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成长英语作文 篇1

  I believe that my beliefs are changing. Nothing is positive. Perhaps I’m in a stage of metamorphosis, which will one day have me emerging complete, sure of everything. Perhaps, I shall spend my life searching.

  Until this winter, I believed in outward things, in beauty as I found it in nature and art. Beauty past—swift and sure—from the outside to the inside, bringing intense emotion. I felt a formless faith when I rode through summerwoods, when I heard the counterpoint of breaking waves, when I held a flower in my hand.

  There was the same inspiration from art, here and there in flashes; in seeing for the first time the delicacy of a green jade vase, or the rich beauty of a rug; in hearing a passage of music played almost perfectly; in watching Markov dance Giselle; most of all, in reading. Other people’s creations, their sensitivity to emotion, color, sound, their feeling for form, instructed me. The necessity for beauty, I found to be the highest good, the human soul’s greatest gift. But there were moments when I wasn’t sure. There was an emptiness inside, which beauty could not fill.

  This winter, I came to college. The questions put to me changed. Lists of facts—and who dragged whom how many times around the walls of what—lost importance. Instead, I was asked eternal question: what is beauty, what is truth, what is God? I talked about faith with other students. I read St. Augustine and Tolstoy. I wondered if I hadn’t been worshipping around the edges. Nature and art were the edges, and inner faith was the center. I discovered—really discovered—that I had a soul.

  Just sitting in the sun one day, I realized the shattering meaning of St. Augustine’s statement that, “The sun and the moon, all the wonders of nature, are not God’s first works but second to spiritual works.” I had, up till then, perceived spiritual beauty only through the outward. It had come into me. Now I am groping towards an inner, spiritual consciousness that will be able to go out from me. I am lost in the middle ground. I’m learning.

成长英语作文 篇2


  Novel coronavirus was a dream that I had imagined many times before winter vacation. But I thought of countless possibilities, but I was surprised to see that by surprise, a new virus called "new coronavirus" came to change everything.


  I don't understand how terrible the virus is, but I see that everyone can't go out to play and visit their elders. Every time I go out, my mother asks me to wear a good mask and wash my hands when I get home. Every time I turn on the TV, I'm reporting the epidemic situation. The adults are discussing the epidemic situation, and I feel scared. Fortunately, I have my dear parents, my dear brother, so I don't feel lonely.


  What I can do now is to stay at home with my family. If I don't run around, I won't make trouble for the doctor. I hope that Grandpa Zhong Nanshan will lead the medical team to develop a vaccine to kill this terrible virus as soon as possible. It will not hurt so many people, but also let us go out and breathe fresh air as soon as possible and play.


  I also want to thank the angels in white for their hard work day and night. I must study hard, and I will be able to contribute when my motherland needs me in the future!

成长英语作文 篇3







  No matter the day is how to spend endless, the sun always rises and falls, flowers always bloom and wither, around heavy traffic is always fleeting, stand at the time of the tail, we kept after the mist as ignorant of the future。

  Too many people always sigh the cruelty of time and the helpless of growing up。 In fact, growth is really a caterpillar into a butterfly process, always undergo a metamorphosis of pain, you can better meet the chocolate as unknown world。 All that let go or no one saw tears in a few years back, you can get unexpected! The road of the future, whether rugged or smooth, requires you to go and taste it alone。

  Eileen Chang wrote an article about "road", referring to the way of growth。 This road is a road that everyone must take。 Those who pass by advise the people who are going this way not to choose the road, because it is so rough and long that it is refuted: "since you can walk this way, how can I not go out?"。" Thus, one after another people go through this road full of hardships, perhaps this is the true meaning of growth。 Knowing that he might fall into it, he obstinately persisted in his choice。

  I think that the child will never grow up Peter Pam, who said he had no regrets () can not grow, we are always sad to miss the past endlessly all say "don't grow up, never grow up, if you really can not grow up, you really don't care? Every time there is a time of happiness。 In any case, we will grow up as time goes by from the palm of the palm。

  Growing up is like a mysterious fruit。 Some people resist it hysterically, and some people can't wait to taste it。 But only when we grow up can we get more and better world。

成长英语作文 篇4


  The flight of time, Time flies like a shuttle. In my mind, the past is like a star. It's like a thing that happened yesterday. I remember it vividly. There is an unforgettable thing in it.


