2018-02-12 优美段落


  1. "jingle bell!......" The bell ringing in class. The Chinese teacher came in with a smile and a book in his hands. I saw that he had hidden a few white hairs in his dark hair and wore a blue and white T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He looked very energetic.

  2., my head teacher, Miss Lin, is not tall, not short, cherry small mouth, long hair shawl, and double speaking eyes. The words in those eyes always come to our classmates through thick lenses.

  3. teachers in front of the window, there is always a brilliant; the teacher's window, congealed with a wish. From the window of teacher, grateful, students always respected teacher very much. The teacher's window is placed infinitely; the teacher's window is connected to the sea. The students are the waves of the sea, and the teacher is the attachment of the waves.

  4. you selflessly stand, stand in a dandelion, let the knowledge tidbits openly scattered, the sun of the world only become colorful and bright; you stand upright, stand in a cedar tree, let the upright body kiss avoid leaning to either side of life in the blue sky, the snow was so it was green and vigorous; you stand with dignity, stands as a landscape tree, let the soul leaves the clatter of the racquet sound rhythm, the growth of seedlings would therefore find the rhythm and reference.

  5. he is my junior high school math teacher. Although his age is not big, but it is not small, but all day, it is still a pattern of approval. He always appears in front of us with a sportswear, and is particularly friendly and easy-going. Although the hair has been cropped hair, but the front left naughty two group of long hair, looks very handsome, when the wind brushed his hair, hair in front of the wind blowing, especially elegant.

  6. Teacher Wang Min has a pair of big eyes, a glib mouth, keep Bobbi like doll hair, often draped over his shoulders. No matter when, you can see that she has a beige bag on her back, no matter in class or in class. That's why I call her "bag teacher".

  7. seriously -- her smile is not allowed to accept not strictly; she fat heart wide nature never had this plan; my tough days, she probably in addition to the "Volcano" haven't seen too much words, not to teach Yan Yan said, will only be carried round can love body shuttle between class three class four.

  8. teacher Li has a beautiful hair, shiny black, thick and dense, she stood in the sun, gently shook his head, the hair will be riotous with colour flash aura.

  9. teacher Huang is not old, coming, is our head teacher, I and my roommate on the back of the name - Huang Jie. In my impression, those thoughtful science geeks should stand is not a big frame, slightly disheveled hair, not to stick at trifles. Our Huang Jie also wears glasses, but it's not the big picture frame I imagined. Though he doesn't pay much attention to wearing, he feels very meticulous. For a week, I engraved a few facebooks of Huang Jie in my mind.

  10. take a closer look at the teacher today also wear really fashionable, a pair of golden high-heeled shoes, a Korean coat, put a pair of jeans, such as kelp curls to the left, also is really dead / K-drama! I see all the students' mouths have been shaped.

  There is a pair of her childish is long eyelashes decorated 11. beautiful eyes on her face, like two crystal grape.

  12. look! The child came to us the teacher. It is her, he is the most attractive focus of the focus of the teacher. I have never seen a teacher with such a rich expression. He laughed at the corners of his mouth and blinked from time to time.

  13., the face of high teacher is round and easy to associate with the giant panda, but she acts like an "swallow" in her name. She acts quickly and thinks of a flying swallow. High teacher her bright eyes always exudes wisdom.

  14. she is a teacher I admire most. Long playing, frizzy hair draped over his shoulders, wearing a pair of glasses containing knowledge, slim figure, slender legs, a look that is a dancer! You must have guessed it. She, the beautiful fairy, is my dance teacher, teacher Tsai.

  15. "small storm" is our head teacher, her name is Bao Lili, the teacher called her "small violence", so we also called to open a "small storm". You don't think the surname of the teacher is "violent", and she thinks she is angry and easy to get angry. In fact, "small violence" is very love of the students, she is generally not angry.

  16. our math teacher is short, stout, a beer belly, a big head, a big fat face, and two black bean like eyes inlaid on his face. He loved to laugh, laugh fat will be eyes squeezed into a line, it looks especially foolish, funny. So, I have been secretly called him "foolish funny teacher".

