2017-10-06敏敏 动物类英语作文




  Puppy vigilance is unusual, it has a special sensitive nose, can smell three miles away the breath, eat food, it is always lower the head to smell. It also has a pair of ears, whenever hear the sound of the special, its ears will stand up and listened attentively outside action! Thus, people keep it to see gate, it is human loyal friend.

  The puppy has a wide and big mouth, mouth a row of white and sharp teeth, it can be a a big mouse bite dead!

  The dog has a vigorous limbs, it ran very fast, one minute can run 2, 3 miles!

  The puppy eyes aren't very good, can only see about a mile away. So, why can it certain things? It is mainly rely on its nose.

  The puppy claws are sharp, need not long time, it can dig a big round pit.

  The puppy was born, the hair is brown, but it will no longer be when I grew up brown, and turned to dark yellow.

  The dog's character is very gentle. If you are good to it, it will use the top of the head of your legs, as if in pettish to you; But if you are a stranger came to the home of the it, it will still be "bark" barked, even will jump on you bite you you.

  Summer arrived, a hot day, we often can see dogs always sticking out their tongues, not dog perspire? The reason is very simple, that is because the dog's long sweat pore on the tongue.

  The dog really deserves to be loved by people, this is it acquired at the cost of their real ability.











  "Woof, woof, woof" hear what voice you will know that I am like this animal. You may ask, why the dog called lele? I come to you: "lele is one of the neighbor's dog, because always come to my house, I will regard it as their own the dog. He's always, very active, very happy every day, so I told him to do le le!"

  Lele is a fox small dogs, the aspect of color are all white, no other color is a little. Although dogs are color blind, but I don't think he is color-blind. Round discerning eyes, he is a little cockroach in one meter, which it can see clearly. For example: "that I'm eating bread, suddenly saw a cockroach ran out from under the cabinet, on the rest of the lele a saw a cockroach, immediately blunt come over, put it in the foot pads, he at the top of the cockroaches in lele also, with its sharp claws grasp cockroach to bits."

  Lele like others to touch it. When I touch it head, two ears hang down, eyes closed, seems to be enjoying. As long as it a angry, keep call, you can touch it, like magic, lele mood immediately to calm down, don't angry.

  Lele didn't eat rice, he will always follow you, with a miserable eyes looking at you, you don't have to give him to eat it up. Until you give him to eat, he can't follow you. Do you like had in its sleep, eat dog food to him.

  Lele sleep appearance, also is varied. Just sleep time is bipod and approach, head on top. Who the time on all over the body. Is asleep after fall. Sleep is the body sideways.







  My dog is very gentle cute. It had a white, fluffy long hair. It is a long, fleshy face, a pair of black eyes, look down on a sensitive nose. Further down is a greedy little mouth, raised his hand when it is hungry, staring at you, revealing a pitiful, give you a sense of Lianxiangxiyu.

  This is my dog.





  I have a dog. He is my favorite pet. He is very lovely. His name is Peter and he is two years old. His fur is long and white. He has big black eyes. His nose is very good. He can smell very well. He is quite small. He weighs about two kilograms. Peter's favorite food is meat. He also likes bones.

  Peter is very friendly. I feed him every day. He never barks or bites. Peter likes lots of exercise. It is necessary to walk the dog in the park every day if you want it to be healthy. So I play with him every day in the park. Peter likes to run in the park. He often chases cats and birds. It is very interesting. Peter can find the way back easily. I think he is the cleverest animal of all.

  I like my dog and he loves me too. He is very healthy. All my family like him. We look after him very carefully. I'll make a small and lovely house for him. I think he will be happy to live there. Do you like my dog?






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