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  My best friends

  I have many you know who they are?are they my pet?no.are they my classmates?no. let me tell you:they are my favourit book.

  I like books very much.i like reading science book,cartoonbook so on.not only let me know how wonderful the word is but also teach me how to be a good person in the society,they give me great pleasure.

  I love books!

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  My best friend

  I have a good friend. Her name is Wu Mi.She is thirteen years old,But she is short.She has big eyes,a small mouth,a small nose and a round face.It is very cute.She likes reading books and do manually.Her skillful hands,can make a pleasant surprise.I like her very much,because we are good friends.

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  One of my best friends

  Ben is my best friend.He loves sports very much.He is good at Math and English.He is a good boy.He always helps other students.Now,he is the tallest in our class.In 15 years’ time,he will be taller and heavier.He will be goodlooking .He will be 195 centimetres tall.He will weigh 76 kilograms.He will not wear galsses.He will possibly be a policeman or a fireman.

  He says that this only is a dream.He will try to make his dream come true.

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