2017-10-06 动物类英语作文



  My home have a cute little turtle. It was 10 years old my birthday sister-in-law from dad learned I like small animals, he gave me a rarity -- little turtle.

  Holding a pair of small tortoise has a big and heavy shell, limbs and exquisite petite feet with shrinkage, a pair of small eyes turned away all day.

  The turtle is very greedy. Eat every day to designated to eat on time, also must eat meat every meal, if which day which a meal not eat meat to it, it will break into a furious rage, flutters to where is the water from the tank. So I on time every day to feed it, at half past six in the morning for a small lean lean, half three pieces of lean lean, twelve o 'clock noon in the afternoon at half past two piece of lean lean, under the care of me, little turtle gradually grew up ready to grow.

  Mom and dad took me to the zoo yesterday, and I will change the calendar to get up at 7:00 in the morning, nature, had changed to 7:10 feed the turtle. Tired of I tired to sleep sleep in the night, was asleep incense, suddenly, only heard a loud "crash". Ah! My head, I sat up, glanced at his watch "day!" It is time to the feed the turtle, I to the tank in a look, little turtle? I looked at around, little turtle was walking in my bed! And the turtle is hungry, it had to climb out of a fish tank, hit on my head to my protest!

  Since then, I think I dare not again late feed the turtle, lovely small tortoise! You say I love you or hate you?








  My eyes followed the crawling insects, made a fantastic travel.

  I follow this time is a little, it is considered that the humble little ants. I found it is on the roof of my house. I stared at it, it is in a few big between the block - this is a few flower POTS, stop and take a walk from time to time, as if already to find food, and like around the tentacles ask partner to find food. Several times, all of a sudden it stopped at a corner. It is found a piece of bread.

  Around it to go out with his companions tentacles, and soon the companions. Follow it to move the bread, they lift up and down, as if not enough. One ant ran out and soon it was with a lot of ants, they unite together to put the bread up to the front of a small hole. But not like bread is too big to carry into the hole so I'm worried about them! But they sent men guarded the bread and the rest of the people went in the hole, then they seem to please the queen, then they called a lot of ants are coming. They were together, seem to be talking about something, then the queen to eat bread, wait to feed the queen, the rest of the ants cheerful a clean sweep of the rest of the bread.

  Ants can really know the unity and cooperation, compared with the unity of the ants, we humans do not have them so much!







  Since the childhood like monkeys, because it looks very interesting.

  Its head is always kept, eyes are east Chou west look, seems to be especially alert. Its ears pointed out, as long as there is any voice, it will. You scratch it little fluffy, a moment that, clenched it after a while, always do. A yellowish-brown fur also as it is not honest body shaking, as if she was full of lice, this is fun. Monkey's limbs is very flexible, blink of an eye kung fu can move from one tree to another tree, sometimes used it long tail roll the branches on the swings, let me see the very is envy.

  Monkeys have a lot of skills. On one occasion, our family went to the circus performance, turn the monkey play, see it quickly on the bike, bottom a twist twist to turned around and turn around the site. Saw it on the spinning bike for a while to a handstand, for a while over, and the superb skills that I may see it is stunned, think about your bicycle also fell a couple of times, in the sight of the little monkey can't help but let me sit up and take notice. Just thinking, little monkey came to the next to the steel wire rope, swaggering go up, it surprised me. All the audience hold their breath, staring at the thin wire. Little monkey is easily walked forward firmly. Suddenly, it to a big upside down, the audience and a 'brawn, it upside down. This bottom can be shocked the whole audience, thunderous applause to the special animal actors, I am more excited to quickly put the red film.

  Oh, little monkey is so the stars of the animal kingdom!








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