2017-09-11 祝福语



  The brush work is busy, the United States famous silk spit. The candle lit students, rain drip Yu Hua zhang. The mountains show Tim poem run, teach with the Milky Way pen Yan hong. In spring thirty million disciples, autumn fruit set. Happy Teacher's day!


  If I was a civilian, you are the teacher of the civilians; if I was CEO, you are the CEO of teacher; if I were president, you are the president of the teacher; regardless of the way of my life would be what, I will always respect you, teacher! In the ocean of knowledge, almost choking, is you - the teacher, silently give me knowledge of the oxygen and selfless but priceless. Success comes from your cultivation, excellent from your hard work. Cheer for today, we will always remember your original teachings and proverbs!


  To the teacher's day, I put the enthusiastic sweet scented osmanthus Lily pure carnation warm hyacinth joy of carnation lucky with the rub into my SMS blessing to send you, wish you happy, worry free life.


  You never forget - deeply wish you a happy holiday! Happy forever!


  Facing the sea, with spring flowers, facing the teacher, relieved. teacher! You are like the eagle taught me to fly; like timely showers watering my growth. Sincere wish you a happy holiday!


  Hard is the sweat of your selfless dedication, students everywhere is the highest honor you. I wish you: happy holidays! Happiness forever!


  A closed eyes on graduation, now stood outside the campus, reminiscent of the past scene, visible before the eyes, so miss. Miss teach.


  Teacher's day, I wish: happy as alumni more and more, worry less like the school welfare, friendship, like the leadership of the speech is more and more long, like a surprise check it to, I wish the teacher happy Teacher's day!


  Once, around on your side we are naughty and mischievous, now we will fly dream of flying, but never mind had forgotten the teacher Miss, your encouragement is our forward momentum, I wish you, the teacher Festival is happy.


  Heaven can be old, seawater can be turned, teachable, stone can be cut. All this thanks to our beloved teachers. Today is teacher's day, I wish all the teachers happy world, healthy body, all right!


  The funny teachers' Day greetings is belong to us mortals the: I can not represent the party and the central, also on behalf of local, but I can help on behalf of my family's vegetables, trees pile, guayang seedlings, noodle soup, greet a basket basket: Happy Teacher's day happy!


  Teacher: on the occasion of the new year, the students gave you a couplet: uncorrupted Qin Jian painting wentaowulve, upright Marxism Leninism Mao and Deng imparting knowledge and educating people.


  You are the winter of charcoal is the heat inside the shade umbrella, turbulence in the stepping stone, is the beacon light of sea fog: teacher ah, your words and deeds, and educating people, Gan human ladder, unforgettable!


  Come back. Teacher, I will not forget your inculcation.


  Teacher's day again, think of the teacher's ace in the hole: a piece of chalk archery; a root pointer guidelines whereabouts; a clever mouth familiar with the world; a pair of eyes perspective our minds. I really miss the teacher and his peerless magic!


  teacher! I want to be a teacher!


  The teacher you are great, like a candle lights others to burn themselves. I wish you a happy Teacher's day, take care of your body!


  Not as much as that thousands and thousands of words, which month that day; every time you continuously the trials of a long journey.


  Dear teacher, thank you once the meticulous teachings. Thank you once Zhidianmijin. On the occasion of the festival of the teachers, bless you good health and happiness, good luck in everything!


  In the golden year, month, day, teacher's day, in the "CIS" day, I wish you to work smoothly, smooth life, successful career, business success, success in school, everything is smooth!


  Gratitude to your thousands and thousands of words can not express, to you the blessing of hundreds of thousands of years will not change -- the teacher, I wish you good luck in everything!


  Have a day a professor suddenly stop teaching for all of us said: if sit in chat in the middle of the students like to sit in the back playing as a quiet, so in front of sleep would not be affected by the interference of the.


  Teacher's day, wish all the teachers in the world: happy with you every day of the year, peace with you every moment of the day, the health of every moment you hold in a moment, happiness with you a minute of every second!


  I still remember the president they will come to our class, you to make some of the information, not a night to sleep. After the second day you are black rim of the eye is black. You really hard ah, the teacher.


  To the teacher's day. Therefore I have trouble for a long time to thank the teacher did not know how to express the, every day to buy gifts distress, seeing the festival arrived, had no choice but to Clockwork SMS blessed, I wish your festival happiness!


  Seen bees rest at the flowers, but have never seen the rest of your class; seen the sea anger, but have not seen you angry; my dear teacher, I sincerely wish to express thanks; I wish you, the teacher Festival is happy!


  Teacher, you are our life in the ocean of a harbor, when you are tired of our strength. The teacher is a rain after drought, we give the meticulous care and watering, teacher's day, I wish you a happy holiday.


  You are extraordinary, you are special, extraordinary and special Zhiyuan accompanied by you! Ordinary + special = happiness, happiness!


  Teacher you are the most unforgettable person in my life, because of you, let my life have fun, with you my life is a turning point, thank you.


  Teachers are hard gardener, with the talent to sow, with chalk work, with sweat irrigation, with the heart, you are my heart of the beautiful holy angel. Say to the beloved teacher, hard, happy Teacher's day!










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