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  When I was in primary school, the teacher asked us a question of what did you want to be in the future. At first, I had no idea, but all I could think about was my teacher’s back and her hands writing words on the blackboard. At that time, I realized that I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to shared my knowledge with my students. So I made up my mind that I must study hard and fight for my goal. Now as I go to high school, I feel so close to my dream. I want to study in a Normal University, which is the best way to realize my dream. So I need to do better than others, because so many students are competing for such university. I believe that my insistence will help me make it.


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  I will be a middle school student soon. when I look back on my pass days, I find myself don’t make a difference, I play most of the time and don’t focus on my study. Now I make up my mind. In the future days, I must study with all my heart and learn as more as possible. So that I can store something for the future.


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  1. 树立目标很重要

  2. 原因是

  3. 如何设立和达到目标

  The Importance of Goal

  There is no denying that setting a goal is very important. We find that successful people are always those having and achieving their goals. They set goals, short-term or long-run, to help realize their visions.

  Why is goal-setting important? By setting goals you are taking control of the tempo of your life. It is having a map to guide you to where you want to head for. With a clear direction, and with certain plans, you will straightly get what you want. On the contrary, without a goal ,you will live a wandering life. You do not know where to go, what you want and why you are listless. Then your life becomes dull and meaningles just like the dead water in a muddy lake.

  From my point of view, goals are not difficult to set and realize. First, you should make clear what you really want, which constitutes your goals. Then you make detailed palans and follow the through, as many winners do.

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  There are three kinds of goals: short-term, mediumterm and long-term goals.

  Short-term goals are those that usually deal with current activities, which we can apply on a daily basis. Such goals can be achieved in a week or less, or two weeks, or possiblymonths. It should be remembered that just as a building is no stronger than its foundation, our long-term goals cannot amount to very much without the achievement of solid short-term goals. Upon completing our short-term goals, we should date the occasion and then add new shortterm goals that will build on those that have been completed.

  The medium-term goals build on the foundation of the short-term goals. They might deal with just one term of school or the entire school year, or they could even extend for several years. Any time you move a step at a time, you should never allow yourself to become discouraged or overwhelmed. As you complete each step, you will enforce the belief in your ability to grow and succeed. And as your list of completion dates grow, your motivation and desire will increase.

  Long-term goals may be related to our dreams of the future. They might cover five years or more. Life is not a static thing. We should never allow a long-term goal to limit us or our course of action.






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  Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes towrite a short essay entitled Live with a Goal bycommenting on the French writer AlexanderDumas,remark,“Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.” You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


  Live with a Goal

  According to the French writer Alexander Dumas,living without an aim is like sailing without acompass. It signifies that without a goal, one wouldlive a passive life just like the dead water in amuddy lake.

  Frankly speaking, to live with a goal is of tremendous significance to one’ s life. For onething, a proper aim helps foster the realization of the visions, as people are better motivatedwhen they want to attain the goal they set for themselves and have a sense of fulfillmentwhen they succeed. For another, by setting goals one could take good control of his/her life,without wasting time or energy being confused about what to do. With a clear direction andcertain plans, one will readily get what he/she wants.

  Consequently, we could draw the conclusion that we should live with a target, as a goal—oriented life is an active way of living. Without a clear purpose, we might feel at sea,squandering our time and opportunities.

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  Pete Rose, the famous baseball player, whom I have never met, taught me something so valuable that changed my life. Pete was being interviewed in spring training the year he was about to break Ty Cobb‘s all time hits record. One reporter blurted out, "Pete, you only need 78 hits to break the record. How many at-bats do you think you‘ll need to get the 78 hits?" Without hesitation, Pete just stared at the reporter and very matter-of-factly said, "78." The reporter yelled back, "Ah, come on Pete, you don‘t expect to get 78 hits in 78 at-bats, do you?"Mr. Rose calmly shared his philosophy with the throngs of reporters who were anxiously awaiting his reply to this seemingly boastful claim. "Every time I step up to the plate, I expect to get a hit! If I don‘t expect to get a hit, I have no right to step in the batter‘s box in the first place!" "If I go up hoping to get a hit," he continued, "then I probably don‘t have a prayer of getting a hit. It is positive expectation that has gotten me all of the hits in the first place."

  When I thought about Pete Rose‘s philosophy and how it applied to everyday life, I felt a little embarrassed. As a business person, I was hoping to make my sales quotas. As a father, I was hoping to be a good dad. As a married man, I was hoping to be a good husband. The truth was that I was an adequate salesperson, I was not so bad of a father, and I was an okay husband. I immediately decided that being okay was not enough! I wanted to be a great salesperson, a great father and a great husband. I changed my attitude to one of positive expectation, and the results were amazing. I was fortunate enough to win a few sales trips, I won Coach of the Year in my son‘s baseball league, and I share a loving relationship with my wife, Karen, with whom I expect to be married to for the rest of my life! Thanks, Mr. Rose!


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  Why do we choose to go to the middle school? Some people say that we can learn many basic knowledge in middle school, while others say that only we go to the middle school can we study further in the university. They both are right, but I think the most important is during the middle school, we can learn to study. Study is a lifelong matter. Going to the school is the basis of study, because it can bring us knowledge as well as give some instructions to study. Compared to the whole life, the years in shcool seem short. If we have the abilities of independent study, we can get learn anytime and anywhere. Therefore, teaching students how to learn is the goal of middle school education.











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