2017-10-07 试题

  part Ⅰ:

  Section A

  1. By the time you arrive in London, we ___ in Europe for two weeks.

  A. shall stay B. have stayed C. will have stayed D. have been staying

  2. I appreciated ____ the opportunity to study abroad two years ago.

  A. having been given B. having given

  C. to have been given D. to have given

  3. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems, ____ obtaining water is not the least.

  A. of which B. for what C. as D. whose

  4. The heart is ___ intelligent than the stomach, for they are both controlled by the brain.

  A. not so B. not much C. much more D. no more

  5. ____ the fact that his initial experiments had failed, Prof. White persisted in his research.

  A. Because of B. As to C. In spite of D. In view of

  6. Jean Wagner`s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that it ____ in religious, as well as worldly, frame of reference.

  A. is to be analyzed B. has been analyzed

  C. be analyzed D. should have been analyzed

  7. The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand , ____ all practical value by the time they finished.

  A. could lose B. would have lost C. might lose D. ought to have lost

  8. No bread eaten by man is so sweet as _____ earned by his own labour.

  A. one B. that C. such D. what

  9. It isn`t cold enough for there ___ a frost tonight , so I can leave Jim`s car out quite safely.

  A. would be B. being C. was D. to be

  10. Scientists generally agree that the Earth`s climate will warm up over the next 50 to 100 years ____ it has warmed in the 20,000 years since the Ice Age.

  A. as long as B. as much as C. as soon as D. as well as

  Section B 改错:

  ll . Similar elements in the prehistoric remains from both areas suggest that Indians and their

  牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 A牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燘

  neighbours had maintained distant but real connections ever before 1500 B. C.


  12. It soon became obviously that instead of being trained to sing she would be trained as the as-

  牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燗牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 B牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燙牐牐牐牐牐牐 D

  tronomer`s assistant .

  13. He also conceived that the solar system and the universe would come into existence by a nat-


  ural process and would disappear one day.


  14. The moon has a mass that is nearly one hundred times less than the earth ; in consequence ,

  牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燗牐牐牐牐牐燘牐牐牐牐牐 C

  the force of gravity at the moon` s surface is only one-sixth of that at the earth`s surface.

  牐牐牐牐 D

  15 . "The Bunsen burner is so named because it is thought to be invented by Robert Bunsen, who

  牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燗牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 B牐牐牐牐牐 C

  was Genman by birth.

  牐牐牐牐 D

  16. Much although I have traveled, I have never seen anyone to equal her in thoroughness,

  牐牐牐牐燗牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 B

  whatever the job.


  17. The weeds and tall grass in that yard makes the house look as if it had been vacant for quite

  牐牐牐牐燗牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 B牐牐牐牐牐牐 C牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燚

  some time.

  18 . If only the nature of the aging process is better understood, the possibility of discovering a

  牐牐牐 A牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燘牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燙

  medicine that can block the fundamental process of aging seems very remote .

  牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 D

  19. When I consider how talented he is as a painter, I cannot heip but believing that the public

  牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 A牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燘牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 C牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燚

  will appreciate his gift .

  20. Allen has stated that he has always had a great interest and admiration for the work of the

  牐牐牐牐牐 A牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐 B牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燙牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐牐燚

  British economist Keynes .

  Section C:

  21. Please do not be ___ by his bad manners since he is merely trying to attract attention.

  A. disregarded B. distorted C. irritated D. intervened

  22. Craig assured his boss that he would ___ all his energies in doing this new job.

  A. call forth B. call at C. call on D. call off

  23. Too much ___ to X-rays can cause skin burns, cancer or other damage to the body.

  A. disclosure B. exhibition C. contact D. exposure

  24. When confronted with such questions, my mind goes ____, and I can hardly remember my own date of birth.

  A. dim B. blank C. faint D. vain

  25. It is well known that knowledge is the ____ condition for expansion of mind.

  A. incompatible B. incredible c. indefinite D. indispensable

  26. More than two hundred years ago the United States ____ from the British Empire and become an independent country.

  A. got off B. pulled down C. broke away D. attached to

  27. Care should be taken to decrease the length of time that one is ____ loud continuous noise.

  A. subjected to B. filled with C. associated with D. dropped off

  28. Some of the most important concepts in physics ____ their success to these mathematical systems.

  A. oblige B. owe C. contribute D. attribute

  29. As your instructor advised, you ought to spend your time on something ____ researching into.

  A. precious B. worth C. worthy D. valuable

  30. As a defense against air-pollution damage, many plants and animals____ a substance to absorb harmful chemicals.

  A. relieve B. release C. dismiss D. discard

  31. Without the friction between their feet and the ground, people would ___ be able to walk.

  A. in no time B. by all means C. in no way D. on any account

  32. While typing , Helen has a habit of stopping ____ to give her long and flowing hair a smooth.

  A. occasionally B. simultaneously C. eventually D. promptly

  33. One reason for the successes of Asian immigrants in the U.S. is that they

  have taken great ______to educate their children.

  A. efforts B. pains C. attempts D. endeavours

  34.If any man here does not agree with me, he should ____his own plan for

  improving the living conditions of these people.

  A. put on B. put out c. put in d. put forward

  35.I support your decision, but I should also make it clear that I am not going to be ____to it.

  A. connected B. fastened C. bound D. stuck

  36.The English language contains a(n)_____of words which are comparative seldom used in ordinary conversation.

  A. altitude B. latitude C. multitude D. attitude

  37. In my opinion, you can widen the ____of these improvements through your active participation.

  A. dimension B. volume C. magnitude D. scope

  38.Your improper words will give _____to doubts concerning your true intentions.

  A. rise B. reason C. suspicion D. impulse

  39.The news item about the fire is followed by a detailed report made _____.

  A. on the spot B. on the site C. on the location D. on the ground

  40.The remarkable ______of life on the Galopagos Islands inspired Charles Darwin to establish his theory of evolution.

  A. classification B. variety C. density D. diversion

  Part Ⅱ Cloze Test

  牐牐牐燭he first and smallest unit that can be discussed in relation to language is the word. In

  speaking, the choice of words is 41 the utmost importance. Proper selection will eliminate

  one source of 42 breakdown in the communication cycle. Too often, careless use of words

  43 a meeting of the minds of the speaker and listener. The words used by the speaker may 44

  unfavorable reactions in the listener 45 interfere with his comprehension; hence, the

  transmission-reception system breaks down .

  牐牐牐46 , inaccurate or indefinite words may mak










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