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  My Day

  Today is Monday.I get up at 6:00.I have my breakfast at about 6:30.Then I clean my room,wash my face and brush my teeth.I have noodles for breakfast.I go to school at 7:00.I do morning exercises at 7:50.We have four classes in morning.At 11:30,I’m very hungry.I have lunch at school.I go to bed at 12:00 in the noon.We have three classes in the afternoon.I have computer class and art classes.I like them very much.I go home at 5:30.I do homework after school.My sister、brother and I watch TV at 8:00 in the evening.Then I wash my face and brush my teeth.I go to bed at 10:00.

  I’m happy today!

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  Thank You, My Friend I have a good friend. He is a handsome boy and his eyes shine with wisdom①. I have known him since Senior One. We are both interested in English. Once both of us entered for an English contest②. How eagerly I expected to get a prize! On hearing that I had failed in the contest, I could hardly hold back my tears. “What a pity!” I murmured to myself over and over again. I felt that the world had become cold and everyone seemed to be laughing at me. I love English and have gone all out to study it since my first day in the junior middle school. I have even dreamed of entering a foreign language institute. So I felt very sad. Just at this time, I received a short letter in English, saying, “Failure is the mother of success. Cheer up! Don't lose confidence③. Keep on your study and you will succeed!” I knew it was from the good friend of mine.

  These words encouraged me greatly. I forgot all my sadness. From then on, I studied English even harder. In the next English contest, I got the first prize. Of course, he was delighted with my success.

  I am very lucky to have such a good friend. I'm thankful to him for his help.

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  A. Title:What Will Happen If China Enters WTO?

  B. Word Limit: about 200 words

  C. Your composition should be based on

  the Outline given in Chinese below:

  1. 每个中国人都盼望中国加入世界贸易组织。

  2. a. 加入世贸组织,国家和人民都将大大受益; b. 加入世贸组织,也会带来一些不利影响,如国有企业将面临更大的挑战。

  3. 对中国加入世贸组织感到欣喜之余,我们也应看到随之而来的一些挑战。

  例文: What Will Happen

  If China Enters WTO?

  Every Chinese is looking forward to Chinas entry into WTO, widely seen as a blessing and a promise of prosperity. It seems to be so at first sight, however, on reflection, were convinced that its just another coin with two sides.

  On the one hand, both the nation and people will benefit greatly from Chinas entry into WTO. Shut out of WTO, China Dused to be deprived of equal trade opportunities and was placed at a distinct disadvantage in world trade. This situation will change if China enters WTO. In addition, foreign coMPAnies will stream into China and offer great job opportunities, which, in a sense, will relieve the unemployment problem.

  On the other hand, the entry will impose some negative effects on China. State-owned enterprises in China are undergoing great difficulties, which will be more acute with the flow of foreign competitors into China.

  In short, excited about the advantages caused by the entry, we should not lose sight of the severe challenges posed by it.part B







  My name is Li Yijia. I was born on August 28, 1978, in Guangzhou. In 1999 I graduated from English Department of Beijing Normal University. First, I taughe in a middle school for two years, then I worked as a salesman in the Forgein Language Bookstore for two years.

  I am not only good at Chinese but good English. I am greatly interested in English. In 1996 I won the second place in the English competitions in Beijing. I have continued learning English in my spare time. Now I am glad that I can talk with foreigners freely.

  I am sure I am fit for the work and determined to do my job well.

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  yesterday afternoon, i happened to see a traffic accident from the schools in our way to the hotel. it was five thirty in the afternoon, i was walking on the way to the hotel. when i got to the zebra crossing, traffic light. so i stopped, waiting for the vehicle through the dragon.

  at the same time, heavy load truck roared to a car hit up. the results, a car's windshield is broken into pieces, the truck driver suffered a head injury. also, the driver of the car was badly injured, and soon the 110 and 120 are to the scene, the scene of the accident promptly processed.

  for the cause of the accident, i think, the driver of the truck should bear the responsibility: he should be in the yellow light when decelerating the vehicle; the eager to overtaking. this is he broke the occupation drivers with basic elements. in addition, part of the reason for the bad weather. it's drizzling now, but the road is slippery. finally, drunk driving may be an important factor, but luckily, both drivers did this accident to pay the cost of life.










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