  17. to report the first day, our new teacher Jia teacher appeared: 450000 years old, short and stout body, a head to see what hair curls with a fashionable clothes and was nothing to do, like a Yiyang street a grasp of a lot of ordinary women in years.

  18. to be a happy teacher, to know that education is a slow art, and that students grow up in constant mistakes. Eileen Chang said: in the way of life, one that everyone must go, that is the way when young, don't tumble, not the wall, do not touch a head broken and bleeding, can make a body strong as iron, can grow up? When students make mistakes, teachers learn to be tolerant and so on. To pick up that a child like happiness.

  19. she was an ordinary face, and her face was always "empty" - because she was an elegant lady. There is a pair of tired eyes in the thin glasses, which makes it difficult to see her inner world.

  20. I have a very Good Chinese teacher, she has a slim one elegant long hair a pretty face (like baby face) wearing a pair of glasses and a charming smile (exaggerated) looks very cordial.

  The 21. class, the classroom is a kind of inspired her clear language, students are confident answer sound; after class, she is with great love to the students the teachings of sound, she is caring their warmth; night twelve, her window with lights, she is still seriously study materials the research, teaching, analysis the present situation of the students, infiltrate the ideological education, with teaching writing to cultivate students' innovative consciousness for students.

  22. read more than 10 years of books, of course, my teacher more than these, to give me the most instructive of the deepest sea of them. In more than 10 years of teaching career, they gave me courage and knowledge, gave me character and strength, and described my respect and gratitude together. In the future of life, I will continue to draw strength from the life of my own.

  23. here, I do not have to mention my primary school four grade teacher Huang. She has been there for a whole year. In twenty-eight years, she has never been late and early, and always silently sends out his own light and radiates his own heat. This summer, I went back to the school that I had studied and visited my teacher. The dorm was still in the dorm where I was in primary school, and the desk was still the desk, and I felt a heartache. But you say you get used to it, and you are willing, because a person's life is worth it. You also said that when this teacher is very difficult. But when you receive a greeting from a student on the day of the festival, you will feel great relief when you see that your learning is naturally useful for the society. On parting time, you told me a sentence. If you meet a good teacher in life, you will be rich in your life. Hope you can bring wealth to many people.

  24. she is such, holding "serious work, steadfast personhood, unwilling to fall behind, always forward" attitude towards life, to teach for duty, willing to do a good gardener; their meaning of life with education together, and for the tireless learning, bravely innovation, to pour into enthusiasm, blood sway.

  25. noon to school, you heard that a classmate of the class on the decals paper disappeared, then in the class loudly asked several times, but no one has been admitted. So, you are ready to use search package to find people who steal things. However, I never expected that you should have gone to the last seat. I really wanted to cry. I didn't understand why you searched my schoolbag first. My heart was broken. You spent a whole minute searching for my schoolbag. You know how I have been the teacher in this minute, I was suffering from a great pain, and endure the tears that are about to roll down!

  26. see, who was wearing a black gabardine tunic, wearing black brimmed glasses, with a smile on the face of the middle-aged teachers, he is our admiration for the Chinese teacher - teacher chen. Mr. Chen is knowledgeable and rich in teaching. He is always so relaxed, lively, lively and interesting. We especially want to hear his composition class, he told the class is always so funny, humorous, fascinating, make us of intense interest. We are unwittingly fall in love with the composition, and gradually understand the "mystery" of a little writing.

  27., remember yesterday, Mr. Sang was giving us lectures, and he said, after a sudden cough, I began to think that Mr. sang had caught a cold. Then Sang Sang had a few coughs. Oh, Mr. sang really caught a cold. Thirty-four pairs of eyes staring at the teacher Sang Sang, the teacher is like no matter, began to give us a lecture. The time was so slow that it was easy to get out of class. I ran and asked, "Miss sang, are you cold?" Mr. sang said, "a little, but nothing." Later, in order not to delay our lessons, she took our medicine quietly on the back.

