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1. ... to see it as it really is: a nation of different countries

held together by a common language and culture.

2. There are six spoken languages that are considered to

be native to the British Isles as well as two local accents.

3. Mobile phones stop teenagers from spending money on

clothes or cigarettes.

4. They realize that it is of great value to record and teach

them to the younger generation.

5. To ensure safety, the train is controlled by an advanced

computer system.

6. With a better understanding of the human body,.

scientists and physicians will be able to cure more diseases.

7. It + (so) happen that ...

8. It doesn't matter / make no difference that ...


1. state / country n. 国家

2. narrow adj. 狭窄的

3. goods n. 货物

4. form v. 形成;组成

5. influence vt.& n. 影响

6. conquer vt. 征服

7. cure vt. 治愈,治疗

8. union n. 联合

9. judge n. & v. 法官,裁判;判断

10. cigarette n. 香烟

11. proof n. 证据

12. employ vt. 雇用

13. approach vt. & n. 接近;途径,方法

14. exact adj. 精确的

15. trend n. 趋势,走向;倾向

16. contemporary adj. 当代的

17. ensure vt. 担保,确保

18. imitate vt. 模仿

19. system n. 系统,体制

20. reform vt. & n. 改革

21. require v. 要求

22. indicate vt. 表明,预示

23. consumer n. 消费者,用户

24. Fegular adj. 定期的,有规律的

25. programme vt. 使按计划工作;把……列入节目单


1. consist of 由……组成

2. a good understanding of 非常理解

3. makethemost of 充分利用

4. run over 压过 / 驶过

5. hold together 团结一致

6. stand for代表

7. on the basis of 以……为基础

8. has apopulation of 有……人口

9. reach agreement on 就……达成协议

10. in general 大体上,一般地说

11. at a top / full speed of 以最大/最快速度

12. be concerned about 关心

13. clean up 收拾干净

14. be amazed at 对……感到惊讶

15. keep sb. company 陪伴某人

16. keep in touch with 与……保持联系

17. catch a glimpse of 瞥见

18. deal with 处理,安排






1. consist ____ 由……组成;南……构成

2. be made ____ of 由……组成

3. ____ the most of 充分利用;充分展示

4. hold ____ (使)连在一起;(使)团结一致

5. ____ general一般地;大体上

6. keep ____ touch with 与……保持联系

7. pay attention ____ 注意;留意

8. deal ____ 处理;安排

9. ____ store 贮藏着;准备着;即将发生,就要来到

10. ____ one point 在某处

11. (be) ____ great value非常有价值

12. spread ____ 展开

13. ____ for 代表

14. run ____ 在……驶过;把……匆匆过一遍;溢


15. neither...____... 既不……又不……

16. as ____ as 远达……

17. ____ doubt毫无疑问地

18. ____ usual 像通常一样

19. ____ to 导致

20. ____ a glimpse of 看一眼


1. Yes, I agree with you.

2. Yes, I think so.

3. It's a good idea to...

4.Don’t you think that?

5. I don't think that is right...

6. I don't think so.

7. You must be mistaken...

8. I'm afraid you are wrong...

9. You are wrong thinking that...

10. I believe that you have got it right.


【考点1】advantage 的用法

▲ 搭配:

① have / win / get / gain the / an advantage of / over


② (be) to one's advantage / disadvantage 对……有利/


③ take advantage of = make one's advantage of 乘机利


【考例1】[2005 南京模拟] British students only have a

language ____ for jobs in the USA and Australia.

A. chance B. ability

C. possibility D. advantage

[考查目标] 本题考查advantage的意思。

[答案与解析]D 本句的language advantage的意思


2. advantage n. 优势,优点

反义:disadvantage 劣势,缺点

[词组] take advantage of 利用

Boys have more advantages over girls in finding jobs.


You must take full advantage of the unloaded



【考点6】agree 的用法


① disagree v. 不同意;不一致

② agreement n.

1. [U] 同意,一致

2. [C] 协定,协议

disagreement n. 意见不同


① agree on sth (双方)商定某事;决定某事;在某方面达


② agree to sth (plan, suggestion, idea, arrangement)


③ sign / break an / the / one's agreement 签署/撕毁协

④ reach / arrive at / come to an agreement (with sb)


▲ 句型:

① (quite) agree with sb (on / about sth) agree with

(one's opinion / view / what clause) (在某方面)赞


意见相同 (on后接讨论的具体内容;about后接讨论


② sth agree with sb 适合(某人);适应(某人)

③ sth agree with sth... 与……一致/相符

④ agree to do sth 同意做某事

⑤ agree that clause 认为;认同

⑥ agree to one's doing sth = agree to let sb do sth 同意


⑦ sth be agreed 大家都同意

⑧ It's generally agreed that... 人们普遍认为……

⑨ (be)in agreement with sb (about sth) / what sb said


⑩ (be) in agreement with sb. (on this / that point) (在


▲ 友情提示:英语中绝不能使用agree sb to do sth 句


【考例6】(1999上海) The manager has ____ to im-

prove the working conditions in the company.

A. accepted B. allowed

C. permitted D. agreed

[考查目标] 考查动词的搭配与用法。

[答案与解析]D allow和permtt相同,经常接doing

或sb. to do;accept一般接名词或代词作宾语;而agree


8. cheat vt. vi. 欺骗,作弊 n. 骗子

常用结构:cheat sth. (out) of sb. 骗某人东西

The beggar cheated money of the old lady at the

railway station.


It's wrong to cheat in exams.


注:作名词时通常用 cheat,也可以用 cheater。

He is nothing but a cheat.


【考点3】employ 的用法

▲ 构词:

① employer n. 雇主;老板

② employee n. 雇员;雇丁

③ employment n. 雇用;就业;工作;职业

④ unemployment n. 失业;失业状态

▲ 搭配:be employed in 从事,忙于

▲ 句型:

① employ sb (主动) → sb be employed (被动)

② employ sb as + 职业/in 或 at + 地点(主动)

→ sb be employed as + 职业 / in 或 at + 地点 (被动,

更常见) 在某单位任某职;受雇于某单位当/任……

③ employ sb to do sth (主动) → sb be employed to do

sth (被动)

④ be employed in doing sth / on sth... 忙于干某事.从


⑤ employ oneself in doing sth / on sth 忙于干某事,从


⑥ employ one's spare / free / much time&nb

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