comfortably warm, and fall temperatures are pleasantly cool.

  years ago, people in the cold parts of the united states didnt often get fresh vegetables and fresh fruits during the winter. today, however, trucks and trains carry fruits and vegetables very quickly to all parts of the united states. in this way, americans "send their climates" to people in other states.

美国英语作文 篇5

  Different social attitudes: The british are, in some ways, less conservative than Americans - the drinking age is 18, not 21, homosexual civil unions are legal, and abortion hasn't been a serious political issue in years. Mixing religion and politics is extremely rare in the UK. On the other hand, there are stricter controls on some things - it's much harder to get a driving licence, and the age requirement is higher than in most states, there are speed cameras everwhere, CCTV cameras in many public places (although they may or may not be working), and carrying weapons or other objects for "self defence" is illegal (in particular, note that pepper spray is illegal).

  Getting into a debate about the right to bear arms will be very time consuming, and may also lead people to think that you're a gun-nut before they've got to know you properly.

  Smoking in enclosed public places is illegal - that includes pubs, the underground, train stations... more or less any non-residential building actually... (similar to New York, so not so much of a cultural difference there).

美国英语作文 篇6


  那是在美国Lakeside School所上的第一堂课,它无疑是一堂地道的英语课,但同时也是一堂奇特的英语课。


  挂钟上的“鸟”叫了,这大概是他们的铃声。学生们停止了闲聊,收起了闲书,加快了进餐速度,好像等待着老师的到来。我把注意力集中到了教室的正门,设想着一个白发碧眼的老年妇女或是一个卷发高个的中年男子走进门来。"Class begins.”声音是从我的身旁传来的。一个年轻的姑娘站立起来,围着圆桌走了一圈儿。学生们都将注意力集中在了她的身上。“难道这个漂亮的年轻姑娘竟是他们的老师?”我想。事实确是如此,她“叽哩呱啦”地讲着话,一双天蓝的眼睛在两条活泼跳动的眉毛的衬托下,显得格外有神。我不太明白她说些什么,但不难看出她正是该英语班的老师。上身穿着一件白色T恤,下身是西部美国人最传统的牛仔裤,一副学生打扮,好不精神。她手中没有拿书,也没有拿笔,取而代之的是一杯咖啡。同学们似乎也没什么教材,当然不会看书,都抬头望着眉飞色舞的老师,听着她所说的,高兴了还插上几句,或者一阵大笑。可能是因为语言障碍吧,我不太懂他们笑些什么,大概他们在谈论一本书,好像这本书是老师昨晚刚看过的,也不知道学生们到底看过这本书没有,一个个都显得特别积极,似乎每人都是评论家一般,争先恐后地发表着自己对该书的看法。学生讨论的时候是无需举手的,你大可以随时随地地发言。只有当老师在做小结的时候,要发言的同学才必须先举手。出乎意料,学生间的讨论竟是这般的热烈。一人话音朱落,另一个又将

美国英语作文 篇7

  American flag for a rectangular shape, length and width ratio of 19:10 for the Stars and Stripes (the Star-Spangled Banner), the upper-left corner flag for the blue stars surface area of the stars a few provisions in the respective departments, the United States is the state flag on the number of a few of the stars. Star 13 is outside the red and white stripes, 13 stripes on behalf of the original 13 colonies in North America. According to Washington, said: symbol of the United Kingdom with red stripes, white stripes and a symbol of freedom from it.

  More general argument that the red symbol of strength and courage, a symbol of purity and innocence of white, blue is a symbol of vigilance, perseverance and justice. In 1818 the U.S. Congress pass the bill, red and white flag on the fixed width for the 13, the number of five-pointed star should be in line with several states of America.

  Each additional state, the national flag on a star to increase, the general in the new states to join the second year after the implementation of July 4. So far has been the national flag to 50 stars, representing the 50 U.S. states. June 14 each year as "the development of the anniversary of the American flag." On this day, commemorative activities held throughout the United States to show respect for the flag and love of America.

  美国国旗为长方形,长宽之比为19:10,为星条旗(the Star-Spangled Banner),旗面左上角为蓝色星区,区内的星数于有关部门规定,美国的州数就是国旗上的星数。星区以外是13道红白相间的条纹,13道条纹代表最初北美13块殖民地。据华盛顿说:红色条纹象征英国,白色条纹象征脱离它而获得自由。更普遍的说法认为,红色象征强大和勇气,白色象征纯洁和清白,蓝色则象征警惕,坚韧不拔和正义。


美国英语作文 篇8

  the american revolution was not a sudden and violent overturning of the political and social framework, such as later occurred in france and russia, when both were already independent nations. significant changes were ushered in, but they were not breathtaking. what happened was accelerated evolution rather than outright revolution. during the conflict itself people went on working and praying, marrying and playing. most of them were not seriously disturbed by the actual fighting, and many of the more isolated communities scarcely knew that a war was on.

  america's war of independence heralded the birth of three modern nations. one was canada, which received its first large influ of english-speaking population from the thousands of loyalists who fled there from the united states. another was australia, which became a penal colony now that america was no longer available for prisoners and debtors. the third newcomer-the united states-based itself squarely on republican principles.

  yet even the political overturn was not so revolutionary as one might suppose. in some states, notably connecticut and rhode island, the war largely ratified a colonial self-rule already eisting. british officials, everywhere ousted, were replaced by a home-grown governing class, which promptly sought a local substitute for king and parliament.











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