A busy day 忙绿的一天

2022-01-27 二年级英语作文

  新的一天,新的开始,下面为大家分享几篇英语作文A busy day 忙绿的一天,供大家参考、学习。

  A busy day 忙绿的一天

  This morning I got up early. After breakfast, I helped mom with housework.Then I did my homework.In the afternoon, I played table tennis with my friend lingling.In the evening I watched TV with my parents.What a busy day today!

  这个早上,我早早起床。 早餐过后,我帮助妈妈做家务。然后做家庭作业。下午,我和玲玲一起打乒乓球。晚上,我和父母一起看电视。今天是多么忙碌的一天啊!

  A busy day 忙绿的一天

  Last Saturday was a busy day.I got up quickly and had breakfast at 8:00 in the morning.After that,I was doing homework from 9 to 11.I finished all of it by noon.In the afternoon,I was playing with friends happily for 3 hours.In the evening,I want to my grandma's home for dinner.I spent sometime talking and laughing with my family.I was tired by happily that day.


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