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成长英语作文 篇1

  In the spring of the past year, traveling abroad is certainly one of my heart's hearts. I still remember my travels in Guilin.

  Four years ago in the spring, I went to Guilin with my parents. It is the first time I came to the sightseeing resort landscape under heaven ". The view of Guilin is wonderful, green grass, green trees, and colourful flowers. The tourist attraction environment is also very good, on the ground spotless, the periphery also flutters the fresh air, gives the human to feel relaxed and happy. The uncles and aunts who came here to visit were also admiring the scenery and said, "the scenery here is wonderful."!" For a few spots we are tired, so they sat on the roadside rest on the bench, while enjoying the beautiful scenery, eating bring good food, comfortable ah! At this point, we noticed that most people could carry away their own food bags and peels and trash, while others threw litter on the floor. Seeing that someone had destroyed the beautiful scenery here, I really couldn't agree with it. So I went up and picked it up and threw it into the dustbin. My parents saw me and gave me a thumbs up and praised me for doing well!

  Now, all over the country to carry out learning "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces" activities. Learning it starts with a little bit, starting with the little things around us. Remember the "news broadcast" has played such a news: Shenzhen "window of the world" amusement park in order to prevent workers who do not care for the environment of people littering, they followed those special cleaning them free to throw garbage on the ground, until those people feel ashamed, not littering the garbage so far. This is the way to make the window of the world more beautiful.

  If we want to love our motherland, we must protect its environment and make it more beautiful!





成长英语作文 篇2

  When I was growing up took place in the story as many of the stars in the sky, countless numbers of which have a very deep thing, and that is by bike.

  In my six-year-old when grandpa bought me a bicycle, as the wheels are about the bike, so it will not fall. Frequently as a child to ride, then ride a little love, has been placed on the garage, since the plot has been covered by a thick layer of ash.

  One day I go home I saw a tall and almost high-skilled boy riding a bicycle to the area where high speed, power and prestige really ah! I want to go home after quarreling with her mother on the bike s two wheels removed. Mom said to me: small wheel, you will fall down by the pain. I said: I do not Pateng. Finally, I fail to beat the mother, only two small wheels removed.

  The next day happened to be Sunday, the weather was fine in particular, my mother has to rest at home. She took early in the morning, I called up, I wonder what my mother asked, her mother said: Today you are taught to ride a bike. I am ecstatic, quickly changed pajamas. To bike from the garage to launch the beginning I held on to her mother riding a bike, his mother a hand-song, I fall on the legs in the air. I finally could not insist on, shouted out: I do not practiced. Furious and ready to go home. Then my mother said to me loudly: coward, it can not stand the pain all, we must not afraid of hard work, can not give up halfway. And then she gently said: I am sure you will succeed!

成长英语作文 篇3

  If there is any single factor that makes for success in living, it is the ability to profit by defeat. every success i know has been achieved because the person was able to analyze defeat and actually profit by it in his next undertaking. confuse defeat with failure, and you are doomed indeed to failure. for it isn't defeat that makes you fail: it is your own refusal to see in defeat the guide and encouragement to success.

  defeats are nothing to be ashamed of. they are routine incidents in the life of every man who achieves success. but defeat is a dead loss unless you do face it without humiliation, analyze it and learn why you failed. defeat, in other words, can help to cure its own cause. not only does defeat prepare us for success, but nothing can arouse within us such a compelling desire to succeed. if you let a baby grasp a rod and try to pull it away, he will cling more and more tightly until his whole weight is suspended. it is this same reaction which should give you new and greater strength every time you are defeated. if you exploit the power which defeat gives, you can accomplish with it far more than you are capable of.

成长英语作文 篇4

  From the picture we can see a family of three walking on a long red carpet. The son , well dressed, waves proudly in the middle while the father behind bends forward to hold the jacket and the mother in front rolls out the carpet, sweating.

  It shows a common phenomenon nowadays that children are the focus of families, shouldering the hope of their parents. Parents arrange everything for their children and spare no effort to pave the way for their success. As a consequence, children become so reliant on their parents that they have no independent thought or creative ideas.

