this is a fun holiday英语日记

2020-10-24 英语日记

  不知不觉中一天又要结束了,相信大家都有不少体会吧,让我们一起认真地写一篇日记吧。那么日记有什么格式呢?以下是小编为大家整理的this is a fun holiday英语日记,欢迎大家分享。

  A happy and short winter quietly slip away from our side, we have ushered in a new semester, took place in winter on you like the stars in the sky, and countless others of my heart can not be denied a piece of the past. Each star is a shiny, each have a past unforgettable.

  A gaze at the clouds, watching the water, watching terraces, fairyland South sharp rocks

  A friend once told me that within the scope of Lishui classic attractions, sharp rocks in the South can be seen, where the scenery is simply Lishui Collection. Case?

  In this winter, and finally giving me the opportunity to taste the southern tip carefully rocks.

  A sea of clouds is a feature of most spectacular. More than 1.4 thousand meters above sea level, depending on the sea of clouds do not have to re-climbing, just wait patiently. Here shadowless clouds to go without leaving a trace, the ever-changing, people elusive. Peak infected with a layer of Xiaguang, mountainside around the patches of white clouds, really heaven and earth, like entering a fairyland. When the sun will be rising the moment, the sky suddenly infected with a layer of Hongxia, lasted only a few seconds, I quickly pressed the shutter down the camera. Soon the sea of clouds slowly recede in the distant mountains emerged in several houses - should be a "white clouds Health Department has people" in mood. It is worth mentioning that here, Bamboo is also very characteristic. Continuous stretch of thousands of acres of bamboo, both pure green, but also colorful. As long as you observe, have a good view throughout the year.

  There are also blocks of alpine wetlands, which have a small alpine lake, there‘s good to hear the name called the "Jade Pool," I do not know what origin and legend. Yao Chi‘s amazing is that water has a lot of trees, as well as green plants. This spectacle seems to see the bar in Jiuzhaigou. No wonder the two photographers from Shanghai, has been reluctant to put up the camera to go

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