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英雄英语作文 篇1

  My Hero

  My hero isn't a great person. My hero is my father. He always makes me happy. He is a helpful person. he does his best to help others. He is good at month and English. If I understand something, I can ask him, and he will tell me how to do it. He often gives money to the poor. He says they need to be loved. I want to be a person like my farther. I'll be a helpful person. I'll do my best to help others, too.

  I like my heroI .like my father. I am proud of my father.





英雄英语作文 篇2

  national heros always have marvellous reputations, after died miserablly. they died by a lot of reasons. some were killed because their emperors were too?afraid of the powers they had, some because their enemies bribed to the nation traitors, often who have had a great wealth or?a powerful authority. this is a nation that is like producing traitors overwhelmingly every time on a very dangerious situation, and quite often, heros are mistakenly treated as traitors but peple who really betrayed the fate of this nation, because of their ruling powers, are seen as the savior.

  i shall admit there are some implication as a clue of history, to mirror what will happen repetitiously over and over again. heros are respectable, famous, and admired. without them, this nation should have gone through more sufferrings. they deserve what they own. however, tracking of our shameless history ,what to be noted is that ?noboy else but ourselves torture our heros, mistreated thier beloved, and even eradicated the origins of theirs. although hundreds of years later, they gained back their reputations, and if lucky, maybe they could get some statues, biographies or whatever else, one truth cant be denied. they were put in an etremely painful life, and so were their families and friends, for what these heros contributed to our nations future, and what they devoted their lives to protect. what can be concluded from it? if there r some potential heros around u, stay away from him or her, coz though we know we must show our respect to them, they are most likely to be a tragedy, which also causes people care about them to pay for the price.

  its ironical, isnt it? this nation never stops calling for more heros desperately,in a name of protecting its people, but what im more interested in is, what the people do to the heros, when they are alive? if heros are the role models of most people of this nation, then how come heros are still so needed by us, especially when we shout out, justicely and loudly, that there must be someone else standing out to be heros. and if they dont wanna be heros, they gotta think about the outcomes that the entire nation curses them as wusses, humiliating them afterwards. but curiously, net time theyll still ask for someone else again to sacrifice their lives to defend the benefits of the nation( or the benefits of some). why dont u be then? or at least, why dont u, the nation people, protect the heros when they need u. when the emperors threaten ur heros, why didnt u overthrow the empire, instead u gave in the throne?when you know who betrayed the nation to sell off ur heros, just because of their powers, u gave in again?

  the truth is, this nation grants the greatest hornor to heros, when it needs them. once heros lost their auras, or the public has to pay, heros begin sufferring. and what is hidden in the heart of most of people is, they want the rest to pursue the hornor of being a hero, but they themselves are more addicted into another thing---power. such people deem themselves wiser.

  we are saying this nation is great, sorry, its a no. most of great genes of this nation have been eliminated by oursleves, in three thousand years grand history, dynasty after dynastry, one generation after one.

英雄英语作文 篇3

  "Fire! Fire!" what terrible words to hear when one wakes up in a strange house in the middle of the night! It was a large, old. wooden house--the sort that burns easily--and my room was on the top floor. I jumped out of bed, opened the door and stepped out into the passage. It was full of thick smoke.

  I began to run, but as I was still only halfawake, instead of going towards the stairs I went in the opposite direction. The smoke grew thicker and I could see flames all around. The floor became hot under my bare feet. I found an open door and ran into a room to get to the window. But before I could reach it, one of my feet caught in something soft and I fell dom, The thing I had fallen over felt like a bundle of clothes, and I picked it Llp to protect my face from the smoke and heat. Just then the floor gave way under me and I crashed to the floor below with pieces of burning wood all around me.

  I saw a flaming doorway in front, put the bundle over my face and ran. My feet burned me terrible, but I got through. As I reached the cold air outside, my bundle of clothes gave a thin cry. I nearly dropped it in my surprise. Then I saw a crowd gathered in the street. A woman in a night dress au d a borrowed man's coat screamed as she saw me and came running madly.

  "My baby! My baby!" she cried. The crowd cheered wildly as she took the smokeblackened bundle out of my arms, I had some difficulty in recognizing her. She was the Mayor's wife and I had saved her baby. I was a hero!





