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我的暑假英语作文 篇1

  Last summer I spent a two-week vacation at my aunt's place. My aunt lived alone in a mountain village, with a small river winding its course everyday.

  One morning I went fishing in the river, where two women washed clothes. I fimnd a most favorable point. Casting out my line I waited anxiously for a bite. Suddenly there came a cry: "Help! Help!" I looked in the direction of the call and saw a boy falling into the river. Throwing the fishing pole, I dashed over like an arrow, jumped into the river and swam very quickly towards the boy. Then together with his mother I carried the boy on my back to a nearby hospital. That boy was saved. The mother gave me a thousand thanks.

  Back to my fishing place, I fimnd my fishing pole floating on the water. I managed to get it. But to my great surprise, there was a big fish on the hook.


我的暑假英语作文 篇2

  The summer holiday is ing。 I'm going to have a good rest and learn to relax myself。 I will read more useful books because reading more books is not only interesting but also can make me learn more knowledge。 I will try to spend more time in chatting with my parents and help them to do some housework。 I am going to take part in the social activities so that I can know more about the society。 If possible, I'd like to go to Shanghai for a visit of the World Expo。 I'm sure I'll have an interesting and meaningful summer holiday。

我的暑假英语作文 篇3

  Summer vacation, this is a the students expect long-lost happy time, simply can and play, no more unpleasant sound alarm clock in the morning... But we looked at those high expectations, a less-pressured treasure mom, has arranged everything for us: early in the morning to go to remedial class, noon to classes every day and every day go to remedial classes in the afternoon. I every day in ask him, who invented the remedial class! Deprived of the time I watch TV, if let me know who it is, I will regard that man as my enemy.



我的暑假英语作文 篇4

  Look forward, look forward to, finally come to the second summer vacation in primary school. The life of the summer vacation is really colorful! In the first few days, as Mom and Dad were at work, they sent me to the grandmother's home in the country. There were no restrictions on homework every day, without the mother's accusation and supervision. I've been crazy for days. I can control my time in the daytime: playing cards, playing football, playing basketball, playing chess... Look at the TV in the evening, or take a walk with grandma outside, and come back to sleep without worry and sleep until daybreak.

  At the beginning of July 4th, mother school was formally set up for the summer vacation. I left my grandmother and returned to his home. Under the supervision of my mother, I launched a race with my summer homework. I read two English reading books in the morning, do some math problems, do some Chinese in the afternoon, sometimes I listen to English tapes. With the help of my mother, I spent more than ten days and finally finished my summer homework.

  In the next days, I was very relaxed. My mother didn't give me extra homework. In addition to Sax who blew for thirty minutes a day, the rest were at my disposal, and she didn't force me to do my homework. I read some books during the summer vacation. The stories in the book are interesting and fun. I'd like my mother to buy me some books like this.

  The end of the summer, and you can see my dear classmates and teachers, I was beside himself with joy, I hope one day to see them.





我的暑假英语作文 篇5

  This summer vacation, I have experienced a lot of interesting, meaningful things, most of my memorable, or my two friends of the "Sunshine School".

  Each of us has a nickname, I am a "carrot", Yang Yang is a "Chinese cabbage", and it is a "leaf of green vegetables". We are to protect the flowers, help others, send out the sun. Our name is a bit indecent, but doing things is doing good.

  We chose a sunny day. Everyone took a small notebook and a pen, recorded what happened, took some small change, took some food and started off on a bicycle. Of course, mom and dad are following us. To the river garden, we stopped to see two kids out of flowers on the grass into the air, and then pull the grass, strewn with many beautiful petals, we could not stand, walk to the front of two children, told them not the decapitation of flowers, but they do not listen to this we have angered, came to their parents, parents politely told them, saw the aunt blush, let the children go quickly. I hope to protect the brand of flowers, I am both happy and dislike, this child is not sensible, adults will sit in no matter? We got on again and went on. I found a pair of mother and son, dressed in tattered clothes, kneeling on the ground and having a job in front of them. I saw compassion and I said to my partner, "let's help them. How poor you see!" The little cabbage said, "now more cheats, be careful!" The leaves of green vegetables are also attached to the side: "now, some people have abandoned their dignity, pretending to beggars for money in the streets, and make two hundred or three hundred a day!" They say the city country levy kowtowed!" "No! Let's come out for what we do! " I spoke very strongly in my mouth. I heard their words a bit shaken, but I saw the poor mother and son, they took the lead out of 1 yuan, and they said, "you don't care about me!" They know my temper, and they reluctantly put out 2 yuan. In this way, we ran and ran around. A day down, tired a half dead!

