Are we more connected or more alone英语作文

2017-05-24晓纯 高中英语作文


  Thinking about "the circle of friends let us closer or farther" topic, the circle of friends in the exchange of comments and reply in two words or three seems to really let us establish contact? I think the answer is definitely no..

  Today, just to see a psychologist TED on the topic of the speech, she is a comprehensive description of the global technology and bring us to change the way people. At present, the people are keen to contact the network and ignore reality exchanges, even lead us together in the same space and not really together, people are busy browsing social networking platform, busy to interact with others in the network. The reason why technology is so attractive is that it is in the middle of the fragility of human beings, we are vulnerable, lonely, afraid of being alone. People are frequent in the network communication is the three big illusion from the network caused by: first, we can make effort to want to pay attention to the place, ignore the reality of discontent; second, there will always be people pay attention and listen to me; third, I will never be alone. Is the illusion leads people to miss training alone, but the space and time for yourself alone is a cornerstone to construct the personal health psychology, it can help a person to know yourself and introspection. But we are out of this moment, but lack the ability to be alone will only lead to more lonely, which leads to frequent exchanges but in his own anxiety, objects that you communicate is not you really want to know, but the people support you in-depth exchanges of spare parts of weak self crisp.

  People are emotional, complex, science and technology will seemingly all complicated things become simple, but one is destined to guide people toward mechanization, set aside time and space for yourself and the people around him, to a true reality.







Are we more connected or more alone英语作文

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