英雄英语作文 篇4

  let me first share with you the experiences of fire-fighters. as steel warriors born of flames, fire-fighters are brave, stiff and ready to sacrifice. in the video, i witnessed how fire-fighters proceeded with difficulty to put out the fire on some warehouses.

  those warehouses were full of barrels containing benzene. as we all know, benzene belongs to toxic chemicals. to make things worse, there would be explosion at any time due to the pressure caused by the heat and high temperature. thus, a life-and-death fight between the fire and fire-fighters occurred. they were divided into several brigades and jointly endeavored to fight against the fire for the sake of people as well as their property.

  during the course of the combat, a number of fire-fighters got infected because of the toxic chemicals. they felt dizzy and vomited. however, the obstacles didn’t make those heroes retreat or give up. finally, their constant efforts and strong will power helped them put out the fire thoroughly. their spirit is quite moving and deserves our respect.

  next it comes to doctors. a doctor is one of the professions that everyone is so familiar with, right? through the series, i’ve learned that there is a woman whose experience differs from others’. in her hospital, she often sees infants rejected by their parents at the door. those poor infants as she said have got cerebral palsy. despite the strong opposition of her family and friends, she determined to adopt any infant who is rejected by parents. in fact, the doctor herself isn’t rich enough. a lot of neighbors think of her to be mad. but there is a firm belief supporting this woman doctor along the way, and that is “all things in their being are good for something.” she shows special preference for those infants and teaches them to talk. with her love and care, those lucky infants are growing up healthily day by day. she hopes that they can contribute for the society in the future. what a wonderful dream. hopefully her dream could come true some day.

  last but not the least, from those series i also learned the grass-roots society. inside myself, a heart is growing, a heart not only beats for myself but cares for others as well. i once volunteered to be an english teacher in a primary school for children of migrant workers.

  the volunteer work gave me a precious little chance of saying thanks to people like the children’s parents who construct highways and underground, build up modern skyscrapers and make our cities more and more beautiful. to help the children with their english is what i can do at present to show my gratitude to those unsung heroes. the world may not be fair to them, so privileged and blessed people like me are obliged to do whatever we can to help make their life better. whatever i do for them, i know it can’t be compared with what they have done to improve the quality of life in our cities…

  all in all, i can not enumerate all great examples of those unsung heroes all at once.

  here, i would like to say that all of us should salute to them. the salutation represents our appreciation, gratitude and respect from the deep of our hearts indeed.

英雄英语作文 篇5

  The other day the TV reported that a retired school math teacher, Beth Smith, has been volunteering for the past 20 years at a United Nation’s refugee camp in Thailand, helping kids who cannot afford to go to school learn math and English. I was deeply touched when watching the story, especially when the reporter asked Beth why she would spent all her time in a third world country volunteering, she replied, “By helping these kids, I feel I’m doing good for the society, therefore I feel happy.” Her answer made me think about the virtue of helping others, and I realize that she is a true hero in my heart.

  The hero in my heart.

  Everyone's heart have a hero,maybe a person who save the people,maybe a animal who have got good spirit. So far,I can't forget a person who helped plenty of people.His name is Leifeng.I think he was a good person I can't understand why he was so friendly,but I really know,he was a hero in my heart.I looked up upon him.and I will do all things I can do,I want to be the 2nd Leifeng.

  My father is my hero.

  When I was young he would kiss me every night and sing to me as I awoke. He made me feel so special. I knew that my father loved me. It made me feel strong enough to do almost everything.

  He got sick, but strength(力气) kept him alive. He loved his children so much. He gave up years of his life caring for the woman, his wife. She was going to die. Day and night he struggled(努力) for years with her disease. (疾病)Despite disease of his own, he still stood by her side caring for her and loving her until the day she died.

英雄英语作文 篇6

  Everyone has a hero, and the hero in my heart is Qian Xuesen, one of the most famous scientists in China.

  He was the man who gave his whole life to his motherland- China. When he was young, he studied in many famous universities in the world, being very hard-working, Then he won many prizes and had many famous inventions.Now,he is the person who make our country stronger and develop faster. And everyone in China will not forget him.

  He knew wherever he was, he was a Chinese. I learned a lot from him. So I won’t forget him and he is the hero in my mind

英雄英语作文 篇7

  It came as a great surprise or rather shock to me that a tural disaster attacked WenChuan which is in this May 12th. It arrives so suddenly that many people were still kept dark about what had happened until the end of their lives.

  A nine-year-old boy, LinHao, caught my attention. He succeeded in saving two of his classmate. The most surprising thing, about him, is that he covered a long distance within 7 hours until they got to the safety.

  What should I do as a primay school student? Above all, we ought to lend my classmates a hand whenever they are in trouble. Next, working hard on our lessons is necessary.

  All in all, what a great boy LinHao is!

英雄英语作文 篇8

  When I was young he would kiss me every night and sing to me as I awoke. He made me feel so special. I knew that my father loved me. It made me feel strong enough to do almost everything.

  He got sick, but strength(力气) kept him alive. He loved his children so much. He gave up years of his life caring for the woman, his wife. She was going to die. Day and night he struggled(努力) for years with her disease. (疾病)Despite disease of his own, he still stood by her side caring for her and loving her until the day she died.

  Twenty days later, he died. I lost my hero, my father, a man who was my friend.

  A few years have passed, and the life has changed a lot. But the love for my father won’t change and it will never end.










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