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  Nowadays, in an ever tighter job market, great importance has been attached to an interview by both the employer and the applicant. The interview, so to speak, has become indispensable for getting a satisfactory job. On the one hand, the interviewer can take advantage of the occasion to learn about the candidates, such as their work experiences, education and their personalities, so as to pick out the right person for the company. On the other hand, the interviewee can make use of the

  opportunity to get to know the job he is going to take up, the salary, the working conditions and many other things about the job he is interested in. Therefore, the job interview is very important to a job-hunter. But how can one succeed in it? Firstly of all, the interviewee must pay attention to his or her appearance. The first impression is always where we start. Get dressed properly and neatly. Secondly, good manners are equally important. Don't be too proud, and neither too timid. Just be courteous. Thirdly, the interviewee must demonstrate his aptitude and skills for the job and his knowledge about eh job-related areas. Be confident.

  Last but not the least, the interviewee ought to be honest about his or her personal as well as academic background, for honesty is the best policy. To sum up, the job interview is indeed important, but there is no need to be nervous. As long as the interviewee has the ability for the job, with careful preparation and a fairly confident and honest performance, his or her success can be ensured.


  如工作经验,教育背景和他们的个性,以挑选出该公司的合适人选。另一方面,求职者可以利用这个机会去了解他所要从事的工作,如待遇,工作条件以及其他一些他感兴趣的情况。 因此,对于求职者来说面试是非常重要的。但如何才能成功呢?首先,求职者一定要注意其外表。第一印象往往首当其冲。穿着要适当和整齐。其次,良好的举止也同样重要。不要太骄傲


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  I like Chinese New Year very much.I can meet many many friends in my family.I like them very much.We sit together to have dinner,I like the food,it's very nice.

  Do you know what is lucky money?It is the money children get from aunt and uncles,grandpa grandma.I've got a lot this year!

  I love Chinese New Year.I hope you will like it too.








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  The Great Wall is a symbol of China. Far from the majestic wall, like a long dragon winding between mountains and mountains, from shanhaiguan to jiayuguan, there are more than 13,000!

  From Beijing, only a few tens of kilometers can reach the foot of the Great Wall. Ah, the Great Wall is long and long, at first sight, as if the giant snake lay on the mountains to rest. The Great Wall is made of many stone and brick. The top was paved with square bricks, and it was as neat as a broad road, and five or six horses could walk abreast.

  Outside walls along the rows of buttress has two meters high, above the square at the mouth and the nozzle, for observation and shooting, and on the top of the wall, a ChengTai every few hundred meters - ancient war can mutual echo.

  Standing on the Great Wall, it is natural to think of the ancient working people who built the Great Wall. If you look at the stone, it weighs two or three kilograms. There were few tools at that time, and it was only by the hands of countless people on the shoulders of countless people, and one by one, they lifted up the steep mountains. The blood sweat and wisdom of the working people, the Great Wall of the Great Wall, which has not been seen before, is not seen. Such a magnificent project is a great miracle!





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  In 20xx Sydney Olympic Games, Li Xiaopeng and his teammates were outstanding, winning gold in the prestigious men's team event, a first for China's gymnasts. Li Xiaopeng also won an inpidual gold medal in the parallel bars.

  However, due to a severe foot injury, Li's performance in 20xx Athens Olympic Games was unsatisfying. China finished 5th in the men's team final and Li only got a bronze in parallel bars after he had been unbeaten since 20xx in major competitions. Li Xiaopeng was tortured by a long-time ankle injury and eventually had an operation in 20xx.

  In 20xx, after suffering through yet another injury, this time in his toe, he came back to compete in the Chinese Nationals and took gold in parallel bars in two World Cups, thus surpassing Li Ning in the number of world titles.

  If Chinese men gymnastics can regain men's team event? If Li Xiaopeng will win his second personal Olympic gold medals? I hope so!





中国英语作文 篇5

  Throughout most of Chinas long history,the relationships between people were based on carefully prescribed forms of behavior,that is,etiquette.Learning and following etiquette is so important that people are always judged by how closely they follow these rules of behaviors.For those who do not follow those prescribed rules of conduct,they are regarded as uncivilized barbarians.


  However,as China has been increasingly entangled in the global village,many Chinese people,especially the young,have lost some traditions because of the influences of Western cultures.According to a famous professor,the majority of Chinese college students have not had systematic training on traditional Chinese etiquette. As for me, traditional etiquette should be taught in class.


  Firstly, if college students can receive a systematic education in traditional etiquette in class,they can get more prepared for the future. As is known,college students usually have learnt some traditional etiquette through daily interaction with friends and relatives,but the process is time-consuming. They have to be sensitive enough to observe other peoples behaviors and then know what proper behaviors in different social situations are. Some times the learning process is by trial and error. They can only form right behaviors after breaking the rules of conduct and being corrected by the costly consequence. If they have already taken a systematic etiquette course in college,they can follow proper etiquette and have a more guaranteed future.