  Such a situation is of great concern. In my opinion, overprotection and too much care are extremely bad for children’s development. Instead of doing everything for them, parents should encourage their children to overcome difficulties and inspire them to develop by themselves. Only in this way can they grow up to be independent and become truly successful.

成长英语作文 篇5

  The caterpillars spin themselves into cocoons, and eventually emerge from the cocoon, become butterflies, and achieve the perfect metamorphosis of life in the struggle. Eagle extricate the feather, fight the long sky, get the life extension, in the strong middle of the transformation of youth. And I, in the process of growing up, will experience countless pain and failure. I believe in failure and pain. I will continue to grow and welcome new life and show my life.

  When I first entered the first grade, I felt so lost and helpless, as if I had lost my way of life. I was the little princess of my family, and my father, my mother and my grandmother were all "on my knees". At school, I was the main character in the class, the good student in the eyes of the teacher. The halo of "excellent student" and "class cadre" makes me shine. Now, my parents' nagging seems to make me a punching bag. Compared with the excellent classmates in the class, I also became an unassuming grass, and seemed to be the extra person in the world. I was lost, helpless and even secretly weeping. I often ask myself, why am I not the center of the world, the object of attention? Where do I go?

  One day, I looked up and saw a little bird jumping up and down in a tree. There was no applause, no flowers, no peer's attention, it still cried so hard, so happy. I was so enlightened that I couldn't help feeling thankful that the "I" of the past was so childish that other people's attention was only secondary, and my own attention was the most important. We can't impose on others, but we can make our lives better. To get something in return, you have to give a smile.

  Although xiang yu is a powerful man, zhuge liang has three points of wisdom, but the power of people is sometimes small, and there is nothing they can do about it. On the road of life, we have to choose to face reality at any time. In P.E. class, the students were eager to show their presence on the runway, and I was involved. Whistle sounded, everyone rushed out, gritted my teeth, my arm harder try desperately, KeJiao how also don't listen to your boss, I saw the students one by one in front of me, I have to face the reality of himself on the sports indeed at a disadvantage. "Flowers have all kinds of red, people have different", everyone has their own different strengths, everyone can't succeed every time, failure is not to be taken, it is important to face.

  The ant is a famous hercules of the animal kingdom. The stream is shallow, but it can make a big ocean. As long as you are steadfast in your ideals, always try hard, stupid birds will fly first. When I was in junior high school, I felt that I had grown up three times and lost the position of the main character. When I fail, I choose to face it bravely. I let my ideals grow when life is at a low ebb. Life is a long way, and I will realize the perfect metamorphosis of life with my self-confidence and persistence.

成长英语作文 篇6

  Looking back, we have already grew up, 18 has often hung in the mouth. Once upon a time, that is so sacred 18 years old, only know when we grow up, can fly. But now, when I really must face it, when suddenly feel a vague unprepared. I worry about whether oneself can fully understand 18 this ordinary digital contain rich connotations, but I understand, 18 means responsibility. Maybe growth itself is a kind of responsibility!

  High school years, we spent six years before the flowering, 17 in the rainy season. Once in the confusion, and in quiet sighed for yourself in confusion and calm, we grow up. Hence, began to use my own brain to think about everything around, perhaps this is shallow, but we should not blindly follow a group of pride, to the child with reason and mature farewell once young ignorant.

  18 is an end, is a start. At this moment, and lost, in pursuit of the conversion between, we feel happy, also experiencing pain. Almost all of the pain comes from the dream. When we tasted suffering to realize your dream, finally, it joy appreciate that: pain, often breeds happy seeds. This is not an easy growth, pain and sufferings, is not bad, we know that, when reality cannot change, we shall timely change, but we have always loved with real bargain, because we love the world, the happineand warmth and love and pain of the world. In the proceof growing up, we learned that you, for we cannot untie those small knot, we learned to smile, to appreciate beauty of it. Because we know that just graciously turned, can find new and beautiful scenery.

  Growth is a pain, but I don't want to let it leave scar. Growth is a metamorphosis, experienced hardships to break coon.

  In the growth of the road is often lonely, to learn in no one's time to give ourselves. Don't worry, fear brave, frankly, facing the growth of everything for yourself in the faith, encouragement, give yourself to yourself. In the growth of the journey, we need is calm, quiet, bravely facing.

