My Birthday Party

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  每年的生日聚会你都是如何举办的呢?下面为大家分享几篇英语作文My Birthday Party,供大家学习,参考

My Birthday Party

My Birthday Party

  Every year, when it’s birthday, my parents hold a party for me. They invite my friend to come to my house to celebrate my birthday. I can get many beautiful gifts every year. In my party, we can do many things:

  1. Light the candles.

  2. Sing a “Happy Birthday” song.

  3. Make a wish.

  4. Blow out the candles.

  5. Cut off the cake.

  6. Eat the cake.

  7. Open the presents.

  8. Sing and dance.

  9. Watch videos or play other games.

  10. Say goodbye with each other.

  That’s my birthday party, is it interesting?

My Birthday Party

  Today is my birthday , I was very happy . I had a birthday party in my home . Kitty,Peter , Joe , Uncle John , Aunt Mary and also Jessica came to my party.I was so happy.

  We ate chicken wings , birthday cake , crab and vegetable salad . It was so great! Then we drank some green tea , orange juice and lemon tea . We played card games , had a barbecaue and played badminton . Uncle John gave me a present . '' Oh! It's a cute doll!'' I said

  Today I felt happy ! I enjoyed my wonderful party very much !!!

My Birthday Party

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