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  It is quite common for parents to beat their children,because they think eating is a good way to make children learn and behave well.One of my neighbors made a very strict demand on his son and scolded him bitterly or smacked(稍带特定味道) him whenever he was lazy or disobedient(违抗命令的).To justify(辩解) what he did,he said,” spare the rod and ruin the child.”

  Actually beating is a violent way of treating children.It does more harm and causes more hurt than good to children’s physical and psychological health.However,beating children is common occurrence(出现) in our life.Many children become disable because their parents hit them too hard.Some lost their hearing and some became lame(跛脚的).Some children develop an internal(内在的) hatred(憎恨) for their parents and protest(抗议) by running away from home.Others may become so fearful of their parents that they tremble(发抖) at the sight of their angry parents.A mother,for example,even went so far as to beat her son to death because she was not satisfied with his study.Likewise(同样地),it is not unusual that the child murdered(凶杀) his parents because of the extreme contradiction(矛盾) between them.How can children learn and grow healthily under such circumstance(环境)?

  Quite often parents will be torn by pangs(剧痛) of regret(懊悔) and remorse(自责) after they have beaten their children.They feel very sad in the rest of their lives.But it is already too late.How can they bring their handicapped(有生理缺陷的) child back to healthy one?How can they relieve(减轻) pains in their children’s heart so easily?We can say beating hurts both children and parents.It is absolutely a bad way to make children learn and behave well.

  Exactly speaking,children are also human beings.They have self-respect and should be respected.

英语作文 篇2

  Computers are changing our life. You can do a lot of things with a computer. Such as, you can use a computer to write articles, watch video CDs, play games and do office work. But the most important use of a computer is to join the Internet. By joining a computer to Internet, we can get the latest information in all fields. We don't need to leave home to borrow books from a library or to do shopping in a supermarket.

  Computers help us live a more convenient life. With the development of computers, the word is becoming a large family.



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  i vividly recall my first visit, as a boy of twelve, to a big town. i had hardly been outside the confines (边缘) of the village where i was born and i had met and talked to no more than a few hundred people; but those few hundred i knew very well.

  of course we did sometimes see a strange face, but visitors from the outside world, whose coming always aroused great excitement, were few and far between (稀少). when i reached the town that i mentioned i was first overcome by the striking change from the slow and quiet life i had been used to. surely those swiftly (迅速地) moving vehicles (车辆) must inevitably collide (必然碰撞) with each other----or with us----at any moment, and those tall building collapse (倒坍) and crush (压碎) us all! but i soon forgot those fears and began to notice something even more amazing (令人惊奇的) ----the crowds of people on the pavements (人行道) who were hurrying past each other without a smile. it gradually dawned on me (我渐渐明白) that not only were they not interested in one another; they were strangers, and apparently (明显地) quite content (满意地) to remain so. it was the lack of friendliness among them which most deeply distressed (使痛苦)me.

  i know that if we are to profit from the innumerable mechanical inventions (获益于无数机械发明) of this scientific age it is necessary for us to live together in large communities (社区). we are thus enabled (使能够) to provide and enjoy material benefits (利益) which are rarely available (少有的) in small villages----such amenities (令人愉快的事情) as good sanitation (环境卫生), cheap transport (交通), well-stocked (货物贮备充足的) shops----and in addition the very fact of our living together in large numbers makes it possible for us to live a richer social and cultural life. yet it seems to me that the mechanical inventions demand from ordinary men and women so much of their time and attention that they have none left for their fellow human beings.

  when i think of those crowded pavements and of those thousands of people hurrying to and fro (来来往往) apparently with no thought for others i cannot help wondering whether the so-called (所谓的) benefits of civilization (文明) in a mechanical age are not being purchased (购买)at too high a price.

英语作文 篇4

  Smoking And Health

  Smoking And Health

  Today smoking is a widespread habit ali over the world. Not only the old, the youth, but also middle school students have been engaged in smoking. Many of them think that smoking is a smart symbol.

  However, smoking is harmful to one‘s ,health. It contributes a lot of lung cancer, from which many people have died in the past years. It can also cause many other diseases. In a word, if you smoke, you do have a much greater chance of losing your health. Furthermore, scientific research shows that smoking is not only harmful to smokers themselves, but also a threat to public health, especially to women and children. Therefore, many countries have made laws forbidding smokers to smoke m public places such as cinemas, stations, hospitals, and so on Giveup smoking! If you don‘t smoke, don‘t start. Give upsmoking for the sake of your health, for the sake of your family, and for the sake of the whole world.





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  In order to celebrate mother's day my mother and I decided to jiaozuo border region a attractions - yuntai mountain. We went all the way along the roadside flowers like in smiled at me, The tree is waved to me. Even the rain also infected by us more huan... So soon in yuntai mountain.

  In yuntai mountain is our first visit scenic spots dogwood peak, heard that the tang dynasty poet Wang Weiceng left there a few words of legend: alone in a foreign land here, every festive holiday times. Remote know brothers climb, dogwood is less one times. After listening, we is climbing. Although the process of mountaineering. However, my mother and I are convinced that: learning, too, if you don't always make progress, is inferior to others will be the next big already, also is one step behind, step by step.

  Next, we ride in front. The bottom, came to redstone gorge scenic area. All of a sudden, a tour guide, pointing to a big stone said: "this is the double stone, with his left hand to touch it desires of the heart is the right hand to touch it is money." After hearing the words I want to play a trick behind mother, drew her to here, let her in touch with either hand, such as after her to touch to tell her the truth of the matter again. After she heard, we both laughed.

  Yuntai mountain, and let me use a word is: even the water fog lock lock hill mountain fog, day tail water connect (because the cloud there is much, clear water.

  Mom, today I played very happy, you happy?

英语作文 篇6

  Someone says examination can help us go over our lessons in time and after the examination we can find how we are getting on with our studies. But we are always having too many examinations and they are also too difficult for us to get through.I find some of us have lost interest in learning lessons. Besides,it is harmful to our health as we hardly have any time to go in for sports. I think the present system of measurement should be improved.










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