2021-10-11 自我评价



  I am steadfast, hard work, strict demands on themselves, motivated, meticulous, new things have a strong ability to accept. We have to master the technology innovation, excellence, able to properly handle around relationships, your peers, and with a strong team spirit.


  1, the general theory and method validation software familiar, rich functional testing and performance testing experience.

  2, a good independent analysis, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, and can pay attention to detail.

  3, grasp the common testing tools, such as Spirent, Silkperformer, Loadrunner, CPPUnit.

  4, skilled use of C ++, Python, LinuxShell and other programming languages.

  5. Proficiency in Unix / Windows systems and Unix / Windows tools, familiar with Oracle, SQLServer.

  6, familiar with networking protocols, such as TCP / IP, HTTP / HTTPS, FTP, DHCP, DNS, SSH, VNC.

  7, familiar with the network design and construction, the switch router configuration, familiar with the Web, FTP, Samba, and other server deployment.

  8, CET-6, have good English reading and writing skills, through the National Network Engineer (Intermediate) certification.


  I have a strong scientific research and practical ability, proficient in C C ++ programming language and MFC programming framework, and skilled use of VC ++ 6.0 VS20xx and other software-related work.Socket socket programming to have a certain understanding, written a chat room software category. Familiar with OpenGL graphics programming development, and project experience.

  My character calm, modest man, rigorous, the work of the IT industry, has a very good ability to research applications, has a strong organization and coordination, full of professionalism and responsibility so that I can face any difficulties and challenges.


  Proficient skilled IT computer hardware and software technology, IT technology development surrounding a keen interest; team spirit and adaptability, good under pressure, like the face of the challenges and difficulties; work absolutely hard-working, serious and responsible, I hope to get your company a valuable interview.

  Fluent in English, you can use English communication barrier and writing technical documentation. Cheerful and lively, like innovation, challenge. Like sports, I love reading. Curious about new things, willing to accept new knowledge. Team leadership ability, independent thinking but good communication; calm, wise, able to work under pressure.

  JavaEE over 5 years of experience and 3 years of project management experience. Management 10-15-person cross-functional teams. Kanemichi technology and management of both worlds. Familiar with the financial industry knowledge. PMP, CertifiedScrumMaster, through the CFA Level I exam.

  Features: * Financial distributed systems experience;

  * Requirements analysis, software architecture design, object-oriented analysis and design, domain-driven design, GoF design patterns, enterprise application architecture patterns;

  * Use Struts, HTML / CSS, Javascript for Web application development;

  * Use Hibernate and Oracle databases O / Rmapping;

  * Use Spring IoC and AOP to achieve development;

  * Use design reviews, code reviews, refactoring, unit testing, automated testing, continuous integration and other methods to ensure the quality of the code. Use JUnit, JMock, Selenium testing tools;

  * Define and improve workflow, and both CMMI compliant, but also to adapt the project to the actual situation.

  * American customers and maintain close contact, adapt the business, engineering and management team, such as different communication;

  * Multiple travel overseas work experience;

  * The assessment team knowledge structure and framework for the development of training and career development planning;


  Oracle enterprise usage, financial services and government IT environments, power and minicomputer operating systems AIX, IBM architecture on the storage backup, in addition to the business plan and experience teamwork, teamwork training, the company alsoarranged visits, such as visiting famous enterprises IBM, public service activities, such as Guangzhou Haizhu children's rehabilitation center, a variety of seminars, such as exchanges and Mingyuan company manager, IBM managers, career planning, etc. ...... learn in depth understanding of enterprise-level operating modes for the community to take the easier to work roles.

  During the internship have a strong thirst for knowledge, studious, good performance, be able to complete the work within the specified time, the enthusiastic help fancy, good communication with colleagues.


  Strong listening, speaking, reading, writing, speaking fluently, can read the original literature science and technology, information; comprehensive university received basic education, nurtured good professional training and ability to master C, C ++ and other languages. . Three years of experience in software development, JAVA software engineers a year, a year SAS (database) engineer.Ambition, success and the pursuit of excellence, the courage to face the risk, under pressure, willing to engage in challenging work; strong communication and good coordination skills, communication skills and team spirit; good basic quality, serious and passionate rich sense of responsibility, and his honest, trustworthy, confident; adaptability to adapt to new ideas, new ways, new problems and new environment; logical, based on rigorous analysis of the conclusions in the context of a comprehensive consideration of the decision; always firmly believed that: Forewarned is forearmed without prejudging the waste.










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