2017-10-06炎英 事件类英语作文


  My dad has a pair of big eyes appalling, and a dense mass of messy eyebrows pressure on the eyelid. Whenever he wanted to teach me something, he would suddenly caught off guard close, increase the volume, dancing his eyebrows, his eyes wide open. Reminded me that I have entered the realm of his anger and strength range. Of course, technically, my dad never officially beat me, but he invented a method of mischievous violence, his hand is raised high, looking down at me, slapped position to make an instant style Pushan fan palms down, and their results just another palm slap in my ear to create a huge sound. I was scared flick, my dad laughing incessantly. This trick has been throughout my poor baby and toddler stage, but I never really cracked and immune meaning. Whenever slap tall shadow fell on me, I will huddle, still trembling. This fear is built on uncertainty - do not know when his father's amnesty will fail. However, when the father of old that day, his mighty collapse, his threat will be released. Chang is a writer in Taiwan, "Listen to Your Father", he told a story of his father bathe. Chang is the first time I saw his father's body was in the stadium bathroom, "That is a matter how you know you can not compare the body. Big, what a great body. Pit hit soap, crashed red water, call call ah ah yelling Body "- Kafka also wrote that when he was a boy and his father bathe together, he ashamed to dare out of the bathroom. Chang's father to give a bath, is already a father accidentally fall, after spinal cord injury, when the father can only lie in bed, "even require people to take a bath." When I Puff shock his head bursts acid gas body, he always said: "God punish me." "Why God punish you," "It is fine me." In that moment, a sentence collision came towards me:?. "This old man collapsed" That year, My dad sent me to Beijing university. I found our conversation all the time dangerous cold field. I asked him: "Beijing how?" My dad said:. "Beijing big wow," I asked: "how was school?" My dad said:. "College big wow", "big", became the father of he is not familiar with all the things that adjective. In a cold market can not continue the conversation, I realized that excited and nervous and anxious: foreign objects are big, his father naturally small. Mother was one begins to grow old, his father was an instant aging. We struggle throughout childhood enemy, himself disarmed. Father of a child's life to be punished, punished his father's life by years. Are losers, it simply sympathetic, Hardship it.





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