my hometown英语作文精编

2017-11-06 高二年级英语作文

  My hometown is in heyuan, there is very beautiful all the year round, especially in the autumn.

  Autumn day, clear, it's like thinking very smooth sapphire, and like a very delicate blue satin weave. Look, it seems to be close to you, as long as a hand can touch; It seems very far away from you, how also can't close. LanYingYing foil the sky white cloud, the eye.

  In the fall, the time is shorter, it is not as hot as summer, winter so cold, and then the leaves of a tree and a young one is yellow, and some are teetering on the mother tree under the soles of the feet.

  Autumn is a season of harvest, the orchard fruits, fruitful, a harvest scene, are: sweet and delicious big watermelon, all sorts of color of grapes, red apple, yellow pear... The fruit here is so sweet, is their sunshine time is very long, the fruit, my favorite is big and round watermelon, because the watermelon is sweet and tasty! Fields and cotton cracked lips, like doesn't close properly anymore, the cotton from a distance, like snow, snow but not in autumn ah, approached a look, can know cotton is white as snow, rice smile bent the waist, as if he were waiting for the farmer uncle, aunt to harvest them.

  Ah! I love my beautiful home, this is my hometown, I hope you have a chance to visit here!






my hometown英语作文精编

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