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成长英语作文 篇1

  When a couple gets married, it is natural for them to receive wishes from relatives and friends. Recently, a young couple showed the message of their coming wedding, but the public criticized the man, because they believed he was committing crime as he fell in love with a girl when she was 8 years old.


  The man and the little girl’s story seems to be romantic. But thinking of the girl’s young age when they met, and she was just a little girl, it is unbelievable. Though now she is almost 18, their story worries so many parents. They are so afraid of the negative information releases to the young children, when they don’t know the concept of love. From 8 to 18, the girl’s growing period is accompanied by this man who is much older than her, while I don’t favor of this way.


  The girl was misled by the wrong conception. Someone told her when she was 18, they would be married. As she is young and innocent, even she is 18, she doesn’t have much chance to see the variety of the world. The way she sees the world is misled by this elder man.


  A child’s growing up should be natural and led by the right value.


成长英语作文 篇2


  Remember once, mom and dad are not at home. I saw it was getting late, so I started cooking.


  May God help me, the refrigerator is my masterpiece: tomatoes, melon and pork ribs. First I took out a kitchen knife and some tomatoes. I put the tomato on the cutting board, had a "tremendous effort" to put a few tomatoes into tomato slices of different sizes "". I put these tomatoes on the plate, put them into flower shapes, and then sprinkle them with sugar, just like a little child's bright smile!


  Followed by stewed winter melon and spareribs soup. I cut the melon into pieces and cut the spareribs into pieces. Then I put the pot down and simmered. It took about 30 minutes for the soup to simmer. I tasted it, it was really good! That was a great.


  I put the two dishes on the table and waited for them to come back. After 10 minutes, my father and mother went home, saw the food on the table and hastened to praise me as a good boy.


  This is a common thing that happened during my growing up. It strengthened our self-care ability and lightened many burdens for parents, so that they thought I grew up.

成长英语作文 篇3

  When we are little, we are eager to grow up, so that we can break free of parental discipline even leave them far. Since we were a little child, we have to be governed by teachers in school and endure parent’s ramble at home. These are our growing pains. Besides, study, friendship, sometimes campus romance may trouble us. However, as we grow up, we gradually find that things mentioned above are not pains at all. There are much more serious things brother us. For example, we may be less sensitive to the simple happiness and loss them gradually. It’s hard for us to laugh from our heart. Moreover, we are in the age that we are eager to grow up but afraid to grow up either. The ambivalence afflicts us a lot. However, no matter what happens in our growth, they are parts of our lives. We must accept them actively and do not let the pains prevent us from happiness.

成长英语作文 篇4


  I've had a lot of things in my life, but there's only one thing that impresses me the most. That's -- riding a bike.


  I remember nine years old, we even have children, all have bicycles, but I do not have. I would lie, crying, my mother to buy me a mother, no way, had promised.


  The second day early in the morning, we are ready to move on together to buy a bike. Suddenly, I think: my father's aunt has a small bike when my sister. Then my mother said: "her aunt have a bike! Bring that bike and ride it!"


  So my dad came into the Department and brought my older sister's bike.


  Take it back. It's time to ride.


  I can't ride. My dad took me to his seat and pushed me away. I twisted my body and rode. I didn't control my hand at first. It was crooked and I twisted against it.


  When I reached a big ditch, my hand tilted inward, and I twisted in the other direction. Unexpectedly, I twisted against it, but not so good, I almost fell into the ditch. Fortunately, my father pulled in the back and I was glad I didn't fall. It is the spoils, escape from death in a great catastrophe!


  That's one of the things I grew up with, and I thought, "it's not easy to do one thing."!

成长英语作文 篇5

  Going to high school is my first time to leave home. I have to live in school from Monday to Friday. I like to stay away from my parents for some time, because I can make my own choice and be free to go anywhere. My friends and I like to spend the weekend in the countryside that near the city we live. It is the short travel that I can not only appreciate the beautiful scenery, but also learn to be independent. The things that nature teaches me are a lot.

  I can see from the color of the cloud to predict the weather and the sound of of animals have different meanings. All of these are hard to know from the books. I have my own thinking from these trips, and the way to take care of myself helps me to grow up.

成长英语作文 篇6


  One thing I grew up a lot: I have a problem, the book spent more than half of it. On four years of learning, unconsciously, used a lot of books. For a book out of the book, I have no trace of pity, the new instead of the old, this is a matter of course.


  One day, Chen put on my last semester's homework book and gave it to her. Not a few days later, the book was returned to me. When I got home, I looked through my homework book. Suddenly, I saw some blank books. Could it be that I was too scared and put my new book in? But I remember I didn't put my new book on! I can't puzzle out the mystery. So I told my dad about it. Dad looked at the book that I didn't know where to come from. Look at the books that have been knocked out, and say, "these new books are for you with the paper you haven't used up."." When I heard what my father said, I suddenly realized.


  The teacher's action deeply my education, so I had been using the book to come back, did not finish the paper tore down, ordered dozens of book, from now on, I develop a good habit of saving. That's what made me grow a lot.










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