That Day的初三英语作文

2019-06-02 初三年级英语作文

  I am now a student of Dongzhou Middle School, but I still remember that day when I was in a primary school.

  That day, the weather was so bad. When school was over, it began to rain. All of us looked very worried, so our teacher let us go home at once.

  When I went out of the school gate, I saw my father standing there. I went to him at once. My father had a raincoat, because he'd just had a meeting and he went to school as soon as the meeting finished, so he had no time to return home. When he saw me, he took his raincoat off and gave it to me. I didn't want to receive it. He looked at me and said, Take it. I had to put on the raincoat, but my heart was not still. I cried, and I couldn't let myself stop. Since that day, I knew my father loved me. Oh, I can't forget that day all my life.

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