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  You know, Dad, there was a time when we were not only separated by the generation gap but completely polarized by it. You stood on one side of the Great Divide and I on the other, father and daughter split apart by age and experience, opinions, hairstyles, cosmetics, clothing, curfews, music, and boys.

  The Father-Daughter Duel of 54 shifted into high gear when you taught me to drive the old Dodge and I decided I would drive the ‘54 Chevy whether you liked it or not. The police officer who escorted me home after you reported the Chevy stolen late one evening was too young to understand father-daughter politics and too old to have much tolerance for a snotty 16 year old. You were so decent about it, Dad, and I think that was probably what made it the worst night of my life.

  Our relationship improved immensely when I married a man you liked, and things really turned around when we begin making babies right and left. We didnt have a television set, you know, and we had to entertain ourselves somehow. I didnt know what to expect of you and Mom as grandparents but I didnt have to wait long to find out. Those babies adored you then just as they adore you now. When I see you with all your grandchildren, I know you’ve given them the finest gift a grandparent can give. You’ve given them yourself.


  Today is fathers day, is our sacred and great fathers day.

  It is said that the worlds first fathers day, 1910 was born in the United States. In 1909, live in the United States of spokane, Washington state and Mrs Dodd, when her once the mothers day, to think: why no fathers day in the world?

  Mrs Dodds mother died in her 13 years old that year, six children left behind; In Washington, dc, Mrs Dodds father, Mr Wei farm, alone, father and mother job raising six children grew up, in the end, Mr Wei died of overwork.

  When he was in 1909, is the years of Mr Weis death, when Mrs Dodd mother after the holiday. At that time, she knew that her father in the process of raising children, as a mother.

  So, there will be a fathers day today. As children we should be in this day and greeting to my father, a chat with dad. I want to say to my father: "I love you for ever!"


  In my dearest memories have so a person, or standing or bend, have impression has been etched deeply in my heart.

  The man has a thin white hair, round face was full of years trace, fat body is very thick, the shoulder is very wide, like a can rely on the mountain. This man is the pillar of my home, I the most dear father.

  "Dad" is a good word, called "BaBa" when I was a kid, thats my favorite food, is also he gave me his family of food and clothing.

  Dad always love "nag".

  See at most as a child is the father of my cousin and cousin, talking about some life planning.

  Because my cousin and cousin are bigger than me, than Ill consider some problems naturally.

  Sometimes annoyed me and my brother elder sister is not his children, he was so concerned about what to do.

  But I am afraid to speak these words, and he is still like a father taught his children.

  Later grew up some, when they talk about again, I will be listening in.

  Looking daddy serious faces and brother elder sister to admire eyes, suddenly understand why dad in our this generation of children is more popular, it is a kind of unconscious on trust between power.












  When I was young,my father ,who always taught me how to be a true man,told me that it is essential to be tolerant in your life whatever happens.

  And that remains the most valuable present he gave me,I think To be tolerant, I need to keep calm when great trouble lies in front of me,however difficult it is to overcome it; To be tolerant ,I need to resist the temptation of all kinds of the outside world,even if it is so attractive; To be torlerant, I need to pull myself(控制自己情绪) in times of extreme sorrows and joys, no matter how they affect me.


  Today is fathers day. Im going to buy a gift for my dad with my pocket money, so I "kill" the little fat piggy bank.

  I walked into the room and said to my father, "dad, I broke something." Father got angry, blew his beard and stared, and he kicked me in the ass without saying a word. I was kicked out.

  I took my pocket money and didnt go back to the shoe store. At the shoe store, I said to my bosss shoes, "buy an adults shoes." The boss say: "you are a child, how can buy adults  shoes?" I told my boss it was for my father. The boss asked me again, "how big is your fathers foot?" I turned my butt up and showed him the footprints of my father. The boss was surprised at first, but he immediately responded, laughing and saying, "youve got your size on your ass."


  Tomorrow is fathers day, and my fathers busy figure is shaking in front of my eyes, how can I express my love for my father? Id like to go, oh, yeah, thats the way to do it.

  Fathers day came, and I said to my mother, "mom, today is fathers day. Lets give dad a surprise." "Mom said," ok." I put it on my mothers ear and whispered, "we are..."

