Christmas Day英语作文及翻译

2018-01-01 节日类英语作文

  Christmas is a happy holiday. One I think about it, my heart will be blooming flowers, happy and excited.

  On Christmas day, a special cold, also under the sleet outside. But the cold weather is to resist the merry Christmas. The streets are placed in front of the shop in the beautiful Christmas tree, in the supermarket employees also have a lovely Christmas cap.

  That night I and uncle, cousin, aunt walk out the door a look, the "gone with the wind" can be seen everywhere in the shop window of "snow", the Christmas tree on both sides of the store is full of Santa Claus and toys, there are lights in the colorful light, people packed a bit, people hand carry many shopping away, the car come and go, flow. We walked in the street heard many Christmas songs, I involuntarily hum.

  We walked into the clothes shop, shop assistants busy to entertain customers. I left to pick the right to choose, but couldn't find my favorite clothes. Suddenly, I found a red eyes a bright blue and white clothes, then uncle brought a black not Chou clothes, use funny voice said: "good?" I watched, head shaking like rattle, I took the red and blue dress said: "I must be the dress." Uncle not hesitate agreed. But uncle looked at the price, bargain with the manager, finally put the high price of 450 yuan into 300 yuan. So I came back home so contentedly.

  At home, I can't wait to put the socks on the pillow beside. I sleep in a bed, while waiting for the Santa Claus gift hidden in my socks, eyes shut, unconsciously I fell asleep.



  这天晚上我和姨丈,表姐,姨娘走出门一看,到处都能看见那“飘”在商店橱窗的“雪花”,商店两旁的圣诞树挂满了圣诞老人和玩具,还有彩灯在发着五颜六色的光,人们 挤得有点水泄不通,人们手上提着许多购来的东西,车子来来往往,川流不息。我们走在街上听到了许多的圣诞歌,我不由自主的跟着哼了起来。



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