  It was a summer evening, and the shy sunset hid behind the castle peak. I excitedly suggested to my father: "Daddy, will you teach me how to ride a bike?"" "Good."." Dad readily agreed. So, my father and I pushed our bicycles to the path. Started riding, I sat on the seat first, Dad pushed me in the back, pushed for a while, Dad let go, I can not control the balance, left turn right, snake forward. I almost rode when I walked a little bit. Suddenly, a stone appeared in front of me. I wanted the car to go round it, but the car wouldn't listen. The car crashed into me and I fell to the ground. Then dad ran up to me and said, "don't worry, sit straight, watch your eyes, and keep your balance."." I did it according to my father, and I succeeded.


  Through this matter, I understand, the frustration of success, the sun always in the wind and rain, only after experiencing the storm to see the rainbow, and only through a variety of hardships, we can thrive.

成长英语作文 篇5

  The more I grow old, the more I become lonely

  When I was a kid , I don’t know what is lonely. I stayed with my parents who arranged everything for me. I needn’t consider anything. My mother was my good company. She could always understand me and comforted me when I was sad. My elder brothers and sisters often took me out to play. And I also had several good friends. We often played games and watched cartoons together with a free heart. At that time, I was very happy.

  However, as I grow old, many things have changed. My brothers and sisters have their work and family. They don’t have time to take me out. And I enter the high school . I leave my home and come to study in a vocational school. Now I have to stay at school and have to separate from my parents .I have to learn how to arrange my life by myself. My former friends also have gone to different schools. We can’t play together now and seldom contact with each other. My present classmates around me are always busy with their own things. In order to go to a good university, we have to study hard . I often feel lonely.

  Now I am accustomed to study alone. In loneliness, I begin to put my heart into my study which increase my knowledge; In loneliness, I have to overcome many difficulties on my own which makes me independent.. In loneliness, I have to get down to think that how I should be responsible for myself and my future and then I learn how to bear responsibility.

  Loneliness is a flower , it can create a colorful life. Loneliness is a sword, it temper a strong personality. Loneliness is a light, it will illuminate every tomorrow.

  In loneliness I become more and more mature.

  So standing here, I will say loudly the more I grow old, the more I feel lonely, and the more I become strong.

成长英语作文 篇6

  Sometimes I want to grow up quickly, so I can be an adult and enjoy their moment, but my parents tell me that being mature needs to pay some price. I sometimes will make my parents angry, because I make the mistake. They tell me that it is the price of growing up. Being mature means I have to learn from the mistake.



成长英语作文 篇7

  Dear audience,

  It is a great honor and pleasure to be here in this beautiful morning to share with you my viewpoints about my topic-conquering fear.

  About a year ago,I took part in my very first English speech contest.When I stood before the microphone with all eyes starring directly at me,l was too nervous to speak out and just stood there,embarrassed and helpless,struggling in vain for the right thing to say.

  After that I lost my courage to speak in public.Once again,my professor encouraged me to take part in an English competition;I said "No."I couldn't endure another painful experience.He told me seriously,"Look,"he said,"we all have our fears,and you have yours.You may twist your ankle in a basketball game,but you should not be afraid to ever play again.Running away can never dispel your fears,but action will.A winner is not one who never fails,but one who never quits."

  My professor's words lingered in my mind all that day.Finally l made the bravest and wisest decision of my life:I would face my fears and take part in the competition!

  As it turned out,my dear professor was right.Now,here l am,once again standing before a microphone.My heart is beating fast,and my mouth is dry,but most importantly,I have faced my fears and that makes all the dif-ference!

  That's all.Thank you.





  在那之后我失去了在公开场合发言的勇气。当我的教授再次鼓励我参加英语比赛时,我立马说了“不”,因为我不能再忍受那样痛苦的经历。他严肃地跟我说道:“我们都有我们的恐惧,你有你的。 你可能在篮球比赛中扭伤你的脚踝,但不应害怕再打篮球。逃跑永远不能消除你的恐惧,但行动会。赢家不是永远不会失败的人,而是永远不会退出的人。”


  事实证明,我亲爱的教授是对的。现在,我站在了这里,再次站在麦克风前。 我的心跳加快,我的嘴是干的,但最重要的是,我已经面对我的恐惧一一这令一切大有不同!