  28. Teacher Wang and carefully moved forward a step edge comfort I say I can already feel the heartbeat in Wang sharply before I think, listen to teacher Wang shouted "red, quick to jump!" homeopathy pushed me on the shore, the great strength, I was not think of my feet did not stand, listen to "Kacha" sound, Wang and the small bamboo bridge was washed away by the flood, Wang submerged in water, we have not even shadow stunned, suddenly cries, at a loss, the cry for help, we walked along the river shaking heaven and earth shouting: "Wang, wang...... "On the other side, they rushed to the village to shout people. Haruki heard the cry, all of them rushed to the riverside, and ran down the river for more than 10 Li. But Xiao Wang didn't show up. We cried. We shouted, our teacher didn't even leave us, so he left us.

  29. "jingle bell", the class bell rang, this section is the composition class. Teacher Chen stride into the classroom. Today he looked very excited. He walked up to the stage and said with laughter, "I'm very happy today, my classmates. Do you know why I'm happy?" we all grin and shake their heads. Chen said: "this morning, I went to trade market, a yuan of money, bought two hens, you can be happy to coax the students of a laugh, Zhang Jin laughed even waist is not straight up. I think: Mr. Chen must be joking again. What I know is that Mr. Chen said, "really, I never say false words. I don't believe it. I'll read it to you. "He said, he picked up a composition book and read it aloud. Originally a classmate wrote and told his father to the trade market to buy chicken, and my father paid only a dollar, buy two big fat hen. The students see light suddenly Chen in the criticism, some students writing regardless of the facts, fabrications. "No matter how vivid your description is, how rich the words are, the untrue articles are meaningless, it's not a good composition," Mr. Chen said. "I think, I also often make this problem, such as when the previous autumn outing to write, but write" bright spring days, a hundred flowers contend in beauty...... "After that, when students write compositions, they should always carefully ponder, understand deeply, encounter problems that do not understand, ask teachers, parents or consult materials, and similar errors will be greatly reduced.

  30. is also a composition class. Today, Mr. Chen, who has always been amiable, suddenly pulled Chen Jun out of the door. We were all scared of the atmosphere and did not dare to breathe. Which know Chen shut the door, turned and smiled and said: "the classmates, you don't be nervous, now I want to test your eyesight. You know Chen Junma "familiarity!" the students answered in a different voice. Chen then asked: "you said Chen Jun is wearing today is what color, what style of clothing wearing shoes, shoes, or shoes" this question, everyone was silent. After a while, Mr. Chen called Chen Jun into the classroom. We just looked up: he was wearing a sky blue zipper shirt, blue blue trousers and a pair of liberated sneakers. Teacher Chen said to us with a smile, "this is to observe the garden of the campus. "We can see carefully this time. We have carried out in-depth observation of every flower and grass from their colors to shapes, habits and rules of life, and some of them have gone over the reference books. This composition is well written by everyone. Through this, we know that careful observation can be made to write a good composition.

  31. thank you - teacher, you are a person we can always trust, and people who have trouble in life will go to the rescue. You let us know that we can tell you everything as long as we want. You often say you have been a child, so you can understand the child's anger and sorrow.

  32. teachers are sacred, great, pure and noble. What a teacher is giving us is too much, working day and night, busy day and night. Every time, when we step into disappointment, you will do your best to help us. When we succeed in doing everything well, you will congratulate us and cheer us. Yes, teachers are like a gardener. They cultivate the flowers of our motherland diligently every day, in order to make us grow fast and become the pillars of our motherland, and the pride of our motherland.

  33. when I would like clouds like a cool wind drift, but the fetters, you tell me when I am willing to unremittingly; like the birds fly freely, but the bow net surprised, you told me to have no fear; when I would like water and light load, but the resistance of cliff wall, you told me to but not a little experience, more experience, more money, more of a chance of success. The dark sky, I found the direction, you are that one of the stars that always flicker, giving me a colourful color.

  34. night sky stars, the light is still bright, your tall figure is reflected in the window of the edge of the bushes, pen brush across the paper also sound could be heard clearly, occasional heavy sigh, is a curse for us into the kind of naughty forgiveness. In the middle of the night, when the lights are on, the title page of the lesson plan is opened again, and tired words are lined up in the square square, telling tomorrow's homework and explaining the meaning of life.

