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friend英语作文 篇1

  Do you have any good friends? May is one of mine. She is ten years old. She is tall, and she has a round face, big eyes, a small nose and a small mouth, her hair is long and black. May and I are classmates, she sits behind me. We go home together every day when school is over. She does well in math while I'm good at Chinese. I often help her with her Chinese and she helps me with my math. We help each other and love each other, we're good friends.

friend英语作文 篇2

  I have a specail friend, he has short stubby hair, his eyes are black as coal. he also has a mouth that says very good things about people. evreyone likes him very much. but i am his best friend.we always play together after school, and talk about things that are personal, we always help each other out. so this is my friend.

friend英语作文 篇3

  Life is rich and colorful, everyone will have friends accompanied by us grow, and friends, make us feel warm, friends, make us feel happy... Under him, with thick eyebrows foil a twinkle in his eyes, a white skin, he is my friend sharp new one by one, we are inseparable good friends, we grew up together and play together... My new friend is more than just games and sharp, but study on competitors, he performance excellent, excellent, I often ask him learning problems, he is also very enthusiastically answer my question, because of him, I was full of interest in learning, his study is not everything, if he won't be a problem, he ? modestly to consult others.

friend英语作文 篇4

  I have a good friend. His name is Chin Daibe. He is 15 years old. We both want to be detectives. He is very clever. He is just a secondary school student but he is cleverer than any other student. I think he is as clever as a university school student. His favorite detective is Kindalchi Hajime. He wants to be just as famous when he grows up. He is as helpful and brave as Sherlock Holmes. He is generous to his friends, too. When he has some new detective books, he always shares with me. So I am willing to lend him books, too. His favorite writers are Jinguchi Lanbu and A.E.W. Mason. His favorite book is "At the Villa Rose". I think it is a good detective book, too. I really think he will be a very good detective. He is my best friend.

  有一个好朋友。他的名字是Chin Daibe。他已经15岁了。我们都想当侦探。他是非常聪明的.。他只是一个中学生,但他比任何其他学生都聪明。我认为他和一所大学的学生一样聪明。他最喜欢的侦探是Kindalchi Hajime。他长大后想要出名。他和夏洛克福尔摩斯一样有帮助和勇敢。他对他的朋友也很慷慨。当他有一些新的侦探小说时,他总是和我分享。所以我也愿意把书借给他。他最喜欢的作家是Jinguchi Lanbu和a.e.w梅森。他最喜欢的书是“玫瑰庄园”。我认为这也是一本很好的侦探书。我真的认为他会是个很好的侦探。他是我最好的朋友。

friend英语作文 篇5

  Dear Amy,

  As a your friend,I am writing to take about some things about you.You like playing football and swimming.Apart from these,you also like singing and dancing.It is obvious that you have many hobbies.One of them is that I can find you are different from other people.You are heartful and friendly.What the more,good grade,I think,are very popular of your friends.Even the friends who go to your home have take about questions.I am very happy that you can make many friends.I also hope you can have a good mood every day.

  Best wish to you.From your good friend.

friend英语作文 篇6

  sorry that i didn't write to you eariler.

  i started to learn english when i was one year old.i like english very much.english makes me know the world. it is english makes us be internation i am learning .if i win the competition at last ,i will go to visit those countries .i want to visit america,because my english spoken teacher jonson 'motherland is america.i want to go to australia ,because there many sheep and kangroos in there. i also want to ukrain,because you live here.

  my eld brother is a middle school student .he will go to university next year.learning english is our country'tradition.english is our foreign langue.students must learn english.

  as my parents,my mother is a housewife.when i was young ,she taught me english ,math and chinese.but her spoken is you surprise ?my father is a taxi driver .he works hard.they love me,i love them ,too.i want to study abroad,but i'm afraid that my parents can't afford it .

  in spring ,nanchang'weather is mutable.sometimes it rains a lot. we need to wear many clothes to keep us warm.sometimes the sun shines in the sky,it's hot ,we need wear shirts.the air is wet .i dislike the's uncomfortable.

  how's your trip? are you happy? don't forget send your pictures to me .let me share your trip .have good time!! are free for all your trip?

friend英语作文 篇7

  I have a good friend.He is a boy.His name is LiangYang.

  He's a great student in the class.He is short and thin.

  He likes swimming.He likes summer.

  Because he can swim in the summer.I like his very much.

  Because we are good friend!

friend英语作文 篇8

  We are just like birds,always fly in the sky.We are just like starts,see this wonderful world. We are friend .

  Now ,let me tell you my best friend. He is a outgoing boy .When i meet him ,i become so happy because of him.We play together every day.After class he will find ,then we sit together ,he usually laugh at me,it's doesn't matter,i don't mind.Because it is just a joke.

  After school,we will leave together,we often talk so many,but after that i don't know what we say.In the street ,we like to play,sometimes we hit other person,part of perple always angry with us,bu we don't mind,we only know that we are happy. Our friendship be better and better.So i always think i am very luck because i have a good friend. I hope my friend will play with me long time.I also wish we are friend forever.

friend英语作文 篇9

  I have a good friend.her name is lisa.she is 10 years old.she has two big eyes and a small nose.she is kind and pretty.she is a student.her favourite color is pink.her favourite food is sandwich.she likes cats very much.because it is very cute.she also likes dogs.she lives on a farm. she favourite place is Los Angeles.she also likes Malibu.she likes run very much.she likes art class.ahe is good at art. she goes to school by car.

  Ilove my friend.I wish our friendship forever.Do you have a friend.please, tell me.










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