  Secondly, as these meticulous rules of conduct have been formed throughout Chinese history,they are unique Chinese characteristics and are inseparable to Chinese culture.With the advent of globalization ,western culture is so influential that many young people often look to Western customs and etiquette as being fashionable. For example, nowadays most young women in China would like to wear western-style white dresses and veils at wedding while traditional Chinese weddings feature red gowns for brides and white is an absolute taboo. In the long term,if the trend to adopt western etiquette can not be curbed,the Chinese generations in the future will lose their cultural identity.


  Furthermore, the extinction of Chinese etiquette will be to the detriment of the diversity of global culture. To some extent,the course can serve to arouse college students cultural pride and help to preserve and further develop Chinese culture. In conclusion,taking traditional Chinese etiquette in college will not only make graduates more prepared for their future,but also can constitute an important measure for college students to form Chinese cultural identity and therefore to preserve Chinese tradition and further develop it.


  As people respond to incentives, they will change their behaviors if they perceive that costs or benefits change. This principle seems to find wide application in our daily lives. When college graduates learn that receiving a master degree will give them an upper hand in the job market, many decide to take part in post-graduate entrance examinations. In China, it is regarded as following suit. Though we admire those who pride themselves on sticking to their ideals and principles, odds may not be against those who follow suit.Generally speaking, there are both advantages and disadvantages of following suit.


  Firstly, following suit is indicative of the fact that followers have no indispensable beliefs or fixed principles and hence they are flexible in the vicissitudes of lives. When the social context changes and opportunities arise, those followers are the first to respond and make decisions.Take the English training service for example. In early 1990s, increasing number of college graduates decided to study overseas and hence English training service was in large demand.Given that forerunners had make a fortune by providing training programs to those graduates,many businessmen just followed suit and established several training schools. Undoubtedly,those who followed suit when the market did not reach saturation did make money.


  Secondly, it is noteworthy that following suit can avoid making mistakes. For those forerunners, there is no previous information at their hand, and therefore, it will take a longtime to learn and improve by trial and error. During the period of trial and error, forerunners will encounter unexpected difficulties and pressures. As a result, when those become successful in certain domains, they have proved that the path will lead to success, providing both pros and cons. On the contrary, followers need not experience the process of trial and error. They can just imitate their forerunners proven pattern of behaviors and have easier access to success.There are also some disadvantages of following suit. When there are so many followers, the world will become crowded and odds are against those later followers.


  Furthermore, following suit prevents innovation and creation, which is to the detriment of our society. However, whether one should follow suit or not is not simply a to-be-or-not-to-be question. A basic assumption of individual person is that everyone is rational. So one should carefully calculate costs and benefits in specific circumstances before they decide to follow suit or not.


中国英语作文 篇6

  There is a kind of thing, carrying the people's desire for thousands of years, it is transparent, it has a pair of invisible wings, in people's hearts, quietly sprouting, it wants to share a, it was recited by generations of people, it has A beautiful name, it is called - dream. The following are the same as the "

  Xi Jinping chairman nearly 25 minutes of speech 9 times mentioned "Chinese dream". What is the Chinese dream? Chinese dream, is to make every kind of young people to make unremitting efforts to get a better life. Through hard work, diligence, courage and determination towards prosperity. The following are the same as the "

  For nearly a thousand years, China has a dream, we have a dream. Because of the dream, the dream of the Chinese nation Millennium dream come true; because the dream, Yuan Longping grandfather made a great achievement in agriculture; the same blue sky, the same dream, facing the sun to catch the sun is a test hero Li Zhonghua dream, Dreams have made millions of great success, dreams, great ones. The following are the same as the "

  Dream is the compass of the ship; the dream is the compass of the traveler; the dream, like the sun, in the hearts of everyone forever, is the heart of the direction. The following are the same as the "

  Everyone must have a dream, give a well-known character deeds, Yuan Longping grandfather said: "I have done a dream, dream of hybrid rice stems like sorghum as high, spike like a broom as big as rice The string, I and my assistant a walk in the rice fields, in the rice below the cool.

  Filled with Yuan Longping's dreams and hopes, hybrid rice in China and the world's land on the planting and harvest, a dream to create such a fabulous miracle. The hearts of a dream, you will be in the hearts of the courage to move forward, and strive to overcome everything, maybe you will not succeed, but you behind the effort, you are more happy than others, you are a promising person, you have vitality, Ordinary people who spend a different life, regardless of success and failure, you experience a different life, you will fly dream, you will always be a successful person. There is no soul is no soul, there is a saying that the good: the poor do not mean penniless people, but that there is no dream of people. The following are the same as the "

  Everyone has a different dream, when we fail, cheer up, accompanied by a firm belief in their own healing! Where to fall from where to get up! Insist that there is a dream there is success, step by step, go forward, when the other side of the victory to reach, you will find that every footprints are flashing golden light. The following are the same as the "

  I want to be a doctor, save the dying, reduce the pain of the patient, while their own happiness. I remember forever that people who admire me - forever white warrior: Ye Xin. She put the risk to their own, the safety given to others, rescue SARS patients, in order to avoid excessive contact, she always consciously assume the work, and sometimes even off the door, not to allow other medical staff involved. That day, Ye Xin rescue patients unfortunately infected, but still did not forget the mission and responsibilities. After the first day of illness on the hospital to visit the leader said the first sentence is: "Dean, sorry, I did not complete the task, by the infection, to the hospital trouble!










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