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2022-01-29 其他类英语作文

  Everyone has their own hobbies, such as someone love collecting stamps, some people love to paint, and people who love to do small production etc. And I was especially fond of skating.

  How did I fall in love with the skating? It must also from the first grade.

  That day I downstairs to play, and see some friends all put on skates. At this time, I determined in mind: "do I have to learn skating, catch up with them!"

  From then on, as long as there is a little time, I'll wear my skates to sneaking around here. I slipped better more, finally, I finally skilled, and caught up with them!

  Love skating also helped me a lot. Once, our school will select some people to go skating. I thought to myself, ha ha, I can have a chance to show. I seriously audition, as a result, successfully entered the performance of the team.

  I prefer skating. In my constant efforts, I have learned many things. I said happily: "it's good to skate."

  Finally, to the performance of that moment, we are all in high spirits on the stage, the moment when we show is over, heard the audience applause of the audience, this is my hobby.








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