成长英语作文 篇7

  Time keeps going and we are growing up. Every growth is different, but the same is that everyone's growth is happy, happy, also bumpy, full of worry.

  In my memory, before I went to school, I was carefree, and I spent this time in the country. Besides eating, I was playing without any worries. Every day, I play hide-and-seek with my little friends, go to the fields to catch little bugs, play tired, and eat at home. In the evening, my grandmother would hold me and sit in the yard and enjoy the beautiful night scene, telling me the story, and I would always go to the sweet dreamland with my grandma's story.

  In memory, the time in kindergarten is joyful and afraid. after the kindergarten, I will leave my dear mom and dad, grandparents, and every day I can't and family together, I am very afraid, but you can think of every day and many children play games together, painting, and tower blocks, I will feel happy, happy. In the evening, I always talk to my family about the funny things that happened in kindergarten.

  In memory, the time of primary school is joyful and vexed. Just step into the elementary school, I have some curious, gradually, I got familiar with here, had many good friends, and every day the teacher can teach us a lot of knowledge, also taught us to write and read pinyin, I had a very happy every day. However, with the growth of grade, learning is no longer an easy task. I am overwhelmed by the mountains of homework every day, and I have to struggle to write a composition. How many times I want to give up learning, the anticipation of the teacher and the parents gave me the motivation to move forward. So, I a good spirit, a lot of reading, also discuss with students the class does not understand the topic, gradually, my grades by leaps and bounds, from the downstream has been rising to the top three classes, I was so happy! The time in primary school taught me the truth of "no pain, no gain".

  Growth is happy, growth is good, and growth is also bumpy, but everyone will grow up, let us no longer complain, no longer whine, in the optimism of the growth!

成长英语作文 篇8

  Everyone has his desires, there will be trouble. I am no exception, my worry is: why can't parents and teachers make allowance for us? In school, the teacher know only want us to write a composition, math, reciting English words; Only blindly requires us to observe discipline and higher grade, where know the commiserating heart?

  At home, I do something wrong, mom and dad will be scold me, but I cannot speak in the heart of the pain, can only be wronged. Sometimes argue with them a few words, and they will criticize I shouldn't talk back, don't we don't even have the right to defend?

  Adults always stubbornly believe that our children don't understand, when they speak, if we go respond, they would say: "talk to adults, kids don't interrupt, side to go to." Where they know that sometimes children also is very reasonable! The adults always envy carefree child, but we are very hard, in their mind, we just dazed child.

  They think that children will listen to your parents, what we have to do what they say. However, this idea is now it is not advisable, now adults should not treat us as a child, but when we are friends, with friend's treatment to treat us, because now is the 21st century, our idea should change with the passage of time, the old ideas don't to think about it again, or you will go out of to our society. Isn't it?





成长英语作文 篇9

  How times flies! Now I am a student in Grade Nine and facing the first turning point in my school life. This title “Growing pains and gains” reminds me of the meaningful school life. The colourful life is full of my happineand sorrows.

  In school, I have to take a lot of lessons. Some are interesting while some are boring. But it’s the responsibility of the students to learn them all well. I have to try my best. During my growing time, a lot of trouble worried me. That’s awful and makes me blue.

  Although I met with a lot of failure, I still have a lot of gains. I can make a pricelefriendship. I can learn a large number of useful things---to be kind, friendly to others, to be confident and independent and so on.

成长英语作文 篇10

  Children’s education has been concerned by the public all the time. As they are the future and will decide a country’s destiny, so the environment matters so much to them. Most parents expect the school can provide the children a good learning environment and ignore the importance of home education.


  School provides the children a direct stage to receive education. In the school, the teachers pass knowledge and educate them the right value. The children know their task and as everybody around them focus the attention on study, so they are affected by each other and have the strong desire to learn.


  Home education is easy to be ignored by most parents, they think it is the teachers’ duty to educate children. Actually, most criminal teenagers have family issues. Parents haven’t set good example for the kids. Sometimes they are even the trouble makers. Without love, teenagers won’t grow up as the strong people.


  Both school and family environment are important for the children, and they need to be nurtured with the good examples and learn knowledge.











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