2021-11-20 其他类英语作文


写动物的英语作文 篇1

  Ask me what is like small animals, that I will not hesitate to answer - my little black dog!

  The little black dog temperament is very docile, very human nature.

  I get along with it for a long time, in love, it seems very understand me. Whenever I am angry, it squatted beside me quietly motionless and seems to want to accompany me through the sad time. I am happy, it will run up to and around me, "an auf" cried, very agreeable.

  The little black dog she is cute!

  In black, shiny hairs, eyes with two white spots, like two white beads. On the head and on his thigh's hair is very long, like a horse head to the ground. Straight ear, as if time in listening to what passed around. Thick and long broom tail swing, from time to time as a cleaner for free! More funny is that it always speaks with a wet nose toward me, like a sick child, seems to be very poor, in fact, I know it really want to play with me. In the invitation to me!

  The puppy experience dangerous also have several times.

  Is the first time fell into the river, fortunately, was found to pull up, feed it to take medicine, good soon. And on several occasions by poison poison dog several times, but also by early treatment, will have to escape. From then on, it can sniff out those toxic food, what food non-toxic. Later, our dog never in poison. It very sharp!

  The little black dog is my favorite animals, because it brings me a lot of laughter! Do you like my what?









写动物的英语作文 篇2

   Dog is my favorite animal. The reason why I like it most is because it’s very competent. Dog is the best friend for mankind. It is also the best companion for the old people. The dog can feel the human nature. So many old people will raise dogs if their children are not with them. The old can give their love for their children to the dog to make themselves feel warmly. I believe the seeing eye dog is very famous. They are special dogs. Those dogs will guide their owners whose eyes is blind to go the correct way. See, I say dogs are very competent.


写动物的英语作文 篇3

  How delicious the bamboo is! Let me eat more, hmm, good! Hello everybody ! I’m a panda, a very lovely animal and many people love me. And I’m sure you must be a fan of me, aren’t you? But I’m in danger now, and I’m sure you will help me too, am I right? Let me tell you the story about me: I was born in a forest in the southwest of China. And I like eating bamboo very much, of course all of my family members like eating bamboo.

  And my brother---a panda was born on the same day just like me are die when he just was born two hours. Oh my poor brothers! And then my family members and I are not very lucky, the area of bamboo is becoming smaller and smaller, so we don’t have enough food to eat and the human are very terrible, their farms and villages take many places and then we don’t have many places to live in.

  But we can do nothing to help us. But I think you can. Try your best to tell people to protect us or after a few years they can’t see any panda on the earth!

写动物的英语作文 篇4

  Do you know what kind of animal I like most? It’s monkey. Monkey is a kind of lovely animal. Many people like monkeys very much. Generally, monkey has small body covered with fur. Some kinds of monkeys have two big eyes and ears and a long tail.

  I can see them on TV or the zoo. Every time I go to the zoo, I will go to see them. Monkeys often stay in trees and jump between them. They are so lively and favorable. When they are happy, they will act for visitors. It’s very funny.





写动物的英语作文 篇5

  On Saturday, I went to my grandparents' house to play, entered my grandpa said to me: "home to a puppy." I ran quickly excitedly to the kennel.

  This little guy is sleeping, I to control his feeling excited, could not help but to touch it by hand, but who knows, the puppy vigilance is so high, my hands touched it hair, it is all of a sudden I woke up to now. It eyes, big carefully look at me, as if to say: "who are you? How do I haven't seen you?" I see, oh! Big round eyes, a small nose, cherry small mouth, not fat or thin face, and a pair of big ears and a air shook tail. In the summer it will lick up scattered cooling, is really a handsome boy!

  After dinner, I also want to see this little one to eat, then took a piece of meat on the ground, I thought to myself, so delicious it must be very like it. But to his surprise, it's just to smell the smell, and go to the side. I think, if it is afraid of being seen just refused to eat. Then, I hid behind the door, secretly observe it. Sure enough, little guys walking slowly in the past, and look at the then eat it with relish. It ate a piece of meat, I then from behind the door to come out and play with it. I threw a ball out of the distance, said to it: "help me to pick up the ball back!" It seemed to understand my words, kicking ran in the past, with his mouth put the ball has been sent to my side, and in this way, we are happy to play up.

  My dog is so cute!





写动物的英语作文 篇6

  I love how they decide to sit by me,whatever room of the house I am in,and sleep in my empty bed next to me.I love how they use their noses as tools to make me pet them.I love how they smell like corn (more like corn chips,its just a dog thing) after theyve been asleep or while they are sleeping.I love my puppy who I will have to say goodbye to soon.I will miss everything about him but I love the time I have spent with him.Whatever happened with me and the ex,he sure did raise a hell of a dog.Or maybe it was just my dogs own self,maybe he was just always going to turn out that loving.Either way,I love them and think they have saved my life.

写动物的英语作文 篇7

  My favorite animal is the dog. Dogs are the most loyal animals to people.

  My family also has a dog, its name is lu lu, is a male dog. It was a shish dog, covered with long, golden hair and felt soft and comfortable. It had big black eyes and a twinkle in the evening. There's also a lovely flat black nose that is always wet, so it likes to lick its nose. There was a cute little braid tied to the head, and a red bow tied to the braid.

  It has been with me since I was a baby. I remember one time I made a mistake and my mother was going to hit me. Lulu saw it, and ran quickly, Shouting at her mother, trying to protect me, and her mother gave up.

  My dog has a skill that other dogs don't, and whenever I play the harmonica, it will sing in rhythm, in a deep, sometimes high-pitched way. I think it's going to be a concert of its own! Do you mean my dog is tough?

  So, I like dogs very much.
















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