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  promoted by the fast growing economy, china has witnessed the prosperity in other aspects as well in the past few years, esp. in foreign-related tourism. as can be seen from the graph, from 1995 to 1997, the number of the foreigners traveling to china, mainly including americans, japanese and others, remained level. with the development of the economy, however, in 1998 it rose sharply and reached 260,000. from 1998 to 1999, there was a rapid increase and more and more people from different countries began to travel in china.

  it was the open door policy that brought about the prosperity in tourism, especially after 1997, when more chinese cities opened to the outside world to encourage foreigners to visit china and to promote cultural echanges, as a result, more and more foreigners take interest in chinas development and its traditional culture, which attract them to china.

  it is well known that china has decided to open her door wider than ever before to the world. the government will adopt a series of new policies to encourage more travelers to visit china. steady increase in the number of foreign visitors will be epected in the near future.

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  May 13, and how the whole night I have not slept. No, I am more than one Moshui is hundreds of millions of Chinese people and the world are not sleeping.

  Wenchuan County in the 7.8 earthquake that caused the various regions of Sichuan and the hundreds of aftershocks of varying degrees.

  This time, I caught the shock of our firmly suspended, the heart of tension and panic;

  This time, the shock of many a painful pressure in the affected areas on the body;

  This time, the deeply shocked India in the eyes of our humanity;

  However, I believe that as long as we work together we can overcome the difficulties on!

  "As long as there are a glimmer of hope, we will strive to make 100 times the affected people rescued." Wen Quanjie Grandpa this is not to panic in the affected people…… Although only a short sentence, but the hearts of people in disaster areas are What a powerful earthquake, the duty-ah! This sentence not only encouraged the local people in the disaster areas, and even now has been listening to a 24-hour live broadcast I was excited, we will definitely be good!

  In 24 hours of live broadcasting, I heard the host of the working day and night for the broad masses of the people who disseminate disaster information, have heard many many people are extending a helping hand to help the people of disaster areas, the United States, Japan and other countries The resources are ready to China by the earthquake zone.

  Yes, I heard many many came from the radio around the accent, although we just heard on the radio, still can feel the warmth of thousands of miles away. Radio host from the mouth, I was also informed that Chengdu has many taxi drivers curb between Dujiangyan in Chengdu and delivery of the wounded. In such a special day, many people have lost contact, perhaps some family members were scattered in various places, some of them even have died, but we can still reported from broadcasting the sound of the words in a unique feel that the world no matter what , What are the special place of love and warmth.

  Earthquake in the first night, 500 aftershocks had so many times the shock of Chengdu people sleeping on the streets at night, yes, today, 0:00 to 5:00 I also go out of. In the car and did not fall asleep, because while one after another while always feeling in shock. But we do not suffer, because I know that the people of disaster areas is Kushangjiaku more than we do, the worse.

  In addition, road traffic also interference by the earthquake and military vehicles can not pass to the Military Region of the military to prepare to walk to Wenchuan County, for an ordinary person, this is far from the remote, but I Perhaps the reason the military would like to have such a capability and the will of iron is to see that their reasons for the army of God! Come on!

  There are a very unfortunate message, really unacceptable, but I have heard from the radio immediately after Jiuku, said the North River County has been the basic earthquake razed to the ground by. We can look at this piece of news ---- "from the earthquake disaster areas in Sichuan Province Beichuan County, the source said, because of the North-road mountain landslide completely disrupted, very serious damage to the county seat, communications interruption, the specific situation is still not completely sure .

  Seismological Bureau of Sichuan Province on the 12th night news conference to disclose the sixth, as at 22:20, Sichuan earthquake has caused 8,533 deaths, Mianyang City, Sichuan county death toll reached 7,000 people .

  It is learnt that the North River Road is expected to meet tomorrow morning to get through. "

  8,533 people were killed and how large a number, how Jiuxin a number of people, how resentment of the people of a number of earthquake!

  Federation of past earthquakes, the human force is infinitely great.

  I hope the remaining people are safe escape danger.

中国英语作文 篇3

  The evening on New Year's eve is my happiest time, because I can have a delicious reunion dinner and set off firecrackers. On New Year's eve, the family was very happy, and father was busy cooking and cooking in the cupboard. My mother was cutting vegetables, washing dishes, and while she was humming a tune, I was waiting anxiously, my stomach growling.

  Serving! Dad shouted, I haven't dad put the dishes such as well, I just picked up the chopsticks, wow, dad come to make sure I do have a poached egg, I pick up it, mouth suddenly someone knocked on my back, looking back is my mother, she said to me: when you eat not, you will be going so, afraid of embarrassing in front of grandma and grandpa, please listen to the mother, so my face is red. When everyone was seated, dad poured out a glass of drinks, and we all ate together, and the family ate and said, "I'm so happy."

  After the dinner, when my mother finished, my father said to me, we set off firecrackers. I couldn't be happier. I took out my whip and ran downstairs. I put the fireworks, I saw harmlessly flew on the day, in the dark night sky suddenly to duck beautiful, put BaiZiBao cracked there came the sound, I quickly cover your ears.

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  Christmas comes on December 25th. It’s the most important festival of the year in the western world. At Christmas time, schools, shops and offices close for holiday period, so people can spend time at home with their families. Nowadays, Christmas is celebrated by westerners and Americans by sending gifts and Christmas cards, preparing delicious food, and decorating homes with colorful lights and Christmas trees.


