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  How to talk about my winter holiday, that's really enjoy them all, endless aftertaste, a big harvest!

  I learned to pack book cover. Perhaps you may laugh at me, ha, is so big, also learned to pack book cover? Ha, let you to smile, anyway I was optimistic. Is my parents only daughter, always spoil me, protect me, at ordinary times is not their bag for me is to buy ready-made, I rarely do this work in teams. Only at home this time, parents work busy, I try to remember my father used to do book cover, slowly groping, meditate, after dad guidance, I finally have resulted in findings that saw the image of uncomfortable, I'm happy to jump three feet high.

  Common saying: "the countless tears and sweat makes call success"! Winter vacation, I special attention to mathematics, dad extract some questions from the computer do for me, I do on a per, will be happy. Especially for mom and dad are a little don't understand "cows eat grass" problem, I also did the right thing. Of course, I am careless, careless, sometimes doesn't even remember the triangle area, not only in this way, because of carelessness, many entirely wrong.

  In the winter holiday, I learned to pull two songs again, father also said I bow firm than before, and tone up is much more comfortable.

  In the cold winter, I gained so much "fruit", I have satisfied, don't! Less than! Maybe when I go to pick fruit.







  A happy and short winter vacation quietly slip from our side, we have ushered in a new semester, in the winter holiday fun like the stars in the sky, countless, is the pieces of my heart cannot erase memories. Each star shine, every piece of the past are deep-rooted.

  Four Cousins haven't party, during the winter vacation, we get together again, happy and happy, happy to play. As the growth of the age, our game also upgrade year by year. This year, it's not, and to learn to play badminton. To test whose skill more better, we decided to grandpa held in the courtyard of a special badminton tournament, in order to make the game fair notarization, we invited two impartial referee。 Grandpa and grandma.

  To be fair, we used the "rock, paper, scissors". What a "good luck pawn" first by my brother and I play, I am confident, believed oneself can certainly when the champion. An opening, I work hard for elder brother. And brother fight, confidence one hundred times. Instead, my ball for a while to the west, east, erratic ball, make brother dizzy, tired, finally abandon pat surrender, I couldn't help to get carried away.

  The second round began, I still immersed in the joy of just now. And there was a good cousin had caught my strategy, each time can easily return the ball, even violently strike back, smashes. It's my turn to the toes, and brother hooted aside, this is "fuel", I'm very worried! Is badly behind a few balls, and eventually be eliminated by off the ball too much. Have mercy on me this champion dream is a flash in the pan, can only be "guan yu lost jingzhou。 Pride goes before a fall".

  Turn themselves "god" cousin play, only they didn't win a few, 30 rounds to war. Finally "sophisticated" cousin slightly better, and become the first among the four of us.

  Looking at the cousin due to win the praise of maternal grandparents very happy expression, the strength of my heart can only admire her. Modesty helps one to make progress, conceit makes one lag behind the old adage that article is never the wrong not eternal truth, I must keep in mind, motivate yourself constantly.














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