2021-03-23 其他类英语作文


英语作文 篇1

  If I'm the guide of my foreign friend's visit to our campus, I will choose the Cherry Avenue as our first destination.

  As the name implies, the Cherry Avenue is lined with hundreds of neatly-placed cherry blossom trees. It is about 200 meters long and a major scenic spot in our campus. In spring when the cherry trees bloom, the flowers are so dense that looking from a distance, it seems as if the road were surrounded by pink-hued clouds. Especially when there is a breeze, petals of cherry blossoms flutter and fall gently like a drizzle. Such breath-taking scene will put visitors into a kind of trance.

  What's more special is the buildings along the avenue. Built in early 1900s, they are now called "cherry blossom castle". They've witnessed the history of our school and even our country. You can learn a lot about our school there.

  In a word, a tour to the Cherry Avenue is both an amazing sight-seeing and a great opportunity to know about the culture of our school.





英语作文 篇2

  With the development of the economy,particularly under the influence of the information technology,the globe seems becoming smaller and smaller.For instance,in the past ,of the world in one minute by means of email,fax,phone,skype,and MSN and so forth.

  Human beings are displaying unbelievable creativity in the process of social development,and i believe tomorrow will be better!



英语作文 篇3

  Today, as the school was holding the sport meeting, I will have three days off, so I decided to have fun with my friends, we went to the small old town which is near my school。 Early in the morning, we took the bus, after three hours, we arrive at the place。 The town is so primitive, all the buildings conserve their original faces, which makes them popular among the modernized world。 Many people like to go to there to have a vacation, because they can feel the peace, they want to calm themselves down in the busy work, finding a peaceful land and take a think about their lives。 I like that town so much, I feel I am part of the town, the scenery is so attractive and the tradition there is so special。 I hope this town will not change, just keep what it is。


英语作文 篇4

  Not This Extreme Policy

  Now there is a discussion over whether it is right to adopt the policy to allow people who have received high education, especially those who got their degrees abroad to have more than one child while others can't. Considering it brutality, I don't agree to such an inhumane policy.

  According to eugenics, this policy may benefit us in short term. We have to confess the importance of family education.Being the first ones to enlighten their children, parents actually play the role of a life-long teacher to their children, too, having great influence on them. Well-educated parents may probably do better in bringing up children and help them develop better both mentally and physically.Thus, this policy maybe, to some extent, contributes to the development of our nation.

  However, extremely unfair as this policy is, it will undoubtedly do more harm than its would-be advantages. Progeniture is our basic human right, and family planning is the policy we adopted together to stop the overgrowth of people. It is seen as discrimination towards those who are ordinarily educated to allow people with high diploma to bear more children only. This policy runs counter to "freedom, equality and fraternal love" as we've long claimed. It might even cause serious political problem.

  What's more, in my point of view, a good diploma is not necessarily equal to knowledge.Yet, knowledge doesn't mean everything. We should not only judge a person merely by his education level, but by his abilities and skills and health and morality and personality as well. Furthermore, one's education level is not only influenced by his gene but by the financial circumstances, the culture of their families, the surroundings and many other factors.Ordinary people may have their own greatness.

  Einstein's parents hadn't been to any college. If we had forbidden them to have this child, what would the world be? Knowledge doesn't easily mean superiority.

  So radical a policy will not do good to our society. Actually,as far as I am concerned, putting more money to education is far more practical, which will help to form a good atmosphere for education and knowledge, thus lifting up the level of our whole nation. Only this is a long-term solution.

英语作文 篇5

  How to Behave Well?

  In order to build a civilized city, we students should try our best to behave well in the activities.

  It's a good habit to keep our clothes clean and tidy. Our city should be kept clean every day. Don't throw litter or spit about. It's good manners to say "Thank you" and "Please" and so on. We should never say dirty words. Be friendly to others and always ready to help the people in need. For example, when we are on a bus, we should give our seats to the old and the women with babies. We should also obey traffic rules. When the traffic lights are red, we should stop. And we'd better not talk or laugh loudly in public.

  If everyone behaves well, our city will be more beautiful and more attractive.

英语作文 篇6

  1. 时间与地点:4月10日,大青山(Daqing Mountain);

  2. 活动的过程;

  3. 你对于这次活动的评论。

  注意: 1. 词数120左右。

  2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

  In order to encourage the students to take outdoor exercise, our school organized a mountain-climbing on April 10. Hundreds of us took part in it.

  It was a nice day. At 8:00 am, we gathered at the foot of Daqing Moutain and set out for the top in high spirits. All the way we were chatting, singing and laughing, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. When some fell behind, others would come and offer help. About 2 hours later, we all reached the top. Bathed in sunshine, we jumped and cheered with joy.

  The activity benefited us a lot. Not only did it get us close to nature and give us relaxation from heavy school work, it also promoted the friendship among us. What a wonderful time!










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