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1.饮食习惯 2.吃早餐

3.体育明星 4吃得好

5.蔬菜沙拉 6.健康的食物

7.垃圾食品 8.想要变胖

9.就午饭而言 10….怎么样


1.What f does she like?---She likes apples.

2.She wants to stay h ,so she doesn’t eat junk food.

3.The potato is a kind of (蔬菜).

4.She is a good singer and she sings very w .

5.Can I ask you a q ?

6.The little girl likes (草莓) a lot.

7.Do you like chicken for d ?

8.Their (dictionary) look new.

9.What do you think about (go) swimming?

10.Can I help you?---S .


Mrs Jones: Which meal do we need most, breakfast ,lunch or____1____?

  Tony: Dinner.

  Mrs Jones: Dinner is the big meal of the day. But I don’t _____2_____ we need it most.

  Tony: Is lunch the meal we want most?

  Mrs Jones: No, ___3____ is the meal we need most. But why?

  Kate: It is a long time form night to morning. We have no___4____

  Mrs Jones: Right! If we don’t have breakfast , we don’t feel ___5____. But what makes a good breakfast?

  James: I think we can___6____ milk, bread, noodles or porridge. ____7___ are good for breakfast.

  Mrs Jones: That’s right. We can eat some vegetables and fruits ___8____ the morning, too. They make us health.

  David: I ___9____ coca cola a lot. Can I have that in the morning?

  Mrs Jones: You’d better not. Water is good for you.

  Danny: Mum says we can not eat too much things after___10____.

  Mrs Jones: Great, Danny. It may make you sick. After sport you need water and a rest first, not lots of food.

  ( )1. A. fruits B. food C. dinner

  ( )2. A. like B. know C. think

  ( )3. A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

  ( )4. A. water B. food C. vegetables

  ( )5. A. good B. great C. well

  ( )6. A. take B. make C. have

  ( )7. A. You B. They C. We

  ( )8. A. for B. in C. on

  ( )9. A. eat B. bring C. like

  ( )10. A. school B. lunch C. sports



Hello ! I’m Mike . English , am , boy , an ,I . Now my parents

are in China .I like China and Chinese food . Usually , I have an egg and porridge (粥) for breakfast . I don’t like hamburgers . And I eat rice (米饭),chicken and vegetables for lunch . I like noodles(面条)and fruit for dinner .


1.你能推断出文中划线词“Now”的意思吗?( )(2分)

A.过去 B.现在 C.将来






② In the morning , he has porridge and fruit .



① Mike doesn’t like ____ .

A. eggs B.chicken C. hamburgers

② He has ____for lunch .

A. rice , chicken and vegetables B.noodles and fruit

C.chicken ,porridge and fruit


Today is my birthday. I want to thank my family for their love. So I cook the dinner for them. I know my mother likes hamburgers and broccoli. But my father likes chicken and tomato soup. I have a brother. He likes hamburgers, too. But he doesn’t like broccoli. He likes carrots. I have a sister, too. She likes fish and French fries. I like chicken and strawberries. I will buy these things for the birthday party.

( ) 5.Do I have a brother ?

A. yes B. no C.. I don’t know

( ) 7.What does Mother like? _____.

A. hamburgers B. broccoli C. both A and B

( ) 8. My father likes____.

A. broccoli B. carrots C. chicken

( ) 9. Both my mother and my brother like ____.

A. hamburgers C. carrots D. broccoli

( ) 10. According to the passage, we can know____.

A. Today is my father’s birthday.

B. My parents both like broccoli.

C. I have a brother and a sister.


1.--Does Tom like eggs for breakfast? (否定回答)

 _______, _______ _______.

2. Linda and Tom like French fries. (改成否定句)

 They _______ _______French fries.

3. My teacher plays basketball. (改一般疑问句)

_______ your teacher _______ basketball?

4. We play volleyball. (变成由Let开头的祈使句)

_______ _______volleyball.



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