2018-03-02 礼仪常识


  Admission, call the owner, that is to start eating.

  Take food, not sung too much. After eating food, if not, can be taken. If the greeter at the dish, to be added, to be sent when the receptionist again. If I can not eat or not eat the food, or serve as the master greeter Jia Cai, do not refuse, on the desirability of a small amount of disk, and said "Thank you, enough." Taste of the dishes are not, do not show An embarrassed expression.

  To eat refined. Chewing shut up, do not drink soup, not to eat sounds. Such as soup, hot dishes, cold wait before eating, not to blow his mouth. Inside the mouth of the fish bone, the bones do not directly outside the spit, Yanzui napkins, hand (can be used chopsticks to eat Chinese food) out, or lightly fork in the spit, vegetables on tray.

  The leftovers of food, utensils used toothpicks should be placed on disk, not to put their table.

  Mouth with food, not to speak. Tiya, napkin or hand over the mouth


  Both for the owner, or Peike guests, and the table should talk to people, especially around next to him. Not only with a few acquaintances or two of the same words. If the neighbor did not know, introduce myself first.


  As the guest of honor at the banquet to participate in foreign, should be used to understand each others toast, that is why people toast, when the toast, and so on, in order to make the necessary preparations. Clink, and the owner of the guest of honor first touch, many people may indicate a toast at the same time, not necessarily clink. Toast careful not to cross when the clink. And the master chief guest at the speech, toast, the meal should be suspended, to stop talking and pay attention to listen, and do not like to take this opportunity to smoke. Stood when the national anthem is played. The master and guest of honor, then finished with VIP guests clink staff, often to Teachers sprinkle the other table, should an emergency occur, rose to toast. Clink, to pay tribute to each other by sight.

  Dinner toast each other, said the friendly, lively atmosphere, but bear in mind that excessive drinking. Drinks too easily slip of the tongue, and even loss, it is necessary to control himself in less than one-third of those who have.


  In social occasions, no matter how hot the weather can not solve the buttons off his clothes in public. Small informal dinner, and invited guests, such as the masters of undress, gentlemen can take off his jacket in the back.


  (Or coffee) tea, coffee, plus get milk, sugar, cup self to join with small mixing teaspoon, teaspoon back into the still small dishes, usually milk, sugar are in full bloom with separate utensils. Drink at the right hand is holding the Cup, the left hand side small dishes.


  Chili, Apple, do not bite with a whole should be cut into four with a fruit knife, 6, and then peeled with a knife, nuclear, and then eat with their hands, peeling knife-edge when North Korea, cut inside from the outside . First banana peel, cut into small pieces to eat with a knife. With a knife and cut into pieces to eat oranges, orange, lychee, longan and so on can eat Bole Pi. The rest, such as watermelon, pineapple, etc., usually go into skin yuan, can be used when eating a fruit knife and cut into small pieces with fork food.

  Shui Yu

  In the banquet, the chicken, lobster, fruit, in some cases sent a small Shui Yu (Tongpen, crystal bowls or Boli Gang), a floating rose petal water or lemon slices for the use of hand-washing (some people have mistaken for beverages, As a result become a joke). Wash hands when they take turns damp fingers gently Shuanxi, and then use a small napkin or towel dry.

  Memorial items

  Some of the master for each person attending or have a small souvenir of flowers. At the end of the banquet, call the owner to bring guests. In such, it can be said that it commended the 12 small gifts, but do not have to solemnly said. In some cases, foreign visitors, the dinner menu is often taken as a souvenir, and sometimes I please with those who signed the menu as a souvenir. In addition to the special master to indicate things as souvenirs, a variety of entertainment products, including candy, fruit, cigarettes and so on, are not taken away.


  Sometimes in the private sector attended the banquet activities, often my business card or memo said.

  Will buffet, cocktail buffet vegetables take, cocktail reception, greeter serve, not to get a gun, I have to be sent to the front of the airport project. Did not get around the first time, not to rush to get their second. Do not dish around the table next to the check End Tuikai that, in order to let other people get.

  The use of tableware

  Chinese food is the major bowls, chopsticks, is the Western knives, forks, plates. Dinner is usually a foreigner to eat Chinese food, Chinese food is also for the West to eat more, before we go, knife and fork set. The knife and fork is the use of his right hand with a knife, hold the left hand fork, cut into small pieces of food, and then sent a cross inside the mouth. Europeans do not use changing hands, from cutting food were sent to hold the left hand fork. Americans, after cutting, put down the knife, fork right hand holding the entrance to send food. When dinner knife and fork in accordance with the order from outside access inside. After each course, emissions will be set within feet close together and knife and fork to eat that. If finished, then put into a character or a cross placed, knife-edge to inside. Chicken, lobster, indicated by the master, can be torn by hand to eat, or can be cut meat knife and fork, cut into small pieces to eat. Cut with bone or hard shell of meat, meat fork must fork in prison, knife-edge close to cross under the cut, so as not to slide open. Vegetable, be careful not to hit too much force plate and sound. Is not easy to cross the food, or food is not easy on the fork, gently push it available Dao fork. In addition to the soup, do not have to spoon feeding. With deep soup plate or small bowl full bloom, when to drink with a spoon scoop from the inside out into the mouth, is about to do drink, can be set to hold out a little. Eat with the smell of food, such as fish, shrimp, game, etc. equipped with a lemon, juice will hand out food in the drip, to smell out.

  Are involved in an accident case

  Banquet in progress, due to carelessness, the occurrence of unusual circumstances, such as too much force, knife and fork so that the impact plate, audible, or drop utensils on the floor, or knock over drinks and so on, should not have to worry calm. Tableware out of touch sound, a small sitting next to (or host) say "I am sorry." Tableware can be dropped to send a greeter to pay. Spilling drinks spilled next to him who should apologize to help dry; as the other women, as long as the clean handkerchief or napkin and handed to her own dry.

  (1) 餐巾Napkin

  (2) 魚叉Fish Fork

  (3) 主菜叉Dinner or Main Course Fork

  (4) 沙拉叉Salad Fork

  (5) 汤杯及汤底盘Soup Bowl & Plate

  (6) 主菜盘Dinner Plate

  (7) 主菜刀Dinner Knife

  (8) 鱼刀Fish Knife

  (9) 汤匙Soup Spoon

  (10) 面包及奶油盘Bread & Butter Plate

  (11) 奶油刀Butter Knife

  (12) 点心匙及点心叉Dessert Spoon and Cake Fork

  (13) 水杯Sterling Water Goblet

  (14) 红酒杯Red Wine Goblet

  (15) 白酒杯White Wine Gobl












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