2020-05-19 Ӣ



There is always a brilliant image living in my heart. That is my dear father. Seen through the eyes of many other people, father seems to be a very ordinary person. But he is quite extraordinary in my eyes, I have never lost my wonder at his good-personalities such as diligence, devotion, care, optimism ever since my childhood.

Being a farmer, father works very hard in the fields all the year round. He works from dawn till dusk every day and even till midnight when it is the harvest season. He seldom enjoys leisure with other farmers even if the farm work is not much. He chooses to live a busy life with reluctance to stop for a while.

Father devotes all himself to our family. As we are poor, he always tries his best to support our family and afford the tuitions for my brother and me. For the whole family, for brother and me, he never stops working laboriously in the fields throughout the year. Now he has got a wrinkled face and white hair because of excessive hard work, looking much older and weaker than any other person of his age. In spite of all this, father never complains to us. It is his full devotion that were living a better life now. It is his full devotion that both my brother and I are able to study at college.

Father shows much care to us children and my mother as well. Whenever there is any delicious food on the table, he just leaves it to us while he takes the simple one himself. If my brother and I fall ill, he will not hesitate a moment to get some medicine for us or take us to see the doctor. My mother suffers a bad disease. Father looks after her very carefully. He never lets mother do any heavy work both at home and in the field. Mother appreciates him m much that she often praises him as a model husband before others.

Father is a person full of optimism. He never complains about our poor life. He is never frustrated by trouble. He often tells us that everything will be all right if we have enough confidence in life. Due to his optimism, we are all confident to face our life and work.

We all think that father is not in the least an ordinary man. He plays an extraordinary role in my family. We cant have anything without him. Now Im pursuing further studies at college far away from father. I miss him very much. And I often see him in my dreams. His great image is deeply carved in my mind.


My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says he is a kind-hearted man. He often helps his neighbours and some strangers whom he doesn't know at all. He has really done a lot for others. I don't like him to do so because I think it has taken him too much time. When I discourage him, he always says with a smile,"The world needs warm hearts."

My father loves his family, and loves his work even better. In the company, he is called "workaholic" He spends most of his time working, and often forgets to have meals or to go to bed.As a result,he doesn't enjoy good health.

My father likes reading in his spare time. He told me reading was very interesting. I became interested in reading little by little. I like books, because they help me in many ways.

My father has a bad habit he likes smoking very much. I hate it. See, the house is full of smoke. I know it's bad for his health as well as mother's and mine. I advise him to give up smoking. I'm sure he will follow my advice some day.

Such is my father. I am proud of having such a good father.







Everyone has a father.My father is of middle height. he is stout and severe looking, with keen expressive eyes. On first sight you may feel he is hard to approach. In fact he is very kind and considerate. Appearance is often misleading, so judge not by appearance.

I believe my father is a talented man. he is decisive and efficient in doing things. By his own talents and efforts, he has secured for the family a good soclal position and a comparatively rich life. People of all fields come to my house and, as a result, I gain lots of hard-earned social experiences and see more joys and sorrows of the world.

But at home, he is a harsh parent. he has high expectations of me. when I am lazy and idling away my time, I can see that it hurts him deeply. when I am doing something great, such as writing a book, he is more than excited. with such a father I am always reminded to go on and on, never give up.





My father is a businessman, and he is very busy, but he will never miss the important moment of mine. For example, when the schools ask the parents to watch performance or join meetings, he always can make out time. When I am confused about life, he can give me the good idea and lead me get out of the trouble.












a happy dayӢ Ӣ