  Saint Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th. It’s the best time for the lovers. Now it’s the most romantic holiday both in the United States and the European countries. On that day, lovers always exchange their gifts with each other, such as chocolates, roses or rings.


  Easter always comes on the first or second weekend in April. This is a religious holiday, and it also celebrates the coming spring. On Easter Sunday, many people go to church, and they wear their best clothes. Children are happy on this day as well, because they can play with Easter eggs.


  Halloween is on October 31st, and it’s the holiday for the children. On that day, they always make pumpkin lanterns and wear masks. They go from house to house and ask" Trick or Treat", so as to receive something to eat. If they don’t get a treat, they will do some naughty things.


  Thanks Giving Day is on the fourth Thursday in November.A day of thanks for good harvest, it’s celebrated with a big dinner, and the turkey is the major dish.


中国英语作文 篇5

  China is a great country with the largest population in the world. In order to solve the population problem, our government decides to policy. When it is carried out for some time, many people see not only its advantages but also its disadvantages. Thus, people argue that two-child policy should be put into effect. In my opinion, two-child policy should be carried out.


  First of all, two-child policy is the gift for some only children . For some families, maybe the parents are the only children and they can also have only one child. Put aside the loneliness of their child, when their child grows up they may marry an only child girl accidentally, the burden on their child and his wife is unimaginable . Their child and his wife have to take care of two old couples. Usually, a young couple looking after an old couple is a little difficu< if the pressure increases twice, how can they stand it. But if their parents have two children, they can share the burden of taking care of their parents. It will be much better.


  Secondly, two-child policy can guarantee the number of Chinese population. As one-child policyspreads widely , some people have changed their giving birth. If they firmly believe one-child policy, there will be more and more the dink. In many years ,our country will famous for lack of population.


中国英语作文 篇6

  this graph tells us the changes in the life epectancy and infant mortality in developing countries between 1960 and 1990. we can see that the life epectancy in 1960 was about 40 years whereas in 1990, it increased to about 60 years. in the meantime, the infant mortality rate dropped from 20off00 to 10off00.

  there are many reasons for these changes. first, thanks to the advances in science and medicine, people are receiving better health care services than they used to. secondly, with the development of economy, people are better off today.

  so they can attach much importance to their diet. thirdly, owing to the increasing awareness of environment protection, measures are taken to solve the problem of pollution. all these are beneficial to peoples health which certainly prolonged their life epectancy.

中国英语作文 篇7

  Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China. It used to be as important as Spring Festival .It is usually celebrated in September or October. This festival is to celebrate the harvest and to enjoy the beautiful moon light. To some extent, it is like Thanks Giving day in western countries. On this day, people usually get together with their families and have a nice meal.

  After that, people always eat delicious moon cakes, and watch the moon. The moon is always very round on that day, and makes people think of their relatives and friends. It is a day of pleasure and happiness. Hope you have a wonderful Mid Autumn festival!

中国英语作文 篇8

  Just as Christmas Day to the westerners, Spring Festival is the most important time to us Chinese.

  Spring Festival is usually in February, but this year, it started on January 28th.

  As usual, I went to my grandparents’ home with my dad and mum to celebrate it. A big family gathered there, eating “New Year’s Eve dinner” around a big round table. Traditionally, we have drinks and chaffy dishes. During the dinner, grandparents may give us red-packets, and we should say something happy and lucky to them. This New Year, for I had caught a cold, my first wish to ourselves was to be always healthy. After dinner, it was the most exciting thing on this eve, yes, that was to set off fireworks. We first lit some small ones to have a experiment. But all my cousins were so scared that they didn’t want to do it by themselves. Instead, they went up to the living room and watched me through the window from a distance. Yes, it was me that did it. On such occasions, it is always my job to light the fireworks and I really enjoy it. The fireworks were so beautiful and seemed magic. I was sorry that my vocabularies were so limited that I could found no words to describe it but recalled the fantastic moment again and again. They were of different colors, shining, up and down. First, it rose from the ground like a rocket with a long glowing tail. Then, it disappeared in the darkness up in the sky. In a blink of an eye, it appeared like a blooming of a flower, the light turned bigger and bigger, soon painted the sky into red. How magnificent!

  Of course, the next thing to do was to watch the program on CCTV 1. It is a tradition among Chinese.

  At that moment, the time seemed to move so fast, not long after, the clock had already struck 12 times while so many crackers exploded outside.

中国英语作文 篇9

  For Chinas diving team, nothing speaks louder of their dream team. China has unquestioned domination in diving. The Chinese diving team claimed five golds at 20xx Sydney Olympics and further took a record six at 20xx Athens Olympics, contributing more Olympic golds for China than other Chinese teams.

  They have full confidence in the Beijing Olympics, Some of players are quite young, and they may be nervous to compete at home, they must be more physically and mentally strong.

  With Diving Queen Guo Jingjing and Olympic gold winner Wu Minxia, China has almost secured the golds in the womens three-meter springboard, both individual and synchronized. However, they also have a weak point in the mens 10-meter platform.

  Anyway, we are ready to celebrate that Chinese Dream Team to get all 8 gold medals, arent we?










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