I Love My Family英语作文

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  The original family matters so much for a child and I am so lucky to born in a harmonious family. The love and care from my parents make me a stronger person. I am so grateful for the things that I have owned and the lesson I have learned from my parents will be the great treasure.The first thing my parents taught me was that family was my safe harbor all the time. When a child made a mistake, he was usually afraid of telling his parents, because the elder would blame him and then criticized him. But my parents educated me that no matter what kind of difficulty I met. They should be the first persons I asked for help.

  So even though they would criticize me for making mistakes, I felt safe to tell them.The second thing I learned from my parents was the family reunion. My parents pay special attention to the family relationship, so they spend a lot of time visiting my grandparents, no matter how busy they are. So I know the importance of keeping touch with my families.I love my family, which provides me a comfortable world.

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