成长英语作文 篇8








  Grow imperceptibly, subtle, natural and quiet change me, change all around me。。。。。。

  I remember how I longed to grow up when I was a child, and now I don't want to grow up。 Because growth also means increased annoyance。

  The pressure of teachers and parents, the instability of your grades, etc。, hit you, you may be confused and helpless, all day long shrouded in gloom。 But if a person can Tianranzizu mood, he won't worry purely as an irreparable tragedy, but hard to change, try to find happiness from worry。

  When your grades are down, you will encourage yourself: "is there a competition in life?" It's really annoying when you've never done a puzzle for a long time。 Then, suddenly you see light suddenly, understand the truth and do this, then how happy, my heart will have a feeling of relief。 When someone is in trouble, you lend a helping hand to help him。 Is there a strange thrill in your mind?。 When you open your heart and play in the playground, will there be any trouble in your heart? When the fireworks in the night sky bloom, will you be happy and want your wish to bloom like fireworks?。 Think of the hard won moment, including much effort and sweat。 Isn't that a pleasure? Later, I end up a reason, that is, happiness and trouble, is a pair of inseparable twins, there are happy places, there is trouble, naturally there is trouble where there is happiness。

  Of course, there are many happy life, such as: spring, autumn also will give you the black and white life added a lot of fun。 In fact, happiness is everywhere。 The key is whether you find her or not。 In fact, the more children they have, the less happy they are。 They don't want to be good, so everything is bad。 The children who are less worried, happy to accompany them around, the reason is not unfair, but they are optimistic, believe that worry is only a short, has been changing。 So, in their opinion, nothing to worry about。 Nothing can make them unhappy。

  Growing children will change, and troubles will follow。 Beautiful world, colorful colors, happy life is for you to master。

成长英语作文 篇9

  Every morning, we will Beiqishubao to mom and dad's expectations and exhort happy to go to school, the healthy growth of composition. However, a set of data shocked me. According to statistics, in 20xx, the national average of 11 people per hour in traffic accidents, loss of life, at least one of them children. One hour of a student's life dance and skip with joy will go away from us, this is how terrible, and worrying data! The traffic accident has become the first killer of accidental injury in primary and secondary school students. The flower of life, short time; alarm in the ear, sound alarming.

  When I remember, my parents often said to me, "what's the first thing, safety first?"". When I read, I often see "safety" in dangerous places such as construction sites, intersections, etc. when I become a younger brother in the eyes of a junior, I often say, "little sister, pay attention to safety."." From then on, "security" left a deep impression on my young mind. Is security really so important?

  I heard my sister said: "there is a little girl named Ling Ling, she was fat, with a pair of smiling eyes red Piao face, very cute. One day, she followed her grandmother to buy food, and suddenly saw the mother who was cleaning the street. She was so happy that she got rid of grandma's hand and cried "mother". She was like a lovely butterfly flying to her mother. But, unfortunately, at this moment happened, only heard a scream, small Lingling was a speeding motorcycle coming down. The blood stained her white sun skirt, and his face was suddenly pale and pale......".

  Since then, "traffic safety" will let me remember in mind. In the classroom, in the team, in the TV, "traffic safety" knowledge has become the focus of my attention. So we work together in the spring outing, from school to school, we greet the sunshine, in our happy activities on the pitch, safety awareness and discipline became I must comply with the principle of "Study hard and obey the traffic rules, the same day to become" I work principle a pupil always remember.

  From then on, "school, eye Ming, a column on the right side. Vehicles close to early escape, playing while walking dangerous. Cross the road, look left and right, walk the crosswalk line. Don't cross the line while waiting for the bus, ride built very dangerous "songs always linger in my ear. Because I know, only safety, can be more happy.

  It is a an invigorating autumn climate, fruitful season, I readily read a newspaper, a line of characters I paid attention to "life safety travel", and I can't wait to read. One day in 20xx, and played with red Xiaofang in the side of the road, was hit by a van, Xiaofang died on the spot, Alice was rushed to the hospital. After more than 50 hours of rescue, the life was saved, but the two leg was broken by the wheel. Over the past few years, Xiao Hong has been walking along step by step with his arms, and his life is hard to take care of himself. Under the care of the whole society, Xiao Hong has been able to walk after a long time of treatment. When Alice can walk news, how I was not happy, I think: if they don't play in the side of the road, if they can pay attention to passing vehicles, then, and we can still Xiaofang together, also do not need to use the red walk again. How nice that would be!

  Dear classmates, suiyueruge, life. I would like to wish you, and may he, to each one of us ever "cherish life, healthy growth of the road, let us start from now on, time to comply with traffic rules, in the little things to learn self-protection, let's call the whole society people remember" safety first ", let every one of us life flower bloom!












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