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  Hello everyone! It’s my honor to make a speech here.

  Last week, I picked up an important piece of news from my schoolmate. He said the USA government had decided to withdraw troops from Iraq .When I heard the news , I didn’t believe it .However ,it was true .When I turned on the TV to watch the further report, what I saw was that the US soldiers eventually returned home ,tired and frightened.

  What influences their feelings is violence and war. They saw too much blood and too many people killed in the war. What’s worse, they had to kill others sometimes in order to survive themselves. Faced with so much violence, they are filled with fear.

  In our daily life, there are also many violent cases around us. Not only does it affects our public order, but it also has a bad influence on people, especially the teenagers.

  As there are large quantities of harms in violence. What can we do to avoid it? I think it’s important for us to be kind to others. Smile can easily spread in the air, so when we smile to others, others will repay us a smile.

  As for the government, I think every country should do work together. What causes the conflicts between the countries is the lack of communication. Understanding is a bridge that is made up of love and tolerance. As the saying goes,“United , we stand; divided , we fall.”. To make our world a better place to live in, we should learn to take care of others. And what is more important is that we should learn to respect others.

  When the love of peace spread all over the world, smile will take the place of crying. Violence will no longer be a problem. And I’m sure we’ll have a better future.

英语作文 篇2


  高二(三)班的全体同学将于20xx年11月20日在学校图书馆举办一次活动,活动包括诗朗诵、讲故事、唱歌、舞蹈,现以全班同学的名义邀请全体高中同学参加,届时,将请各班主任作为教师代表出席,请参加的师生每人准备好一个节目。发布通知的日期为20xx年11月11日。 (字数70-100字)




  We're going to have interesting activities in the school library at 8:00 a.m on November 20, 20xx. By then,some of us will read poems and some will tell stories. You can also hear wonderful singing and watch beautiful dancing there. We hope all the senior students can come and join in the activities. All the headmasters will be invited to our activities as representatives of teachers. Please get one performance ready because some of you will probably be asked to give us one .

  20xx年11月20日早上8点我们打算在学校图书馆开展一个有趣的活动。 到那时,我们中的一些人会读诗,一些会讲故事。你也可以在那里听到美妙的歌声,看到优美的舞姿。我们希望所有高年级学生可以来参加这个活动。所有的班主任将被邀请来参加我们的活动并作为教师代表。请大家准备好一个节目,因为你可能会被要求表演一个节目。

  Students of Class3,Senior2.

英语作文 篇3

  On our growing path, there will always be a lot of memorable things that happened last year, and I think I will never forget.

  It was in the last summer, my toothache was sleep well, food is not fragrant ... ... Oh, it is really uncomfortable! Mom took me to the Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital. I walked into the hospital door, could not help but stunned: several children, are burst into tears, and then look at the hands of the doctor's tool: what syringes Yeah, tweezers ah, bit ah, vise ah ... ... my God, which can be called a dental hospital? Obviously an electrical repair station. So a look, I am sober to immediately escape the dentistry. Suddenly, listen to the doctor cried: "31, fill the teeth!" To me, I stared at that, the heart kept jumping. I comfort myself, immediately like, and then a bit will be passed.

  Began to treat, my two hands firmly grasp the chair handle. The doctor holding, aimed at my sinking teeth drilled up, drilled ah drill ah ... ... I think that sockyard sour, as if eating an unripe strawberries, can not tell the uncomfortable. Finally, after ten minutes, the doctor picked up the dentifrice and filled the saddle hole, and then said to me, "Okay!" I jumped from the chair like a bird that was back to nature. Down.

  This painful experience, let me understand, care about how important the teeth, this teeth so that I will never forget the event!





英语作文 篇4

  I enjoy reading different kinds of books, but "Harry Porter" is my favourite one. The story is very long but I am interested in it. Harry was such a brave and clever boy that he dared to fight against powerful enemies. His Z-shaped scar and magic stick brought me into a magical world. In fact, the fiction story is so meaningful that I can learn a lot form it. I think it‘s the best book I‘ve ever read.


英语作文 篇5




  she returned to her office.there was a note under the door. it was from mr may.he said he was waiting for her in the coffee room.and he bad not found her sister.hewas sorry to have missed her.


  when she returned to her office,the found a note from mr may under the door.he said he was waiting for her in the coffee room and hadnt found her sister yet.headded that he was sorry to have missed her.


  又如《大学英语》第一册第十课 going home,当汽车驶至 brunsnick,车上的年轻人看见黄手帕时,出现了以下这两行文字:

  then,suddenly,all of the young people were up out of thelr seats,screamlng andshouting and cryin, doing small dances of joy.all except vlngo.这两句话一长(23个词)一短(3个词),彼此衬托互为凸现。第一句的两个and和四个-ing词,把热闹、喧哗的气氛喧染极至,长句之后,蜂回路转,一个仅三个词的短句扑入读者的双目几乎沸腾的场面顿时凝固但其余音未绝,此时外表虽冷漠,内心却炙热难当。



  (1)defeated in the minor exchanges,i now play my queen of trumps.(分词短语做状语开头)

  (2)there are two ways in which one can own a book.( there be句型开头)

  (3)equally important is a good habit of reading(表语开头)




  (l) the love of the liberty is the love of the others;the love of power ls thelove of ourselves.


  (2)the days when we suffered from oppression and exploitation are gone.(这样表达文字通顺,但语意不很突出。)

  改为:gone are the days when we suffered fron oppression andexploitation.





  词可分为一般概念的词(general words)和具体概念的词(specific words)。表示一般概念的词含义模糊;表示具体概念的词含义明确,表达准确,生动形象。写作时合理地使用具体概念的词能够使句子表达的意思准确,内容生动,更富有感染力。试比较下面各组句子:

  (l) a few houses were destroyed yesterday (general)

  five houses burnt down yesterday (specific)

  (2)his relatives gave him two gifts(general)

  his aunt and uncle gave hima watch and a pen as the birthday gifts。(specific)

  (3) jack went to the window and looked at the crowd outside(general)

  jack tiptoed to the window and peeped into the room(specific)




  (l)george has lost his social position since his business failed.

  可改为:george has come down in the world since his business failed

  (2).maybe you have time to go to the cinema,but i have more importavt businessto attend to.

  可改为:maybe you have time to go to the cinema,but i have other fish to fry.



  the teachers maintained that the students should give up love for the sake ofleaming students,however,hold that fordidding love among college students is nogood.

  这两句话里,谓语分别用了maintain和hold。如果将它们换为think,所表达的意思相同,但用词宽度则不如原文。这两句话中for the sake of,give up,is no good等都是用词宽度的表现。






  l.good health is important to everyone of us.

  2.there are many ways which can help build up our health.

  3.as for me,i like running as well as playing basketball and football.














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