  35. the teacher guides us to work, teach us how to be. They are like candles, unheard of, burning themselves, illuminating others - the teacher is a light that never extinguishes.

  36. The teacher is unknown to the public of the earth, protect every inch of their lives, for their shelter; the teacher is the night stars, opened up the avenue for the lost scholar; teacher is the light under the red Hengguang, deafening fed comments.

  37. a good paragraph describing the teacher's good paragraph depicts the good paragraph of the teacher.

  38., teachers, like spring breeze, bring us new ideas and flourishing. Teachers like summer's warm air send knowledge and reason to us; teachers like autumn cool breeze to examine our mistakes and shortcomings; always like winter's cold wind, mercilessly blow away our clam and stains.

  39. thank you, teacher, that you have made me understand that we can draw lessons from failure, accumulate strength in difficulties, and look for light in the dark. You give us the courage to card brains, and require our broad mind. You put beauty in our hearts, teach us the knowledge and imagination, and create our life. No matter what we build, you always help us base the base, you have done the best for us to grow. Perhaps every detail of your lecture will be forgotten with the passage of time, but your passion and kindness will be kept forever.

  40. the teacher, you are not a musician, but a strange alphabet became a beautiful song; teacher, you are not a painter, but difficult to recognize words into a beautiful picture; teacher, you are not a gardener, but one of the flowers of the motherland culture such as the beautiful, let they are in a certain period of time for gorgeous; teacher, you are not the sun, but the warmth of each of our heart.

  41. spring summer season of a pine and green onion, autumn chrysanthemum charm, winter snow snow. Silence is deep memory love for the lock that a wisp of time, a remembrance. Since the age of five to date from nine years into the kindergarten, my teachers are like the kind old lady, a young aunt uncle, I like that kind of affectionate brother, sister, this is the teacher's day in remembrance, I sincerely send a "blessing" say "thanks to the teacher"

  42. the teacher is not tall, his face is always with a very friendly smile, a pair of bright eyes have grown some wrinkles, but I know that these are the best proof of the teacher correcting homework from dawn to dusk. When the class has a wonderful speech in the class, the teacher's mouth will laugh spontaneously. The fine dress of the beautiful five senses, the middle-aged leaf teacher is still full of vigor and vitality in the year.

  43. the navigator of human wisdom - my beloved teachers. A few years, once upon a time, they held the Tao through taught, that I Liaobo this young heart. Lead a dream of curiosity into the palace of knowledge.

  44. the teacher is a little light in the darkness, illuminate our hearts, drive away the dark, bring us hope and strength; the teacher is the sea in a ship, we swim in the ocean of knowledge, teach us the ability to survive; the teacher is on a single pebble, silent done.the history runway...... Teacher, your love, like the sun is warm, like the spring breeze is generally warm, such as the clear spring is sweet. Your love is more severe than father's love, more delicate than mother's love, and more pure than love. Your love is the greatest, the most selfless, the most sacred.

  45. what really affects me is not his words, but the charm of his personality. He gives me the most vivid life in the classroom with his behavior! I have always wanted to write an article to commemorate him. Today, I finally got this chance, not for what award, but for my respected teacher.

  46. teachers are water, we are fish, the teacher is the rudder, we are the ship. The teacher's spirit of devotion to the whole work will always inspire me on the road of life.

  The 47. teacher is a great and inviolable profession. He sacrificed silently, but he did not ask for any return. Since ancient times, how many poems is the praise of the teacher, how many people can be like a teacher selfless dedication?

  48. description of the teacher's good paragraph good paragraphs good paragraphs good words good paragraphs - a sentence - a famous sentence - adage - adage - Idioms - sentimental sentences - beautiful sentences - aesthetical sentences

  49. time, dream of years, they sent a session and a junior students. The long river of my memory in the evening, when the best, curtains in a light, always have their preparation marking figure, when the sun did not start when the eardrum always have them in the morning cries, their style and set an example in my growth way deeply imprinted on my mind.

  50., some people say that a teacher is a piano player who can stir every string of the student's brain. Others say that a teacher is a tour guide who can lead students to the north and south of the country. But I think the teacher is a book, a seemingly ordinary book, but a rich book.










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