  At home, mom and dad boast that we grow up, can help others, today is a love day, in order to reward us, allow us to play together. We are happy to jump three feet high, I think, the people who have been helped today are also happy!





我的暑假英语作文 篇6

  At college, I missed my parents a lot. As the term was drawing to an end, I eagerly looked forward to going home. And I planned to do a thousand and one things during the vacation. Above all, I wanted to help my mother with housework. I also wished to read many hooks which my teachers had recommended.cooyu.net

  However, at home, my mother would never let me do anything. She completely deprived me of sharing her work. As soon as I opened a book to read,she would sit down beside me and ask me about all kinds of things at the college. To please her,I told her one thing after another,and soon I forgot all about books. Even when I was actually reading,she would, now and then,insist that I should eat an egg or drink a cup of tea.cooyu.net

  When I left home at the end of the vacation, not a thing in my plan had been carried out. But I felt very happy. I believed much more deeply than before in the old saying: Home, sweet home. There‘s no place like home!

我的暑假英语作文 篇7

  Summer holiday is coming.I am going to do many things that I want to do. For exampie,first I will jion a soccer club,because I like playing soccer.During the summer holiday, I want to practice more to improve my skills.Second I will go to my grandma's house,because I miss her very much.I want to stay with her for several days.Last I will help my mother do some housework. She was really tired when I was go to school. Except for taking care of me, she also has to work. Therefore, I want to help her in the holidays.What will you do on Summer Holiday?


我的暑假英语作文 篇8

  Blink of an eye summer vacation passed. Although it was a bit short, but in the summer there are two things that I was very impressed. Now in retrospect, let me memorable.

  Although I was not fortunate enough to attend the graduation ceremony of our junior school students, but in a chance I learned that the junior high school in the summer during the third day of the graduation ceremony. So and primary school students to see with. The scene looks very simple, the program is very rich. There are chorus, dance performances, poetry recitation and so on. Near the end, commended the General Assembly. There is a graduate of Wang Jie, the total score of 701 points, a record high school, was named the city of three good students. I was very surprised when I heard it. Did not expect such a teaching system is not very high, the atmosphere is not a good school, but also have such talent. Is confirming the sentence: where the gold will be glowing!

  I could not help but admire him. I went to the east of this school, paid a huge cost of money - more than a dozen junior high school tuition fees. However, because of this, I will cherish the opportunity to learn more in the East. So far the master of the East so much, when I feel powerless, I will encourage myself: the gold will always light, not to mention I am a diamond! This sentence looks like some arrogant, but often think of it, the mouth will always rise, feeling re-owned the power.

  Another thing is, once, my mother and I went to eat KFC. Something is the time, see the cashier next to a small brand, which reads: dedication for the disaster area, do Mianbaozhili, 1 yuan. I do not hesitate to talk with the cashier sister, I want to donate a dollar. Although this is the ordinary life can not be ordinary things, but also make me very happy.

  Summer vacation in the occurrence of these interesting, so that my life more of a meaning and color!

我的暑假英语作文 篇9

  My summer holiday started from July.In July,I always stay at home,reading books and watching TV.I borrowed some books from the library of the city.They are about English and Maths.Because I am not good at English and Maths,I need to study hard on them.In the next month,I traveled with my parents to a few of beautiful cities.They are Yangzhou,Lianyungang,Chengdu and so on.I like these cities.They are beautiful cities.I had a wonderful summer holiday.After the holiday,I will study hard and try my best to become a member useful for the society.

我的暑假英语作文 篇10

  Summer vacation, the students fully free to play, I of course is not exceptional also, computer, TV became my faithful partner, dinner and have to go to the vitality of cultural square and the students play board games, but to the school I am a grade five student, in order to keep my academic performance and other aspects have new progress, the following summer vacation plan.










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