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  篇一:Innovation 英语演讲稿

  When Tradition Meets Innovation

  This is a changing world. We have so many products that are updating every day, which totally change the way we live. At first we only had telephones that could speak to each other, and then we got SMS to send text. We tried to made phones smaller to be portable. After that, we added camera function into phones and successfully linked it with internet. This is how we got our smart phones.

  From the development of mobile phones, it is easy to tell that, all kind of innovation is based on what it had originally. Innovation is adding something new to or changing something that has been established. Tradition is a ritual, belief, or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present, with origins in the past. Most, if not all things, incorporate lessons learned from both. 'Innovation and Tradition' represents opposite ends on the spectrum of change. When tradition meets innovation, all you need is to change another mind. You can combine totally different things together, or figure out different usages, in order to get new things.

  A company needs to be creative while has a sense to satisfy consumers requirement in this dog-eats-dog environment. Therefore, innovative ability has become a vitally important key to success. Lets take Wechat as a sample. It took the place of original way to communicate and even added voice message, allow us to hear peoples voice freely. It really makes the connection between the worlds differently. Every a little change counts.

  When you get an extra cup, makes it a pot to grow flowers; when you get some tea and milk, makes it a cup of milk tea; when you get a huge calabash, makes it a float.

  In order to be irreplaceable, one must be always different. This is the belief that helps Coco Chanel to develop her brand into a world-famous luxury. To be different is just another saying of innovation. Nowadays, innovative ability has become a standard of job interviews. The more creative you are, the more opportunities could you get. As I have said above, if one person wants to be creative, try to combine things together or think about

  new ways and turns to do things. Always ask yourself, Is there any way to make a change

  All the promotions we make today comes from the inspiration due to innovation. We make our life become safe and convenient.

  So always change a kind of way to think. When people say the old saying, “When life gives a lemon to you, turn it into lemonade”, you should change a way. You can say, “when life gives you lemonade, turn it into lemon, and the life will say what!


  What we cannot afford to lose

  We cannot lose innovation

  There is a wonderful word which expresses the most original motions and desires among human-beings. With solving any kind of imperfections, our world has moved ahead. This is the word “innovation” that we cannot afford to lose.

  We chicaned every detail of the innovation. Thousands years before, we created fire when we took a stone to knock another one. Since Han Dynasty, four great inventions had been created and it is one of the greatest signs that China become to the ancient civilized country. And nowadays, thousands of software, products, architectures and public facilities have upgraded more than that about 100 years ago. So how did these happenWhat will you do if you are not satisfied with your tools anymoreWhat will you do if old mode cannot afford to develop in a companyThere is no doubt that we should innovate no matter where we are and what we do. Not because of the design itself,

  but actually for its intended purpose.

  If there was no Apple, everyone could not imagine how to contact others easily and enjoy a better Internet surfing.

  If there was no Microsoft, perhaps we still worked in a dim office and duplicate some troublesome documents. If there was no Newton, and no theory of gravity, maybe I will win the Nobel Prize like Newton rather than just standing here. I have heard that three apple changed the world. The first one seduced Eve. The second one awakened Newton. The third one was in the hands of Steve Jobs. We sort of think the innovation of the world began with apple. I imagine lots of people want to become another Newton or Jobs right now with just one hand to change the world, rightHave the innovation to follow your heart. It somehow already reflects what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

  Via questioning, we can start to innovate. Via innovating, we can start to create better lives. No innovation, no improvement. No improvement, no success. And no success, no civilization. Now, our time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life! Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice! Don't let yourself down! It is the innovation that we cannot afford to lose!

  篇三:英文演讲稿tradition and innovation

  When innovation becomes a tradition

  Good afternoon, ladies and Gentlemen. Today I’d like to begin with a story. We all know that Chinese, as a nation has a long history about 5000 years, and we feel very proud of our brilliant and splendid culture. Owing to that, my father always told me: “you would suffer loss if you don’t follow old people’s words.” Besides I was taught everyday to learn Peking Opera. If some boy who is about 16 years old sings Peking Opera in the classroom now, I’m afraid he will be laughed at. JAY’s “Qian Li Zhi Wai ”seems more popular to you.

  So we may wonder does our tradition get out of the modern lifeAbsolutely not. What we need is just a peace of innovation. Here is a question:What is innovationInnovation was an ancient dream flying into the outer space; innovation today, is the amazing convenience and intelligence that a single mobile phone in your pocket could bring to you.

  There is no more then a battle between tradition and innovation, which is the rain and water relationship, not only tradition like fish without water, again good innovation will also become the castles in the air, there won't be lasting vitality. Only both of them are perfectly together will bear fruits of success as well.

  With the economic globalization becoming increasingly intensive, innovation has become one of central topics around the world. Many countries see it as the key to develop their economy. Our government, with no exception, regard it as " the soul of our nation." Based on advanced function system and excellent management, factories are booming and enhance overall national economy. Highly development of electronic commerce is also a significant factor for improving our living standards. The enlargement of our authority to the recruit of graduate and improvement of the conditions of scientists and skilled workers ......

  From all above, innovation has already became a kind of habit. There is no doubt we would surprise the world by creating more and more amazing innovations taking advantages of not only our intelligence but innovation. I’m sure innovation has became one of the symbols in Chinese tradition and will be mark of our bright future!

  Thanks for your attention. Thank you very much.










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