2020-04-30 中考英语作文

  导语:写作文是需要思考的,这就培养了孩子的思考问题的能力。给你出个作文题目,你就需要根据作文题目去组织材料。这又锻炼了孩子的组织能力。 下下面小编给大家带来,欢迎阅读,希望对你们有所帮助!


  Long so big, lived a fairy carefree life, many people think we are very happy, in fact, we also have some trouble, such as I had a long is not high.

  I this year 13 years old, is also and 10 years old children metre almost 4 a few, but not that I don't, just grow slowly, only a few centimeters a year, I mother worry dead, I am also very worry, hope I hurry up taller, because of the high long not too much trouble.

  First, let me no face very much, the students often that I joke, such as once, Lin Qizhe and I went to the toilet, standing next to a four young children, he found a little bit taller than me. Yu Shilin kai zhe shame asked him: "kid, what grade are you?" "The fourth grade." And then he laughed at me said: "the fourth grade is higher than yours." I felt no face very much.

  At another time, I went to the supermarket shopping and Lin Qizhe is originally very happy one thing, but when I came to the checkout counter, that aunt asked Lin Qizhe with smile: "the kid is your younger brother!" I nearly fainted on the spot, Lin smiled and explained the penguin, walk out the door he added opportunity to laugh at me, I think should make friends with him. This is a let me remember, I want to find a chance to even the score

  Second, let me always sports than others, however, is not tall certainly sports is not good, especially what I run there's no way.

  And one more thing is I in the morning exercises team is always the first, for six years, never change, once again, under the national flag, the front of the host is to find the nearest answer this question, I was just recently, he asked me, I didn't know, where is she reminded me that I didn't understand, let me very embarrassing, couldn't find a disappear. The back of the natural don't have to worry about finding yourself.

  I couldn't get taller, but instead, I had to laugh at themselves: "concentration is the essence." "I'm not a dwarf, but is not obvious." But I still want to grow taller.









  “Growing Pains” seems full of knowledge and experience. So it does because all of us have growing pains and also growing gains in our lives.

  Growing up is not a very enjoyable time. It means I have to work hard in studying and in family. There’s always so much.homework given by teachers and so many arguments between the parents and me. The time is fair, but it seems it gives pains three quarters and only one quarter to gains.

  But gains give me power and confidence. Successes and friendship make me happy and enjoyable. We played with snow in the winter that seldom snows, we flew kites in the night that usually belongs to homework, we ate several ice creams that almost made us cold. We picked up leaven that no longer high up!

  Although pains are always more than gains, I believe both of them make my life more colorful.






  Everyone in the path of growth, must through all kinds of test. Some people own learning is not ideal, some bad for your skin and worry, and some to get parents understand and feel wronged... I think it should be growing pains.

  "You how so careless, English written in capital letters lowercase letters; math is not decimal forgot to add, is the brain around it; the language too, shouldn't always wrong... wrong since time, scores have been falling, straight down to 20 name!" Is the time, this kind of words are often in my mind.

  I also want to increase the performance to once upon a time, but always can't contentment. Is not the improvement to the subject, is a division of grades and beaten down. Who wouldn't want to test a good result, but each person's ability is different, also the effort by different, so the harvest "fruit" is also different. So I can only say: "do your best!"

  As a student, I told myself not too bad; I told myself can't let parents down; I told myself can't let the teacher lose faith in yourself... So, my worries are growing.

  But think carefully, if falling grades so easily becomes good, so don't lose its sense? So think about it, there is less worry a lot. But don't strive for it, it won't come. So, still want to care my shadow, always follow me, this should be most students face troubles.

  Trouble is important in life, we should be brave to face, with positive attitude, trouble will be gone.









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