  My mother and I messed up the house, as if we didnt know anything. Dad went home, looked at his house and asked, "do you know what day it is?" My mother said, "let me see, is the world anti-drug day?" "No." Dad pointed to the day on the clock. I cried out, "its our banjis birthday!" Dad listened, as if his heart were broken.

  Baba bowed his head and entered the room. My mother and I broke into the room and said, "happy fathers day!" Then my father hugged me and mom, and we all laughed.

  This is my happiest day of the year.


  The United States is one of the few countries in the world that has an official day on which fathers are honored by their children. On the third Sunday in June, fathers all across the United States are given presents, treated to dinner or otherwise made to feel special. .

  The origin of Father‘s Day is not clear. Some say that it began with a church service in West Virginia in 1908. Others say the first Father‘s Day ceremony was held in Vancouver, Washington.

  Regardless of when the first true Father‘s Day occurred, the strongest promoter of the holiday was Mrs. Bruce John Dodd of Spokane, Washington. She thought of the idea for Father‘s Day while listening to a Mother‘s Day sermon in 1909.

  Sonora wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart. Smart, who was a Civil War veteran, was widowed when his wife died while giving birth to their sixth child. Mr. Smart was left to raise the newborn and his other five children by himself on a rural farm in eastern Washington state.

  After Sonora became an adult she realized the selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent. It was her father that made all the parental sacrifices and was, in the eyes of his daughter, a courageous, selfless, and loving man. In 1909, Mrs. Dodd approached her own minister and others in Spokane about having a church service dedicated to fathers on June 5, her father‘s birthday.

  That date was too soon for her


  Fathers day is coming, here I am, I want to say the kind and serious father.

  Dad body fat, under the thick eyebrows, a pair of intense big eyes. If the first meeting, he will give you bad feeling. However, I think my dads diligence and kindness, it just displays on the round face.

  In a hotel, father hold tightly his post. He also had to work 24 hours a day. He skillfully hotel management; He led the hard-working employees; He, the hotels public security is good. His selflessness, put others before oneself character often makes me deeply moved! If it is not the majesty of his face, how can you make his colleagues admired him

  Home dad is another look! At home, he kindly kind, lovely and active. He knew his mother daily cleaning, cooking is very hard, so he will go home on holiday, as a "housewife" -- to buy breakfast in the morning and newspapers to us, cooks for us again in the evening. In spite of his sweat, but always with smile on the face, like sunshine shining on me, make my heart very warm. Once my grades back, very frustrated. At this time, he big and strong hand and hold me, said softly: "failed this time, try again next time. In fact the discretion of the test scores to it doesnt matter, the most important he ever try to!" This talk I always remember, not only did he often encouraged me unlimited, also when you give me confidence and courage!

  My father, an ordinary but great father. You are my first teacher, guide me go forward; You also is my motto, is my good example to learn! I have such a good father proud and proud!

  Dad, happy fathers day! I love you!


  June 19 is fathers day.

  This morning, after my father practiced in driving school, I thumped my hard-working father on the back; at noon, my mother invited our family to have a big meal, and wished my father a happy holiday; In the afternoon, my mother also sent many festival gifts to Grandpa and grandma, including watermelon, melon, peaches, drinks, etc. because grandpa and grandma were in Fangzhuangs hometown, my father and mother didnt have time to go back to their hometown, and my father gave my grandfather holiday greetings by phone.

  I wish fathers day all over the world happy and healthy!


  The first fathers day was in June, 5th, 1910, United Stated. In 1909, a lady called Bruce Dodd put forward that people should establish father’s day. At that time, people only celebrated the mothers day, but nobody celebrate fathers day yet. Lady Dodd had lost her mother when she was very young, her father raised her grew up. Lady Dodd was so thankful for what her father had done for her that she wrote a letter to the government. In the letter, she appeals to establish the fathers day. The government accepted her suggestion and decided that the third Sunday of June is the national father’s day. In 1972, the president Nixon had passed the law and agreed that the father’s day is on June the third Sunday. From this year, the world started to celebrate father’s day.

  On this special day, the children usually dedicate flowers to their fathers. The red roses to those who still alive, while the white ones to the fallings. Fathers always are considered being the central of the whole family. Without father in the family, home may feel insecure. The father always fights for the family and support the family. On this day, we can do something for our fathers. For instance, we can make a breakfast for them, or buy them a nice tie. We should spend more time with our father, show our love to them.

  The father’s day is coming, take this chance, and tell our fathers that we love him. Happy father’s day!










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